Kitchen 9 sq.m: 100 best design ideas in the photo

For someone, a kitchen with an area of ​​9 square meters.M is an extension of the room after a standard cooking room of 6.5 square meters, for others - a spatial punishment, with which it is unclear what to do. But in any case, it is necessary to equip all available kitchen space with maximum practicality, rationalism, not forgetting the rules of ergonomics and attractive appearance. If you skillfully plan the layout of the kitchen set, choose the most suitable color scheme and do not overdo it with the style solution, you can get a great cooking room equipped with the latest technology, creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for the whole family.


To your kitchen a small square was able toFit all the necessary work surfaces, household appliances and storage systems, and the result is pleased you and your family for many years in an attractive way, you need to follow a clear plan. Depending on how many members of the family will use the kitchen and with what intensity it will be, whether it is possible to equip the dining area in another room or it must be placed in the kitchen space, your plan for repair or reconstruction of the available square meters will be added. Let's start in order:

  1. Make a diagram of your room. Besides the fact that you know the area, there are many nuances that will influence the interior of the kitchen - the shape of the room, its location relative to other rooms of the apartment or home ownership, the location of the window (or windows), the doors (and their number), the passage of communication systems And the possibility of their transfer (in private houses there are no problems, but with the reorganization of engineering systems in the apartment there may be difficulties).
  2. Decide on the overall color palette. Choose shades for finishing the room and the color of the kitchen facades. Remember that they will occupy the main part of the room and the whole image of the kitchen depends very much on this choice.
  3. Decide on the layout of the kitchen unit. Modest dimensions of the room only at first glance provide a small part of the possibilities of equipping the kitchen with furniture. If there is no need to place a dining group in the kitchen space, then the layout options for storage systems, work surfaces and household appliances are sufficient. For small kitchens, it is preferable to make a furniture ensemble to order, so you can take into account all the nuances of your kitchen and use the useful space with the greatest rationality. But for some cases, ready-made solutions, which are currently sufficient, can become not just a good option, but also save the family budget.
  4. Choose the design of kitchen facades. Obviously, for a lush, refined facade with carvings and stained glass windows, a small kitchen premise is not suitable. It is necessary to stop the choice on more universal options - smooth surfaces or small reliefs with slightly bulging accessories will be most appropriate.
  5. Consider lighting. It is better to plan in advance the central lighting system and the illumination of the working surfaces. Any alterations and improvements that arise in the process or even after the repair, not only increase the estimate, but also spend your energy, time and energy.
  6. The finishing touches are decor. It is possible to outline the presence of decorative elements in the planning of the entire repair. In small kitchens, it only seems that there is no room for jewelry. Window decoration with textiles, for example, can be not only the whim of the hostess, but also a practical necessity. And it is better at the stage of choosing a color palette to represent what color will be the textile and other design of the kitchen, in order to avoid unnecessary waste.

The layout of a modest kitchen

We choose the layout of kitchen furniture

Depending on how many household appliancesYou need to build in the kitchen set, whether you need to place a dining area or a place for breakfast in the kitchen and how spacious you need storage systems, will depend on the layout of furniture in your kitchen. Also, the layout of the kitchen set is affected by the shape of the room - a narrow and long kitchen, rectangular or square, a passage room or located in the attic - all aspects have significance.

Kitchen arrangement

U-shaped layout

Corner layout with peninsula

You can safely say that for a room in 9 square.M angular layout with the peninsula - the most optimal variant of space saturation with the necessary amount of built-in equipment, working surfaces, storage systems and the organization of a place for breakfast (and for some houses and a dining area). With this arrangement, it is easiest to follow the rule of a working triangle, the imaginary vertices of which are a refrigerator, a plate (or a hob) and a sink. There is enough space between the main functional sectors to comply with security measures, but the distance is not too large for the hostess to get tired after cooking dinner for the whole family.

In white color

L-shaped layout

The layout with the peninsula

If the cooker or hob is built inThe closet, standing at the wall, then the space above it will be occupied by a hood. By integrating the hob into the peninsula, you get the opportunity to increase the number of storage systems, and the hood will need to be attached to the ceiling above the household appliance.

