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Use of open shelves in the kitchenInterior has become quite popular design design, which is used both by professionals and ordinary owners of apartments and private houses. Open shelves can be used as a replacement for kitchen cabinets or become their spectacular addition. And they can act not only as storage systems, but also as a decorative element of the modern interior. Economic accessibility, practicality and simplicity of execution allowed open shelves to become almost universal design solution for kitchen interiors of the most diverse styles. It is easy to imagine open shelves in a modern style of kitchen design or country style. Even such uneasy styles from the point of view of performance as minimalism and classic can easily transfer the integration of this design solution. But first things first.Open shelves in kitchen design

Advantages and disadvantages of using open shelves in kitchen design

Like any other design solution,The use of open shelves in the interior of the kitchen has its pros and cons. But it is obvious that all the concepts of shortcomings and advantages are subjective - that for some owners of the kitchen can cause not to use shelves as storage systems, for others it will become an incentive.

Open shelves as an honor to the kitchen ensemble

Kitchen shelves made of wood

Advantages of using open shelves:

  • In contrast to kitchen cabinets, significantlyReducing visually the volume of the room, open shelves create a visual increase in space (the possibility of use in small kitchen spaces encourages many owners of small apartments to this design decision);
  • In addition to the fact that the shelves themselves take up little space, you do not need to save space for swinging the doors, as it does with kitchen cabinets;
  • Considering that all storage items are in front of your eyes, it is obvious that you will save time searching and accessing the right kitchen utensils;
  • Open shelves are perfectly combined with suspended kitchen cabinets and built-in storage systems;
  • Beautiful dishes or accessories are in sight, as if on a shop window, decorating the interior and pleasing the hosts.

Kitchen in dark colors

Open shelves in the work area

Disadvantages of open shelves as an element of kitchen interior:

  • Themselves shelves and all the items located on them,Quickly covered with dust, and in the absence of a good drawing - and droplets of fat (the output can be as a powerful hood installation, and the location of shelves away from the hob or plate);
  • On open shelves it is not always possible to locate large-scale objects of kitchen utensils - household appliances, large dishes;
  • Many housewives would prefer not to flaunt their dishes and kitchen utensils.

Original design

Embedded Storage Systems

Open shelves - design, options and material selection

Traditional version of kitchen shelves

One of the most popular options for equippingKitchen spaces with open storage systems - the use of conventional shelves that are attached directly to the walls, without any accompanying elements. Shelves can be matched to the color of the lower tier of kitchen cabinets or contrasted with them. Often use a combination of color and textural solutions of the shelves and kitchen countertops. Regardless of the decisions taken, this variant of the kitchen shelf design can harmoniously fit into almost any stylistic decoration of the kitchen.

Shelves in the kitchen for storage and decoration

Shelves for the color of kitchen facades

Unlike kitchen cabinets, open shelvesCan be placed without interrupting the window opening. If your room is sufficiently light and insignificant overlap of sunlight does not affect the level of illumination, then why not install the shelves even in the window area.

Kitchen shelves and window

With the help of special fasteners, you canNot only strengthen the design of the shelves, and therefore - to increase the maximum load, but also decorate them. Fastening elements can be made of the same material as the shelves themselves or differ not only in composition but also in the style of execution. For example, metal holders with forging will look original with wooden shelves, bringing to the interior of the kitchen not only originality, but also a special charm.

Original fasteners

Painted wood

Metal and wood

Open shelves can be used asAccent element. If the kitchen interior is made in light colors (and we all understand that small rooms are designed mainly in light colors), then the shelves of dark wood will look spectacular, attracting everyone's attention.

Shelves as an accent element

Open shelves for a small kitchen

Stainless steel shelves are very practical and convenient. Such designs will look great in kitchens designed inModern Classics, Hi-tech, fusion and even minimalism. In combination with the shine of household appliances and a countertop similar to the material, open shelves made of stainless steel look harmonious and relevant.

Metal open shelves

Stainless steel for shelving

Open shelves near the window

Stainless steel on worktops and shelves

As well as in the lower part of the kitchen cabinets,Located above the work surfaces, in the suspended shelves can be built in lighting. Thus, you not only provide the working area of ​​the kitchen with a sufficient level of illumination, but also you can decorate the interior.

Small shelves with lighting

Backlight as a decor

The original design

Open shelves with mounting to the ceiling of the room

It is not always possible to mount an openShelves to the walls of the kitchen. In this case, you can use special designs that are mounted to the ceiling. Shelves, in the literal sense of the word, are suspended from the ceiling - in addition to the original appearance, the structures have a sufficiently high strength and can experience high loads. The disadvantage of such fastening is only that it is necessary to drill the surface of the ceiling (it is impossible to use in rooms with stretch ceilings).

