60 kitchen design ideas in Art Nouveau style: modern interior in the photo

The dilemma in choosing a kitchen design needs to be addressedFrom the point of view of practicality and comfort with a concrete justification of the goal. Registration in the tradition of modernism will answer all the wishes of the hostesses and become the frontal place of the family. The minimalist concept is a successful synthesis of ideas borrowed from classics and high-tech, illustrating current fashion trends. The reason for a detailed examination of the components of the style was the objective reality, which convinced in its universality. Modern is permanently registered in modern kitchens and is not going to surrender leadership positions.

White furniture on the brown floor

The principle is based on household functionality,Coherence of internal organization and atypical solutions, sometimes beyond the conventional boundaries of stylistic rules. The plot is built in a close alliance of design, progressive capabilities of technology and the conditions of a particular project.

Uncomplicated decor

Light room

The direction is constantly developing, and the proposedVariants of interiors impress with creative diversity. Modification of structural parts, expansion of a number of facing materials and their interesting tandems determine the priority of choosing those who prefer empty glittering surfaces and appreciate the importance of technical equipment. In modern, gadgets become part of the design. The color of their bodies can merge with facades or contrast to impart expression space.

Long Island

Technological solution

In general, modernism is a universal template in the hands ofDesigner with the prospect of creative development. With the help of patented ideas and own creativity, the interior can be given a "raisin" and make the kitchen exclusive.

Atypical equipment

Expressive combination

Arguments and facts in favor of modernity

Style deserves attention for many reasons. First, the possibility of implementing the idea in any format. The set will not be lost in the vastness of the large perimeter and easily fit into the kitchen with a limited footage. For an impressive result, you only need to apply competent tactics in the placement of the interior group. L-shaped and linear arrangement will correct the shortcomings of a small area. Version with the island, two-row exposure will become the center of attention of the perimeter. Hinged cabinets and overall sections, located along the walls, emphasize the advantage of a large area. The dining group in the center will allow talking about the successful combination of the working area and the dining room.

Suspended ceiling

" Coffee with cream"

Secondly, modernism is democratic in the sense of lines, shell configurations and allows a wide range of shades, which are of great importance for design, which allows you to move away from stereotypes and introduce novelties.

Colored facades

Kitchen minimalism

Style identity is indicated by the clarity of the forms andLines citing classics. However, the plasticity of Art Nouveau seen on figured facades and oval corners is not ruled out, and factual overlap is not refuted. In this concept, sparkling surfaces and transparent materials are most often used.

In the glare of crystal


The consequence of the new time were other requests,Reflected on the interior preferences of people, concerning which stylistic norms are adjusted. Design can be sustained in one gamut and solve the problem more interestingly, ignoring a monochrome monopoly.

"Assorted with white stuffing"

Double-row exposition

Attitude to color in modernity is not so categorical as in high-tech. Although, judging by the current proposals of the furniture industry, the latter agrees to compromise solutions.

"Assorted with white stuffing"

White minimalism

Headsets of different price categories and sets are outwardly flawless, due to a number of decorative moments that allow you to have your own "face".

Section with a design for a tree

Offers from designers and manufacturers

Facing the facades - a separate theme in the designKitchens. The collection of technological materials pleases with a range of choice. If you can not afford furniture from natural bases, it will be rescued by a "photocopy". Simulation accurately duplicates the structural features of the cut and surprises with the realism of the drawing.

Trio from the birdlings

Design with emphasis on wood

As ever, veneered veneering andEnamels, painted panels and, of course, array products. Factory outfits and custom furniture will fit into any space. Judge for yourself, how luxurious is the design with the participation of colored plastic, stone, wood.

Massive accessories

Reflective light polymers, lacquered orFilmed facades are needed to create a three-dimensional space. Silver metal facades, despite external presentability, in the solidarity of other identical items would form a "state" sensations. Typically, the male interior is unlikely to warm the soul with warmth at home.

Black and white laconism

Light Gray Headset

Steel, aluminum profiles on the doors,Handles, glass, fragmentary gold-plated inserts, sparkling brass and silver luminaire body - fashion trends this year. Colored facades, bright spots of textiles and accessories will add warm notes to the Arctic perimeter.

Two-level space

Colored facades

Brilliant massive legs of bar stools,Transparent plastic seats along the island, a solid wall of modules, a complex lighting scheme - one of the best versions of the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style. Cold-warm combinations are welcome, expressive shades of dominant color, dark-light contrast.

In chocolate color

"Coffee with milk"

Vinyl laminate on facades - fashionable facing with guarantee of long operation. Attract decent appearance and adequate price. According to experts, the future is for patinated film facades.

In the streams of light

Finishing materials - an aid forImplementation of any projects and the opportunity to look at familiar things from a different angle. The floor with ceramic tiles will not look trite if you lay out the composition and illuminate the lower light. Amber crumb, travertine, artificial onyx and a number of available imitations look great. The stones are ready to decorate the floor and facades and by their presence confirm the uniqueness of any project. So, tessera easily paint the ornament and give the brightness to the picture, emphasizing the beauty of the composition. The worktops and window sills of similar materials are practical and aesthetic.