Peninsula with stove

Compact kitchen

L-shaped layout with dining area

Another use of angular layoutKitchen set, but this time with a small dining area. Obviously, in a small kitchen space can not fit a full dining table for 4-6 people with soft chairs in addition. After all, we need to take into account not only the safe traffic of the kitchen area, but also the possibility of opening the doors of kitchen cabinets and household appliances, pulling out drawers. There is a way out in the placement of a dining area of ​​modest size. It can be a folding console or table, which rests only on one support and is attached to the wall, thus saving a lot of free space.

Small dining table

With dining area

In the narrow and long room of the kitchen, presentedIn the photo below, the dining table, mounted to the wall, is able to accommodate four people comfortably. At the same time, the corner arrangement of the kitchen set can accommodate all necessary appliances, working surfaces and storage systems.

With dining area

U-shaped layout

In some cases, the U-shaped layout may beBecome the only possible option for placing a large number of storage systems and embedded appliances in a small kitchen area. For example, in addition to the standard set of appliances (stove, refrigerator and microwave), you need to build a washing and dishwasher, an oven or even a wine cooler. And storage systems need a lot to accommodate not only kitchen utensils, but also items of other housing sectors. Of course, in such a room there is no question of the possibility of installing a dining area or an island.

White smooth facades

Layout by letter

Modest square

From the point of view of ergonomics, the distance between twoParallel rows of kitchen sets should be at least 120 cm. In narrow and long rooms it can be difficult to observe these precautions. To exit the situation, you can apply an asymmetric layout - one of the rows of storage systems to produce with less depth.

Asymmetric Headset

U-shaped layout

Small kitchen area

Linear layout or arrangement of a kitchen ensemble in one row

With all storage systems, workersSurfaces and household appliances along the same wall, in the kitchen (even small) there is enough free space to install a full-fledged dining area. This layout option is suitable for kitchens with a minimum set of home appliances and storage systems.

Linear Layout

In one row

Light wood

Even in a small concourse of space with an area ofNo more than 5 square meters can be equipped with a fully functional working base for cooking. But even in such modest conditions it is necessary to remember the elementary safety - the distance between the sink and the gas cooker or hob should not be less than 30 cm.

Small kitchenette


Parallel planning for passageways

If your kitchen is a long andA narrow room with a balcony door or exit to the backyard, then a parallel layout can be an excellent way of placing storage systems and work surfaces, as well as embedding household appliances. The same applies to kitchen spaces with several panoramic windows.

Parallel Layout

In two rows

Passage room with two doors, whichWas destined to be just a corridor, needs a special approach for conversion into the kitchen space. Most likely, you will have to abandon the standard sizes of kitchen cabinets of both the lower and upper tiers, reducing their depth and doing the same with the top. Finding suitable household appliances and sinks is not difficult - at present the range of size rows for all manufacturers is quite wide.

Checkpoint kitchen


Small kitchen in the attic

Kitchen with a small area, located inAttic space - a special theme. In addition to the possible asymmetry of the room itself, the presence of a strong bevel of the ceiling is hampered, preventing in whole or in part the hanging of the upper tier of kitchen cabinets. In some cases, it is possible to partly compensate for the lack of storage systems by open shelves or to increase the number of cabinets of the lower tier by attaching the peninsula, and in some cases also the island.

Kitchen in the attic

The kitchen in the attic

Color solutions for decoration and furniture

The first thing that comes to mind when consideringColor options for finishing a small kitchen area - all shades of white. This is not surprising, because the white walls and ceiling visually expand the space, create a fresh and light atmosphere. In addition, with a snow-white finish, you do not have to puzzle over combinatorics with the color palette of the kitchen set and the design of the apron. Light decoration will hide the design features of your premises and flaws in architecture that you would not want to flaunt. But do not forget about a couple of bright accents, so that your light finish and snow-white cabinets do not merge into one spot.

Bright kitchen

The white colors

Strictly and succinctly

Alternative to white color can be one of theNeutral, pastel shades. Light beige gloss kitchen set and marble surfaces of the kitchen peninsula can give nobility and sophistication even to a very small space of the kitchen.

