Kitchen dining room: 50 best ideas and layout options on the photo

The presence of a dining area in the kitchen -The most popular variant of the organization of the process of cooking and absorbing food for our compatriots. Many believe that it is much more convenient to establish a dining group in the kitchen, so as not to transfer food from room to room. For others it is a matter of saving space, when in one large room not only the kitchen and dining room but also the living room are combined. The popularity of studio apartments in this case played an important role in the growth of demand for the organization of the dining segment in the kitchen. In this publication, we would like to provide you with a wide range of design projects of kitchen-dining rooms of different sizes, ways of planning, stylistic and color solutions. We hope that a large selection of interiors will allow you to find inspiration for decorating the kitchen-dining room of your dreams.

Kitchen-dining room

Abundance of stainless steel

Determine the layout of the kitchen area

The most popular for dining organizationZones in the kitchen are options for linear (in one row) and angular (L-shaped) layout. This is not surprising, because it is with the arrangement of storage systems, household appliances and work surfaces along one wall or with a small perpendicular branch, there is the maximum possible amount of useful space for the installation of the dining group. In very spacious rooms with a large window or a walk-through structure, you can find a parallel layout of the furniture set and a dining area in the kitchen-dining room

Linear Layout

Linear layout - an ideal option for arranging a dining area in the kitchen

Having a kitchen set along justOne wall, we save the useful area of ​​the kitchen. To install a spacious dining table and chairs, there is room even in medium sized kitchens, not to mention spacious kitchens that can be boasted by country houses or private households located within the city.

Single-row layout

Arrangement in one row

If you think that with a single-row layoutCan not accommodate too few storage systems, that most of the space of the working area is occupied by household appliances - take a look at the option of decorating the kitchen-dining room in the photo. The built-in storage system, which is located from floor to ceiling and around the doorway, will provide you with the possibility of storing not only all the necessary kitchen utensils, but also items from other vital segments of your home.

The original design

In rooms with high ceilings and largeWindows often are not possible to place the top tier of kitchen cabinets. Partly this situation can be solved with the help of open shelves for dishes and other kitchen attributes located between the windows. In the design project presented in the photo, the storage issue was solved by installing an additional level to organize a capacious pantry. Thus, it was possible to provide the kitchen with not only a dining area and the placement of all necessary household appliances, but also create an extensive storage system.

The loft-style

Lack of storage systems or space forIntegration of household appliances in single-row layout of kitchen furniture, can be replenished with the help of the island. In the working surface of the kitchen island, you can build a hob or sink. On the inside, place retractable or folding storage boxes, and extend the outside with the help of a countertop to organize a place for breakfast and other short meals.

Spacious kitchen-dining room

Game of contrasts

L-shaped layout for the kitchen-dining room

With the angular arrangement of the furniture setWorking area of ​​the kitchen, in a medium-sized room (from 8 sq m), there is enough space to install a small dining table with a capacity of 4-6 people.

In white color

Corner Layout

Angular planning can only becomeA practical option for building a kitchen set in a room that itself is in the form of the letter "G". In this case, there is no need for zoning of space into the working and dining segments, the room itself performs this function.

L-shaped layout

Parallel layout in the kitchen with dining segment

In the spacious rooms of the kitchens of country housesEnough space to arrange the kitchen set in parallel in two rows, and in the center of the room to install a spacious dining table with the original stools. For a walk-through room or a room with a large window in the center of one of the walls - this is an ideal option for placing not only an extensive storage system, but also work surfaces and household appliances.

Parallel Layout

With a parallel layout of the kitchen ensembleStorage systems, household appliances and work surfaces, you can refuse to install a dining area in the center of the room, in favor of an alternative location of the kitchen island, and transfer the table segment to a corner with partial placement in a soft zone.

