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Any owner wants to see his kitchenSpace is not only practical, comfortable, equipped with the latest technology and finished with the help of the most progressive materials, but also cozy, pleasant externally. Texts are often used to complete the image of the kitchen. Despite the total desire of modern style of interior design for minimalism, many homeowners will not cease decorating window openings and using the finest fabrics for zoning the kitchen segment in the common room of the living room. It is the drapery of zones in the kitchen space that will be devoted to our selection of design projects.

Snow White Tulle for Kitchen

Drapery for kitchen windows

We have prepared for you a photo gallery of modern,Traditional, original, minimalist, incredibly cozy and different kitchen facilities, where tulle is used as a textile design. Many generations had the opportunity to observe just such a drapery on the windows of rooms with different functional orientation and the kitchen is no exception.

Textiles for windows over a sink

Light and light image

Lace veil

Patterned tulle or it is also called curtain,Used for the manufacture of curtains, capes and bedspreads, gradually losing its leading position, giving way to smooth tulle. The smooth tulle produced from two systems of yarns on tulle machines is increasingly seen in modern design projects of kitchen spaces, as well as premises combining living, dining and kitchen areas.

Drapery for small windows

Kitchen decoration with textiles

Dyed fabric

Tulle on the windows as a decoration and protection from the sun

Traditional use of tulle in the kitchenSpace - drape windows. By placing textiles from the ceiling (using the ceiling cornices) to the floor, you can not only reduce the level of natural illumination of the room on a sunny day, but also visually increase the height of the room. Among other things, thin, transparent fabrics on the windows give the whole interior a kitchen of lightness, airiness, some romanticism.

For a snow-white kitchen

Traditional use

In a light gray color

Tulle for a modern kitchen

In retro style

For a kitchen with high ceilings

Visual elevation of the kitchen

In the kitchen spaces with access to theTerrace or backyard with glass doors, transparent fabrics can be used not only for their intended purpose. In addition to partial protection of the room from sunlight and prying eyes outside the home, tulle can be used as a barrier to penetration of insects, when the owners on a warm evening decide to have dinner in the open air and open the sliding glass doors.

With access to the terrace

With access to the back yard

For panoramic windows

For French windows

Without closing the magnificent landscape

In a large kitchen with high windows

For a minimalist setting

For glass sliding doors

The sink for washing dishes by the window is the mistress's dream. It's nice to be distracted from routine work on a beautiful landscape or to watch children playing near the house. But the kitchen window facing the street is an excuse to hide what is happening inside the house, at least in part. Small tulle curtains occupying a third or a half of the height of the window opening will not interfere with the penetration of sunlight, but what happens in the room from prying eyes will be hidden.

Window above the sink

Small curtains

The original approach to decorating

Tulle on the half of the window

Modest drapery

In some cases, the use of lace tulle to decorate the window openings of the kitchen is associated exclusively with decoration. For example, short Curtains With embroidered or embossed lace at the bottom,Which are not able to protect the room from sunlight, act as a decorative element. It is from such details that the image of the room becomes more cozy, attractive, more homely.

Small lace

Decoration for windows

The original way of decorating

Lace cascade

In a traditional kitchen

Use tulle in the traditional form forKitchen windows are not always convenient. In particular, this refers to window openings, which rest against the countertops of the lower tier of kitchen cabinets. It is much more convenient in such cases to use the interpretation of roller blinds, but in tulle design.

Tulle by the principle of roller blinds

Unusual solution

Translucent fabrics for kitchen spaces combined with living rooms and dining rooms

Spacious kitchen-dining room with panoramic windowNeeds drapery. Translucent tulle can be an effective addition to the interior of a multifunctional room - emphasize the lightness of the image or create an accent - it all depends on the choice of color palette. Of course, white tulle is a favorite for decorating rooms with the most diverse functional load and the kitchen is no exception. But smooth fabrics with a light, unobtrusive print (most often plant or geometric) can organically fit into the created design of the kitchen space, connected to the dining room, and sometimes to the living room.

Tulle with a picture

Tulle with a pattern

Tulle with floral pattern

Cloth with patterns

Tulle with print

Kitchen Corner Decoration

In a spacious room that performs functionsLiving room, dining room and kitchen, as a rule, the principle of open planning is used. With this approach, the finishing of all functional segments often has an identical design. Another unifying factor for all zones can be the drape of several windows with a single choice of textiles. Snow white smooth tulle will be an excellent choice, organically writing out in any style of decorating space.