Section with a design for a tree

Abstract composition

The taste and color

Designer loyalty provides scopeFor creativity and the materialization of any sketches. Modules in the height of the wall, stretched canisters in different combinations with boxes, a longitudinal row of thumbs, variations of layout items provide the kitchen with uniqueness.

In the blue light

Wrought walls

Rough surface of stone walls,Different in tone-two floor covering, built-in appliances in the panel, light modules, carpet to fit the panorama merged into one tonality. The kitchen looked pale, if not for the futuristic chandelier above the table. Often enough one stroke is enough to modify the space.

Futuristic lamp

Minimalist design loves a dark-white range andIn all adheres to geometry. It is difficult to call the plot banal, where the composition is based on a coloristic contradiction. White furniture with fragments of black on a chocolate background, volumetric handles, wooden panels all over the wall, futuristic lamps, stretching to the tone leave impressions of glamor.

Glamorous cuisine

Bright window panorama

If you want a bright light kitchen, but are afraidExperiment, rely on adapted schemes. An inseparable black and white pair with the inclusion of a sunny color will meet all expectations. Nothing special, but what an effect! And again there is the opportunity to see how trivial things create interesting impressions. The creative legs of the stools perfectly coped with the task of decor.

Creative stools

A set with ascetic cabinet design literallyMerges with the walls. The color unevenness of the background visually adds to the room's spaciousness. Vertical trellis with plants excellently coped with the decor, non-standard landscaped area. Instead, it is permissible to use the floral garden headband that occupies the entire window opening.

Black Lamp Tubes

The greenhouse behind the glass

Different views on familiar things

The presence of a tree is capableTo compensate for minimalism and to give elegance. The brown panels of the sections look self-sufficient and, in the reflection of the metal casings of the opposite side, make up a chic exposition. Despite the dimensions of the furniture, the parameters do not make the impression worse.

Beautiful combination

One of the favorite options - a modern kitchenA tree resembling a classic and performed in a modern arrangement. Similar models are out of competition and fashion. The warm colors of the adapted version caress the eye. Decorative panels, a tandem of warm and cold colors, lack of attributes, high functionality does not cause complaints among households of all generations.

Modern with a touch of classics

Because each solution has its own alternative, the upper part of the room can be issued differently. It is necessary to evaluate the aesthetics of the suspended ceiling and to adopt a promising idea.

In the glare of the dotted lamas

And yet, the monopoly of brown facades remained in theClassical interiors. In modern trim levels, up to 3 different shades are allowed. With the walls of melted milk, the solid wood rhymes with organic gray marble countertops and a bright set of chairs organically rhyme.

Expressive geometry

If you are not a supporter of sterile space,Monochrome can quickly get bored. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the compromise options. In contrast to achromatic design, two-color combinations are offered. Brown facades with massive fittings, gray marble surfaces, creative black lamps, stylish accessories, the landscape behind the open glass will bring warmth and add entertainment.

 Elegant cuisine

Laconic walls and strict kitchen designSections, regardless of the decorativeness of the facades, are harmonized with the gentle shade of the stretched or painted ceiling. In combination with lacquered furniture and in support of penetrating fluids, the impression of the volume of the perimeter is greatly amplified.

Interesting furniture layout

A complex play of light in a multi-level system is designed to illuminate hidden corners. Rows of merry lights drown in the reflection of glossy facades, giving the kitchen a visual expanse.

In light and color

Ideas for the Incarnation

Milk color and its shades are a tool inThe designer's hands to create new formats. Perfect background of mother-of-pearl tone - a pure canvas for interior subjects with the ability to manipulate the palette. If it were not for inclusion of shading surfaces, as in the example on the photo, the floor cabinets would "grow into" the wall.

Floor Standing Cabinets

In this story, with the domination of dark panels, fragments of walnut and dairy flowers, in the context of a clear pattern of the laminate, the kitchen looks presentable.

 Luxurious Art Nouveau

A light perimeter encircles the brick walls. In the objects and decor the principle of minimalism is maintained. The ranks of the hanging cabinets with white squares correspond with the faceless facades of the pedestals with the missing accessories. The look clings to the linear lighting and the expressive color of the curtains. The kitchen with the "aftertaste" of the loft leaves ambiguous feelings. Thanks to a successful range, stylish chandeliers, natural decor in the form of pots and fruits, modernity is traced and the feeling of industrial is smoothed out.

Brick Walls

According to the concept, curtains are made of shinyTissues. Most models have a synthetic base with an asymmetrical cut or fall flat sheets. Since the mean decor is due to functionality and does not accept embellishments, panel screens, Roman curtains and other structures with moving mechanisms will come in handy. The panorama behind the open window is the best decoration of the kitchen, which designers do not dare challenge, although they offer alternative protections against bright light.

White-hazel facades

Open space

Stereotype designs have remained in history. Time demands new standards and atypical ideas. Create for yourself a beautiful reality, in which there is no place for dull colors and bored things.

Decorative stools

In the light perimeter of the kitchen

With an emphasis on functionality

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