Light gamma

White color for the design of kitchen furniture can beBoldly considered the most popular, especially for small rooms. If your finish is bright and the kitchen set is white, it is important to correctly place the accents to avoid the feeling of sterility of the hospital operating room. You can decorate the kitchen apron with bright ceramic tiles or with the use of plastic, glass, mosaic or wall panels with a rich color or a motley pattern.

Bright apron

Variegated apron

If your kitchen furniture is white, then for accentYou can apply bright colors of the walls (or one wall as an accent). For example, the color of the first green will become not just an ornament of a small kitchen, but will bring a spring mood, a positive attitude and will raise the degree of the kitchen space to a new level.

White and green

Another example of using the color of young greenery to design a small kitchen. Only this time the decoration of the room is snow-white, and the kitchen set is presented in a colorful design.

White and green kitchen

Natural shades always look winning,Even in small rooms. If you make the finish of a kitchen of modest snow-white size, then you can easily order a furniture ensemble in chocolate tones, for example. Virtually all shades and textures of wood in this case will be appropriate.

Chocolate tone

White and wood


Beige shades in wood surfaces or theirSuccessful imitations look great in a small kitchen space with a L-shaped layout and peninsula. Integration of the shell into the surface of the peninsula allows not only to protect household members, but also to observe ergonomic requirements for the location of the working triangle.

Light beige scale

Modest kitchen area - not a hindrance to creatingContrast interior. The combination of white with such dark tones as black, blue or gray is an excellent opportunity to give the kitchen an atmosphere of dynamism and tonus.

White and blue design

White and gray tones

A few simple ways to save space and expand the boundaries of a small kitchen

In addition to using a light palette, glassAnd mirror surfaces, there are a lot of design techniques that can help you to transform the kitchen premise - it will not become bigger, but, perhaps, it will become more beautiful, roomy and more functional. For example, the use of lighting not only in the lower part of the suspended kitchen cabinets to illuminate the work surfaces, but also the hood, the lower tier of storage systems and the island, will create the illusion of suspended furniture in space, giving the room a visual lightness and simple. The kitchen looks fresh, modern, interesting and attractive. In this case, you will have to slightly adjust the budget - LED strips and their installation will be inexpensive.

With backlight

In rooms with an area of ​​less than 9 square meters.M you can use a narrow open shelves as storage systems. Narrow and long spaces do not allow for a full parallel layout of the kitchen set, but this is no reason to refuse to use even a small number of square meters in favor of the kitchen. Only at first glance, such shelves are able to contain very little - a whole collection of jars of spices, sauces and oils will be conveniently placed in the reach at arm's length.

Open shelves

In addition to open shelves for narrow and longKitchen facilities can be used shallow storage systems, just a few centimeters. If you perform the lower tier in a dull variant and with a dark color, and the top one in a light tone and with glass inserts, then visually expand the room, "raise" the ceilings. Not to mention that you get a shallow but a storage system for dishes and cutlery

Shallow storage systems

Double-row arrangement of upper kitchen cabinetsWill allow you to significantly increase the number of storage systems. If your kitchen can not boast a large area, but has a sufficiently high ceiling, then you can resort to placing the top tier of cabinets from the ceiling itself, and below it place another row of storage systems of lesser depth (approximately twice). In this case, you place kitchen attributes in the uppermost cabinets, which you rarely use, and in the intermediate sector of storage systems place items that you need to keep what is called "at hand."

Tier in two rows

If your apartment or homeThere are small children and elderly people, it is possible to organize a place for meals even in a very small kitchen. Extend the surface of the window sill to a wall free from the kitchen set and get a narrow stand to accommodate two or three people. Comfortable stools with soft seats will not take up much space and will allow you to sit comfortably behind the counter.

Bright design of apron

Refusal from the bulging furniture fittings canSave you a small amount of useful space. If you do not like the door on the magnetic holders, you can use through holes as handles. Originality and minimum costs are guaranteed to you.

Holes instead of handles

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