Drapery for living-dining room-kitchen

Tulle with dining area

For multifunction rooms

In a spacious room with open plan

Many of us do not represent a different color forPerformance of tulle, except for snow-white. Many housewives would agree to use light, pastel shades for decorating windows in the kitchen space. And what about the dark tones of gray, chocolate or even black? Here is an example of a combined room with a "brick wall" decoration and the use of dark gray curtains for draping window openings. A slight touch of drama to face this loftSpace.

Dark tulle for loft style

Gray color for drapery fabric

Dark tulle can become a color accent inAbsolutely bright kitchen. Against the background of snow-white decoration and light kitchen facades, dark textiles will look spectacular, attract attention to large windows and visually "pull" the room in height, if you place the cornices under the ceiling.

Tulle color as accent

Dark textile appearance

Unusual color solution

Not less popularTranslucent fabrics for decoration of kitchen windows of all shades of brown - from light beige to "dark chocolate". The warmth of the color palette brings comfort and pacification to the atmosphere of the room.

Warm color palette

All shades of brown

In beige tones

Textiles for a spacious room

If in a spacious kitchen room, combined withDining room, windows of various modifications are used, they need an individual approach to providing drapery. For example, the windows located above the countertops of the lower tier of cabinets can be decorated with tulle blinds or in the manner of Japanese curtain screens. And for large panoramic windows or glass doors you can use the classic look of translucent curtains.

Tulle for different windows

For windows of different modifications

Traditional and roll models

For modern stylistics

Depending on the shape of the window

Colored translucent fabric

For a bright kitchen

The original way of decorating windows in the kitchen andDining room - the use of a dense fabric for lambreken and thin tulle for the manufacture of curtains. The rigid and geometric design of the lambrequin is contrasted with the lightness and fineness of the tulle, creating an interesting image of decorating the window openings, bringing originality to the kitchen interior.

With Lambrequins

Execution of drapery for windows on the eyeletsIt is possible not only when choosing thick fabrics, but also thin, translucent tulle. Thanks to steel or plastic rings, the fabric acquires a greater structural structure, easily moves along the cornice and falls off with stricter, evenly distributed folds. As a result, window drapery looks more orderly, progressive and organic, with respect to various variations of modern stylistics.

Fine fabric with eyelets

Tulle on the eyelets in the living room area

Textiles on the eyelets as decor

If the dining area of ​​your kitchen-dining roomIs located in the bay window, the use of drapery for large windows will not be easy decoration of the functional segment, but also protection from sunlight during morning meals or midday meals (depending on the location of the kitchen in relation to the sides of the world).

Design of the bay window

Combination of fabrics for drapery of windows

We use tulle for zoning the room

In order for the spacious living roomHighlight the kitchen area, you can use a translucent tulle. The original design guarantees some privacy of the kitchen segment, but at the same time it is easily removed if necessary, allowing the light to spread unimpeded throughout the space.

Zoniruem space

Original tulle screens,Created by the principle of Japanese curtains. The clear shape gives some rigor and geometricity to the room, but the ornate patterns on the tulle, the floral or abstract pattern bring a touch of romance, lightness and freshness to the created image of the kitchen, combined with the dining room.

Zoning with tulle screens

Kitchen facades with fabric inserts

Kitchen set with glass inserts by itselfLooks original to itself. Semitransparent elements give ease to the construction, add structure to its image. But many mistresses eventually realize that they do not want to publicize the contents of suspended kitchen cabinets and solve this problem with the help of textiles. The advantage of this method of decorating kitchen facades is that you can use the tulle trim left after decorating the windows or purchase at a reduced price small balances in the store.

Kitchen facades with fabric

Drapery for kitchen cabinets

Light textile for kitchen furniture

Fabric inserts for doors with glass

Another way to use textilesWith respect to the kitchen facades - the replacement of the doors of the lockers of the lower tier to the translucent curtains. For some housewives it is easier to periodically wash a small curtain than to clean the doors of the locker inside which there is a trash can, for example, which means that it is used very often in the kitchen space.

Tulle curtain instead of door

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