Kitchen design 10 sq.m. M: 100 best design ideas in the photo

Kitchen with an area of ​​10 square meters.M is not in vain considered a "golden mean" - this is a sufficient amount of space to equip a comfortable, ergonomic and externally attractive area for cooking, dining and even family rest. With proper planning, a 10-meter room can be arranged in such a way that the space is enough not only for the necessary set of storage systems and household appliances, but also the placement of a comfortable dining area. If a foreign owner of an apartment or a house has a kitchen with an area of ​​10 square meters. M is rather an average option, which makes one think about the lack of space, but for our compatriots such a base for cooking and absorbing food is just a find. Most of us are used to small kitchen spaces of apartments built in the last century with an area of ​​6-6.5 square meters. M, where it was necessary to cut out literally every centimeter. But do not rush into euphoria from the presence of a sufficient number of square meters - and a medium-sized room can be cluttered with excessively large furniture or the wrong choice of layout. Let's take a closer look at the layout of kitchen furniture in spaces of different shapes and configurations.

Medium sized kitchen

Bright image of a small room

Selection of the furniture complex layout

Variants of the organization of a kitchen set in10-meter space is not so much. And yet, you need to correctly prioritize, find out the needs of your family and have a clear idea of ​​the possibilities of the kitchen. The following factors will influence the choice of the method of planning furniture and household appliances:

  • The shape of the room (square, rectangular, asymmetric, highly elongated, etc.);
  • Location of the room in relation to other rooms of the dwelling (whether the room is a passageway adjacent to another space);
  • Location and number of window and doorways (in apartments the situation is almost standard, but in private houses there are options);
  • Location of engineering systems and the possibility of their transfer if necessary (water, sewage, gas pipeline);
  • The size of the family (the arrangement of furniture for a bachelor and a family with young children or elderly people can be dramatically different);
  • The number of household appliances that you would like toBuild in a furniture ensemble (someone besides a plate, a refrigerator and an oven needs a dishwasher, and others have nowhere else to build a washing machine).

Compact furniture arrangement

Snow-white kitchen facades

Facades made of wood

Angular (L-shaped) layout of the kitchen ensemble

Corner layout of the kitchen set -A universal way of arranging furniture and household appliances, which is suitable for almost all forms of premises, except for a very elongated passage space. L-shaped layout allows you to place a sufficient number of storage systems, appliances and work surfaces with the least expenditure of useful space in the kitchen. With this arrangement, it is easiest to fulfill the rule of the working triangle by arranging its imaginary vertices (refrigerator, hob and sink) on opposite sides, but within walking distance.

Corner Layout

L-shaped kitchen layout

Compliance with the ergonomics of the working triangleAllows not only to create a comfortable and safe environment for performing various work processes, but also to spend a minimum amount of time and effort on them. In any case, it is necessary to maintain the rule of placing the hob or lath in relation to the sink at a distance of not less than 50 cm (it is best for them to be separated by a countertop of at least such dimensions).

Corner kitchen set

Compact angular ensemble

Another advantage of angular layoutIs the possibility of installing a full-fledged dining group on a space free from the furniture set. In this case, your family will not be infringed in the number of storage systems and household appliances. Corner cabinets located above and below the sink (if this particular functional segment is located in the corner of the room) are incredibly roomy, as a rule, they are equipped with a retractable or rotary storage system.

The layout of the kitchen is 10 sq.m.

Angular arrangement of a headset with a peninsula

Advantages of angular layout are enhanced if you add to the headset peninsula - module, one of the sides of which is attached toWall. In addition to the fact that the peninsula is an additional space for the integration of household appliances (sometimes even shells) and storage systems, its countertops are often extended to organize space for short meals. A small family (for example, a couple of young people) can use this rack and as the main sector of food intake.

Corner layout with peninsula

Peninsula as a zone for meals

Bright kitchen with corner layout

Corner suite with peninsula

White and black corner set

U-shaped layout of furniture

The layout of the furniture ensemble with the letter P allowsLocate the maximum possible number of storage systems and household appliances in a medium-sized kitchen. If you have a large family and to organize order in the kitchen space you need a large number of lockers and various appliances, then the U-shaped layout is your option. In a square room, this arrangement of the furniture set allows even to install a small dining area in the center (a compact round table and light chairs). In a rectangular, elongated room, there will not be such an opportunity, and to organize a zone for eating it will be necessary to allocate space in the living room or to equip a separate room.