Kitchen in two rows

A cozy corner in the kitchen-dining room - a comfortable dining area

Arrangement of a soft corner in the kitchen- an excellent opportunity to organize a dining area with comfort. A good place for a soft zone of the dining group is the bay window. Making soft seating in the shape of a bay window, you not only rationally equip the available space, but also get the opportunity to spend meals with the whole family at the window, admiring a beautiful view of the nature of your own yard or the territory adjacent to the house.

Kitchen with soft corner

A soft corner can be a continuation of the kitchenHeadset, so you can not only create a harmonious atmosphere in the kitchen-dining room, but also arrange furniture in a narrow and long room. If you push aside the dining table, then the soft seats near the window can be used as a reading corner.

Narrow and long kitchen premise

Corner as a continuation of the headset

In rooms with complex geometry it is necessaryUse all available space in the most rational way. In the asymmetric bay window you can install a dining area, part of which will be a soft corner. Snow-white decoration and light furnishings of the room for cooking and meals will "smooth" the imperfection of the room shapes and design features.

Soft corner in the bay window

In order to slightly flatten the geometrySquare or rectangular bay window and a soft corner located in it, set a round or oval dining table. The unusual design of the table diversifies the interior and decorates the situation, and the use of a light palette of bay window decoration and glass surfaces will create an easy and unconstrained appearance of the dining area.

Dining area in the bay window

Spacious kitchen - a large soft corner. Located at the window a roomy soft area with a dining table attached to it, created a comfortable and original dining area.

White-gray palette

We attach a dining group to the kitchen island

To save space in the kitchen,The center of which is the island, you can add to its end a dining area in the form of a small dining table and several chairs. By fixing the table top of the dining table to the wall of the island, you release the space for the feet of the household from the two furniture legs.

Table near the island

Classical kitchen with white flowersTraditional facades of kitchen cabinets and stone worktops becomes modern, acquires a shade of Art Nouveau style, if you install an original dining group to the kitchen island, consisting of a snow-white table on mirror legs and dark chair-chairs with leather upholstery. Add to the situation an unusual chandelier with a blue glass decor and get an original and memorable image of the kitchen-dining room.

Designer mix

Choose a color palette and style for interior decoration of the kitchen-dining room

Kitchen is the focal point and heart of anyHome ownership or apartment. And if there is a dining room in the kitchen, then from the cooking center, the kitchen space becomes a place for gathering the whole family and even accepting guests. From the way this room is designed, will depend on the impression of the whole house. That is why when choosing the color palette and the stylistic direction that will serve as the basis for the design of the kitchen-dining room, we try to find options that will suit all family members and create a pleasant, comfortable and practical atmosphere for cooking and meals for the whole family.

Large kitchen-dining room

With a snow-white palette

Interesting and practical color solutions

White color will always be the most popular forDecorating kitchen spaces. And it's not just that the snow-white environment gives the room freshness and lightness, white furnishings and furnishings visually expand the space and push the boundaries of the room, but also that it is much easier to look after the white surfaces.

The snow-white kitchen

Kitchen-dining room in bright colors

Snow-white surfaces

In order to bring brightness into the snow-whiteThe idyll of the kitchen space, one colorful element is enough. Use bar stools of a rich shade or brightly decorated kitchen apron.

Bright apron

White color of the facades of kitchen cabinets is excellentCombined with the gloss of stainless steel. If you make the facing of the kitchen apron with the help of gray glossy tiles, you can create not just a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen-dining room, but also arrange the room in such a way that it will be cozy and comfortable for all family members and guests of the house.

White-gray palette

Total use of white in the roomBrings an element of cool atmosphere. In order to slightly "warm" the atmosphere of the premises, you can use the integration of wooden surfaces, whether part of the kitchen furniture, ceiling beams or the design of window and door openings.

Bright kitchen

White room

White and wood

Wood and white color

In the choice of color solutions for the designKitchen-dining room you can go further than using white and wood shades, adding a bright, rich color in the performance of the furnishing. The blue color of the base of the kitchen island has become not just a highlight of the interior of the kitchen, but also an accent in the orientation of the center of the room.

