Five ideas for a small-sized kitchen

The solution to any problem depends on ourperception. So, you can endlessly complain about the modest kitchen area, and you can see its design is complicated, but interesting task. It turns out that a small kitchen - it is a great scope for designer fantasies! So what techniques can visually enlarge the size of the kitchen and make it more ergonomic interior?

The minimalist design


As the specialists say, minimalismthe interior is very popular today. In the case of the small kitchen style also suitable. Simple, clean lines, laconic forms and a minimum of decor - all just play in your favor. Plus, minimalism involves monochrome color scheme, which, in turn, does not overload the interior design and makes it visually much less, quite the contrary.

Five ideas for a small-sized kitchen

Using the window sill

If the kitchen too little space, theeach centimeter must be activated to the maximum. And the window sill is not an exception. It can be used as an extra work surface - it is enough to install on the sill countertop. If the kitchen is too small-sized, it sill can be converted into a sofa and equipped in such a way dining area near the window.

If the kitchen has a balcony

If you have a kitchen with a balcony (or balcony)it makes sense to think about, to combine these two spaces. Naturally, the balcony has to be at the same time sufficiently insulated and glazed properly. Yes, this course is quite expensive, but as a reward you get a couple of extra square meters for their kitchens.


Built-in appliances, and its location in the kitchen

In order to save space in the kitchen, it is desirable to choose a built-in models of home appliances. This is good if devices are multifunctional. Avoid all unnecessary.

Five ideas for a small-sized kitchen

For example, if you do not like to deal with pastries,it is possible that you have enough alone, hob, oven and instead it will be possible to install a dishwasher. Or if you still want to have in your kitchen oven, but you have absolutely no room for a standard oven, you can buy a hob and oven, but to place them individually, the most convenient way.

Five ideas for a small-sized kitchen

Bright set on a neutral background

The fact that the kitchen is small, it does not mean thatthe use of bright colors in its design definitely hurt. Conversely, if the balance of colors will help you, it will help eliminate the visual effect of crowding.

Five ideas for a small-sized kitchen

For example, if the tiles on the walls, floor and ceilingwill be performed in neutral, light colors, you can quite afford a bright kitchen furniture. And even better if the kitchen facades are glossy - reflected in their light will visually increase the room.

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