U-shaped layout

The layout in the form of the letter P

With an U-shaped layout, it is also easy to carry outConditions of the working triangle, placing the refrigerator, sink and stove in opposite sides of the furniture set. In this case, the hostess (owner) will not spend much time moving between strategically important elements of the kitchen space.

U-shape set

U-shaped furniture ensemble

U-shaped layout in a small room canLook quite heavy, especially if the upper tier of kitchen cabinets is located from the ceiling. Designers recommend replacing the upper level of closed cabinets with open shelves or shelves, or you can combine storage systems, creating an interesting and more visual image of the kitchen space. No less effect can be achieved when using facades with glass inserts for the upper level of cabinets.

Creative approach in kitchen design

Parallel Layout Headset

For parallel rooms -An ideal variant of furnishing of furniture and equipment. If the space is very stretched, then by placing its storage systems and household appliances along its sides, there is only room for passage and moving between important working zones - there will be no zones for installing the dining table. But if in an almost square room with a door and window openings on opposite sides, in the same way arrange two parts of the kitchen ensemble, then in the center of the room you can place a small (preferably round) table for small family meals.

Parallel Layout

Kitchen set in two rows

Double-row layout

Parallel Layout

Two-row suite in a small kitchen

Single-row (linear) arrangement of furniture and appliances

Planning in a single row is usually used in thatIf there is no possibility of arrangement of a corner set (the door or window opening interferes) or a small family and a small number of storage systems and household appliances will suffice. As a rule, a single-row furniture ensemble is located along the long side of the room (for placing a rectangular shape). With this arrangement in the 10-meter space, there is enough space for the dining area with a spacious table or a kitchen corner with a comfortable sofa.

Single-row layout

Linear Headset

Single-row furniture ensemble

Original line set

If for you the kitchen is not only a place forCooking and collecting the whole family once a day for a joint meal, but also a room for gatherings with friends, arrangement of dinner parties and even a place for parties, then a compact single-row layout will be the best option.

Single kitchen with dining area

Linear layout in a square kitchen

Space with a single-row layout

Color solutions for a medium-sized kitchen

Designers recommend to use for smallThe kitchen spaces are predominantly light shades diluted with bright or contrasting dark accents. We all perfectly understand that all shades of white color are able to visually expand the space of the kitchen, create a light, almost airy image of the room. But at the same time, the total use of light colors for the decoration and furnishing of the kitchen area can lead to the creation of an uncomfortable interior, similar in terms of sterility to the operating room. In order to avoid unpleasant associations it is only necessary to add color, contrast to the light room.

Choice of colors for a small kitchen

storage systems

Design in white tones

One of the simplest ways is not easyDilution of the white surfaces of the kitchen, but also the introduction of warm color in the design of the room is the integration of wooden elements (or their spectacular artificial counterparts). In combination with the white tone, the beautiful natural pattern looks especially advantageous, positive and even festive.

White and wood

White facades, wooden countertops

Unusual approach to kitchen design

Unusual combinations

Kitchen facades made of wood on a white background finishing -"Classics of the genre" for the placement of the kitchen. No matter how the fashion for design changes, lovers of this traditional combination will always be found. And for that there are many reasons - the time-honored scheme works great for creating an apparently attractive, cozy, but practical image of the room in which it is convenient to cook food and to sit with the whole family.

Kitchen set from a tree

The warm atmosphere of the kitchen

Unusual storage solutions

Another spectacular white companion in the creation of modern kitchen spaces - black color. Dosed application of dark tone inWhite idyll allows not only to create the necessary focus for focus, but also to make the design more structured, clear, and sometimes dramatic. Black color can be used for the execution of countertops, the bottom row of kitchen cabinets, floor coverings or drawings on the kitchen apron, decor elements, lighting fixtures. But it is important to understand that the dark surfaces in the kitchen space will require you to do a lot of cleaning work than the bright elements of the interior.