Bright Island

To create a contrasting interiorKitchen-dining room can not think of a better combination of black and white in the furnishing and decoration of the room. Absolutely black kitchen set, built into a niche with a complex shape and a white island brings together the use of marble countertops to cover the work surfaces. The black wall in the room with a light finish becomes accentuated, considering that the domestic appliances for embedding were managed exclusively in black tones.

Black wall

Another example of contrasting design kitchenZone, in which white color is used for the execution of the facades of kitchen cabinets and peninsula, and the black tone looks great as the basis of countertops, the design of door and window openings. In this case, the bar counter attached to the peninsula not only serves as a place for organizing short meals, but also serves as a screen, zoning space for a working kitchen segment and a dining area.

Contrast combinations

Black and white design


Black and white interior decoration and decorationKitchen set in soft beige woody tones create a really interesting atmosphere for a spacious kitchen. A non-trivial approach to design and color solutions makes the room memorable, despite the modesty of the kitchen fronts and the dining group.

Original interior

Alternative to the use of white color forDecoration of the furniture of the kitchen, you can use bright, pastel colors. Against the background of white walls, even neutral light colors will look impressive, but at the same time they will preserve the atmosphere of a calm and peaceful kitchen-dining room, which is absolutely comfortable for everyone.

Pastel shades

Light beige color

The gray color of kitchen facades will not be boring,If you dilute it with snow-white decoration of ceilings with stucco and fireplace, a lot of glass decorative elements on the chandelier and transparent plastic of the original dining area. Despite the minimalist design of the kitchen unit, the neutral coloring, the presence of plastic furniture, the kitchen-dining room looks luxurious. Its situation is practical, but attractive.

In gray tones

Another example of the furnishings for the kitchen inGray tones, even the table top of the dining table has a grayish shade. But while the room does not look faceless, boring. Thanks to the skillful combination of white and wood shades, the integration of glass, mirror and glossy surfaces, the interior of the kitchen-dining room is interesting and attractive.

Gray furnishings

Kitchen space with a gray facade toneCabinets can be bright. It is enough only to add to the deep gray-blue shade of furniture the brightness of the wooden surfaces and the variegated mosaic decoration of the walls above the working areas of the kitchen-dining room.

Bright kitchen-dining room

Stylistics of the kitchen-dining room - variations on the theme

The style of decorating your space forCooking and meals will depend on which style was chosen for the overall design concept of the whole apartment or house. For bold and creative solutions, it is possible to deviate from the general motives in the interior of the dwelling, but it is better to leave some connection between the rooms of the housekeeping, so you can feel comfortable and calm, being in a harmonious and balanced space. If your kitchen-dining room is located in a country house, then the country style for its decoration can be a good option. It is not necessary to install wooden kitchen cabinets with unpainted surfaces, these can be quite traditional facades. But the dining area is best made of wood and can be used as an option with carvings and decor, and rustic design in an intentionally simple and even rude form of execution.

Country style

To decorate the kitchen in loft style is excellentThe minimalist execution of the kitchen set and the island, which, thanks to the built-in countertop, becomes also part of the dining area. For the stylistic belonging in this room "meets" the finish, in which there are all the characteristic features of the design of the former industrial premises converted into residential apartments - a spacious room with a high ceiling and large doorways, brickwork and open communications, ceiling beams and ceilings not hidden from Eye, and acting as a decor of space.

Loft style

Classical cuisine using traditionalFacades of storage systems, glass inserts on the doors and countertops of their natural stone, is filled with marine motifs, if only use the white and blue color palette. Textiles, dishes and kitchen accessories in blue tones look great on a white background and bring to the atmosphere of the room a note of sea freshness and coolness.


Marine motifs

Style minimalism involves the maximumPractical and convenient design of space without the use of excessive decor, and sometimes even the absence of decorations as such. Strict and laconic forms of kitchen cabinets, a neutral color palette, the use of natural materials and the installation of furniture, household appliances and work surfaces in accordance with the ergonomics canons - the interior obtained is not only rational and functional, it is also attractive in appearance.


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