Suspended construction

With ceiling mount

Often in modern design projects of kitchenSpaces, one can find a combined fastening of shelves to surfaces - not only to the ceiling, but also to the walls. Of course, talk about the airiness of the image of such structures is not necessary, but the reliability of installation and the ability to withstand heavy loads for many hosts are in priority.

Contrast combinations

Hanging pendants on strings

Built-in shelves

Many kitchens (especially in apartmentsOld buildings) are rooms of irregular shape, with niches, protrusions and indentations. But any imperfection of architecture can be used for the benefit of a home interior. The built-in shelves in places of forced niches are an excellent opportunity not only to use the available space to the maximum, but also to bring diversity and creativity to the design of the kitchen.

Built-in shelves and not only

Shelves around the refrigerator

Glass shelves in the kitchen areaAre expensive, but they look luxurious. The structures of transparent glass look weightless, bringing not only lightness, but also freshness in the interior of the room. Glass shelves are easily combined with both furniture items made of wood (or this analog), and with a light shine of household appliances. In addition to its primary function as storage systems, the glass shelves always act as a decorative element.

Built-in shelves made of glass

Shelves for dishes in niches

Shelves in the facade of the kitchen island

If there is a sufficiently large Kitchen island, Open shelves can be placed with one of itsDepending on the form. The facade with shelves can be turned both inside the working area of ​​the kitchen space, and towards the dining room or living room, in case the room is combined. Such an arrangement of open shelves with dishes, culinary books and other kitchen elements is convenient, first of all, for low people, who can not reach the upper storage systems.

Open shelves in the kitchen island

Shelves for dishes in the island

Corner shelves in modern kitchen

Angles for most kitchen spacesAre difficult from the point of view of fillability zones. Rationally use angular segments can not often. Therefore, the installation of corner open shelves will maximize the use of the useful space of the kitchen, although it will affect the cost of manufacturing structures.

Corner snow-white shelves

Solutions for a small kitchen

Open shelves - part of the kitchen rack

In contrast to the usual open shelves, the rackIs essentially the same kitchen cabinets, but without facades. In terms of manufacturing costs, you will have to spend more than installing conventional shelves, but much less than when installing cabinets with facades, because exactly the doors (with quality fittings, door closers and other accessories) are the most expensive parts of the headset. Depending on the size of the kitchen and the chosen design style, shelving with Open shelves Can be placed instead of the upper tier of cabinets or as a separate piece of furniture, located at the wall or as an internal partition.

Snow-White Tableware Rack

Open shelves between kitchen cabinets

Kitchen shelving as a partition

By adding just one open shelf at the bottom Kitchen cabinets You will not only create a convenientA place to store the most relevant kitchen elements, but also transform the image of the whole room. On such shelves it is convenient to place the most popular items - spices, tea cups and saucers, various devices that you use every day. As a result, you will not need to open the cabinet doors every time to get a glass and drink water or make tea for the whole family.

Small shelves under the kitchen cupboards

A place to install open shelves as storage systems and a decorative element of kitchen interior

If a decision is taken in the kitchen areaOn partial or complete replacement of the upper tier of kitchen cabinets on open shelves, they are most often located on both sides of the hood. This arrangement helps, on the one hand, to prevent the entry of droplets of hot fat on the surface of the shelves, and on the other hand, to keep the necessary kitchenware items - utensils, spices, accessories - from the working areas. In addition to the fact that open shelves on both sides of the Hoods, Located above the stove (hob) - this is an incredibly practical and convenient design move, this arrangement introduces symmetry and orderliness into the interior.

Shelves on the outside of the side of the hood

Symmetry and orderliness

Woody pattern on a white background

Another popular version of the location of openShelves in the upper part of the kitchen set - installation on both sides of the window, which houses the sink. In this case, the opposite wall of the kitchen space can be equipped with a usual set of kitchen cabinets - both in the lower and upper part.

Combined shelves

Kitchen Racks

Shelves on the upholstery side of the sink

Slicer Kitchen Shelves

Not so common, but from this no less thanA practical way of placing open shelves - hanging the structure above the kitchen island or peninsula. Given that the top of the island is often integrated hob, sink or other household appliances, the ability to have at hand dishes and other Kitchen utensils Becomes a priority for the hostess (owner). But in this case, it is mainly about shelves with fastening to the ceiling of the room.

Suspended shelves over the island

Shelves in a rustic manner

Complex of shelves above the kitchen island

Shallow open shelves can be placed inSeveral rows near the doorways. Typically, this space is not used to install storage systems - they simply do not fit there. But for small shelves, you need very little space. Of course, large objects of kitchen use can not be stored on such surfaces, but dishes, spice jars, cooking books and other kitchen accessories will fit easily.

Shallow shelves near doorways

Compact shelves for small items

Effective use of space

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