18 fascinating cuisines, designed with the latest fashion

Inspiring interiors kitchens, designed in accordance with the main design trends.

The attention of our readers to a new survey, whichpresented the latest versions of design kitchens with the latest fashion. Use the proposed options can be for the kids, and for quite spacious rooms.

1. Wooden elements

light wooden elements in the interior of the dark kitchen.

Stunning dining area, decorated in dark colors interspersed with elements of light wood.

2. Modern

The spacious kitchen in a modern style.

Excellent cuisine in a modern style with a white apron, tiled, kitchen trendy green tops and luxurious black marble.

3. Fashion "honeycomb"

Small kitchen, decorated in accordance with the latest design trends.

The stylish interior of a small kitchen, which has become a highlight of the original trim apron fashionable this year hexagonal tiles, similar to a honeycomb.

4. Mysterious space

Stylish kitchen with dark turquoise lockers.

Bold interior of a small kitchen with gray walls, black tables, modern lighting and original cupboards turquoise.

5. Masculine interior

The black color in the interior of the kitchen.

Spectacular kitchen with black walls and apron, the highlight of which began several lockers unexpected pink.

6. The industrial style

The kitchen is in an industrial style.

Small kitchen, the interior of which have mixedindustrial style elements in the form of brick walls and original copper utensils hanging from the ceiling, with the classic attributes of a traditional style.

7. Deep Blue

Modern kitchen in white-blue tones.

Stylish and sleek kitchen interior, decorated in blue and white tones with a luxury kitchen island and absolutely smooth lockers.

8. Luxury gold

The tiny kitchen with a golden set.

The tiny kitchen with exquisite suite trendy gold color, which proves that even in a small space is the place style and creativity.

9. Women's Space

Kitchen in pink and blue tones.

Spacious kitchen with neutral white walls, lots of lockers pale pink and bright floors, tiled in blue tones.

10. Light and shadow

Stylish black and white kitchen.

The snow-white kitchen with black shiny floors, dark a ladder and open shelves made of rough wood.

11. Bohemian style

Light kitchen in boho style.

A wonderful space in the boho style with exposedwooden shelves and kitchen apron rich green color, which goes well with white furniture and walls, creating an atmosphere of freshness and lightness.

12. Scandinavian style

Modern kitchen in a Scandinavian style.

Elegant and sleek kitchen interior decorated in Scandinavian style with a white brick wall, original paintings and a wooden island.

13. Solar Interior

Yellow accents in the interior of the kitchen.

The snow-white kitchen with glamorous lemon-yellow apron, as well as a lamp, pots and vases of the same color, which make the interior a sunny, fresh and cozy.

14. Kaleidoscope of colors

Bright interior of modern kitchen.

Bright and cozy kitchen with blue cabinets and original apron is gaining popularity in the style of patchwork, trimmed motley colored ceramic tiles.

15. Colorful space

Colorful Mexican-style kitchen.

Bold eccentric space in the Mexican style with causing red furniture, yellow walls and spectacular wide apron, decorated with paintings.

16. A cozy little nest

Cozy kitchen with a brick wall.

Charming kitchen, decorated in warm colors, with brick walls, furniture, green, and yellow, and an abundance of colorful dishes, which in addition to its core functions, also performs and decorative.

17. Poetic Black

Modern kitchen, decorated in black.

The spacious and modern kitchen with slate walls, sleek black furniture and snow-white floor.

18. The refinement and luxury

Elegant kitchen, decorated with the latest fashions.

Interior of modern cuisine, which combinesall the trends of 2017: apron, stylized white marble, several cabinets with smooth golden facades, laconic black furniture and kitchen island, covered with light-wood paneling.

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