White and black design

The dark bottom is a light top

Effective integration of black color

Original dark countertops

Minimalist design

Creative approach to kitchen design

White, wood and black - three optionsPerformance surfaces, "juggling" which, designers around the world create an incredible number of projects. Skillfully combining only three of these types of surfaces can create interesting, fresh, practical and at the same time attractive exterior images for modern kitchen spaces. If, in addition to the interesting image, you are also interested in the visual expansion of the 10-meter kitchen space, then use darker shades in the lower part of the room, in the center, have colorful natural tones, and near the ceiling an exceptionally white color.

White, black and wood

Contrast combinations

Dark floor, light walls and furniture

Compact kitchen

If for you, in principle, the use of whiteColor for the execution of the finish of the ceiling and the walls of the kitchen, as well as the facades of the furniture set, apply the color in the lining of the floors. A dark, contrasting flooring will not only make a variety in the color palette of the room, but also help visually create clear boundaries of space. Floor tiles With a motley pattern or laid out on the principle of a chessboard, will be the highlight of a light interior and help to give a trivial image of the cuisine of originality.

Multicolored flooring

Mixed floor tiles

Contrasting flooring

A bright kitchen apron is a simple and incredibly winning way to create an accent in Snow white kitchen. It can be either mottled ceramic tile or mosaic, and a pattern on glass wall plates or PVC sheets.

Bright kitchen apron

Original apron

Unusual cladding of an apron

Variegated tile for apron


Dark tiles

Virtually all pastel colors can becomeThe basis for creating an image of an attractive and comfortable kitchen in a 10-meter space. Even the use of light shades of mint, vanilla, coffee with milk and beige. On a white background, the finish of the kitchen will look good. Such kitchen facades will give originality to the kitchen area, without infringing the freshness and lightness of the image of a bright room.

Delicate pastel shade

Kitchen in pastel colors

Light gray facades

Combination of white tone with any colorfulColor in the performance of the kitchen set leads to the creation of an interesting image of the kitchen space. Use white facades in the upper tier of cabinets, and colored ones in the lower tier, and you can, among other things, achieve a visual increase in the area of ​​the room. But it is important to consider the effect of this or that color on the psychological state of a person. For people who constantly sit on diets, it is not recommended to use red and bright orange in the interior of the kitchen - they contribute to an increase in appetite. But all the shades of blue reduce appetite, but the atmosphere in the kitchen creates a cool. Neutral influence is rendered by beige and Gray color in the interior Design of kitchen space. Soothing and relaxing most of the shades of green, in addition, this palette gives freshness and spring mood to the interior.

White and Blue Headset

Pleasant color combination

Colorful coloring

In recent years, gaining popularityUse in the interior of modern kitchen models of home appliances, made in retro style. In addition to the original design, such devices are often performed in a colorful, bright color and become difficult accent spots of a neutral image of the kitchen, and its zest. Only one piece of interior (for which, however, you will have to pay much more than for a standard model), but what a splash of color and design ideas, diversity in the interior and increasing the uniqueness of the whole image of the room.

Bright element of the interior

Refrigerator in retro style

Original oven

Home appliances in retro style

Bring the brightness to the resulting neutralColor scheme image of the kitchen room will help decor. The easiest way to use wall decor in the form of bright plates or panels (which will be easily washed), assembled from multi-colored glass or ceramic elements. One more simple way of a variety of a color palette of light kitchen - application of motley textile. Bright upholstery kitchen corner, curtains or Curtains Windows or simply thrown over the railings andThe oven knobs kitchen towels are able to change the image of the room. But it is important to understand that in a space of small sizes it is necessary to dose such design techniques.

Bright textiles

Accent Spills

Wall decor

Colorful decoration

In the English country-style there is such a receptionArrangement of kitchen space - painting of walls and facades of cabinets in one (or similar in shades) color. Most often shades of blue, green or gray colors are selected. The color kitchen looks very original, but at the same time it's comfortable for everyone in this space - for both households and guests of the apartments. In our country, too, there are adherents of the use of such techniques in the arrangement of the kitchen - you can find both ready-made furniture solutions in the salons, and order an individual project for the pre-selected room.

Unusual color choice

The English style

Dark Kitchen Facades

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