Beautiful and original curtains for the kitchen: window decoration

When creating modern interiors there is noMinor details and unnecessary trifles. Sometimes it even happens that the accessories that initially do not pay much attention come to the fore. This fully applies to the design of the window opening in the kitchen.

Curtains in the kitchen
Expressive curtains

A few myths about kitchen curtains

Myth First

These accessories are no longer used by anybody when decorating interiors

Modern designers completely refute thispoint of view. Indeed, there were times when the curtains were almost completely out of fashion - they were replaced by blinds of various kinds. However, now there is a reverse trend - to replace the office curtains again come pretty curtains, and home-cozy curtains.

Motley curtains in the kitchen

Cozy kitchen

Kitchen-dining room in the house

The bar counter in the kitchen
Myth of the second

The kitchen curtains familiar to us since childhood are associated with philistinism, dullness and mundane nature.

Not at all. This design of window openings in the kitchen and in the dining room has long been not considered a sign of bad taste and prosaic. Moreover - many modern design directions are associated with the use of accessories that create comfort and a sense of security in the home.

Exquisite curtains in the kitchen

Elegant curtains

Dining room in the house

Colorful curtains in the interior
Myth Three

It is very difficult to pick up something special and unique for a particular kitchen.

This error is also very easily refuted. Even if you do not find kitchen curtains in the ready-made textile shop that correspond to your taste preferences and peculiarities of the window opening of the kitchen, you can make an individual order for tailoring in a workshop or a special salon.

Lovely curtains in the kitchen

Light kitchen interior

Interior with a bar counter

Original curtains in the kitchen

What should be guided when selecting curtains for the kitchen?

First of all, of course, considerations of practicality and ease of use.

Curtains in the interior of the kitchen

In premises intended for daily cooking, textile products made of:

  • Heavy draped fabrics;
  • Flammable samples;
  • Badly washable and too light materials.

Interior of modern kitchen

In addition, the selected curtains must be combinedWith a common style of kitchen (or dining room). Agree that products with a "rural" color will look quite ridiculous in the premises, designed in the type of directions such as hi-tech or loft.

White curtains in the interior

It is best to focus on products fromNatural materials, for example, linen. Curtains made of synthetic fabrics (light tulle) are more suitable for spacious kitchens, in which the stove is located at a considerable distance from the window.

Multicolored curtains

When decorating kitchen-dining rooms, even voluminous draped curtains with lambrequins can be used. This design element will not only beautify the space, but will allow you to change the proportions of the room.

Stylish kitchen interior

Textiles for kitchen design: the most popular options

Traditional fabric curtains

Such products are usually made from tulle orLight natural materials. They can make out window openings even in small rooms. Fabric curtains give the kitchen area an incomparable cosiness, create a feeling of comfort. Most often with the help of this kind of textiles, kitchens are made, as well as dining rooms in the style of Provence and country.

Kitchen in gray tones

Gray-white kitchen interior

Heavy curtains in the kitchen

Modern kitchen

Feston (French) curtains

In these kitchen curtains, the fabric is divided intoSection-festons (hence the name). French curtains are used in different cases. They decorate both classical and modern interiors of kitchen zones. One "but": this type of curtain is not recommended for use in very small rooms.

French curtains in the kitchen

This option for window openings is suitable for many styles. Elegant French curtains look great in the kitchen, decorated in accordance with the trends of style Provence, Country, baroque, and even Modernity.

Feston curtains

Curtains "in French" allow you to give the window aperture the appearance of the arch, and also make it asymmetrical. The lower part of the festoon curtains is often decorated with ribbons, beads or exquisite fringe.

Motley curtains in the kitchen

Roman curtains

These curtains consist of numerous cross sections. Inside each element is hidden on the bar. Thanks to the coordinated lifting mechanism, the fabric rises up and lies flat.

Roman curtains in the kitchen

This option is very convenient when decoratingWindow openings in small kitchen areas - wherever it is not recommended to hang out wide and heavy curtains. Roman blinds are very easy to use.

An exquisite view of the kitchen

Multi-section curtains can be called universal, because there is no style with which they would not combine. Roman curtains decorate the kitchens of different directions - from the avant-garde to the classics.

Another idea in the end

There is another way to decorate the kitchenSpace, which will suit those who are not afraid of bold decisions in design. With the help of expressive curtains-screens, sewn from dense natural fabric, you can decorate (or hide) some kitchen areas, for example the space under the sink.

Bright screen in the kitchen

And if you choose a bright color material for sewing curtains, combined with the color of the curtains on the window, the interior will become not only stylish, but also harmonious.

Variegated Curtain-Screen

These are the modern curtains used to decorate the kitchen. Which ones to choose? Decide for yourself. Whatever you prefer - the interior of the room will still change for the better.

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