100 best ideas: modern furniture in the interior of the kitchen in the photo

For such a multifunctional room asKitchen furniture selection is an extremely important and responsible task. On how practical, convenient and simple it is to care for the furnishing of the kitchen space, the level of comfort of staying in this room for you and your household will also depend. Thus it is necessary not to forget about ecological compatibility and ergonomics of the acquired furniture items, color combinators with decoration and decor of the room, stylistically making.

Snow-white kitchen furniture

Before you go to the store or through the endless expanses of the Internet in search of furniture for the kitchen, answer yourself to a few questions, the specifics of the answers to which will affect your choice:

  • How many people will use the kitchen and how active;
  • If the growth of the hostess or owner (the person whoBasically will be engaged in cooking) is very different from the average, it is better to leave your choice for custom-made furniture (too low or high worktops will lead to rapid fatigue in long-term work within the kitchen space);
  • The shape and size of your kitchen, the number of window and door openings, the presence of design features that can affect the number, size and location of the furniture;
  • The presence or absence of a separate room for the dining room - this will depend on the need to install a dining room in the kitchen;
  • If the elderly live permanently in an apartment or a private house, it may be necessary to replace the traditional dining group with a soft corner;
  • Habits of the hostess (master) in matters of the location of the working surfaces - some prefer to do all the kitchen work on the countertops of kitchen modules, others need a table or an island;
  • What quantity of household appliances you need to build in the kitchen set and what location of the equipment you think is most convenient;
  • The location of the kitchen with respect to the sides of the world (this will determine the choice of color palette not only for finishing the space, but also for kitchen furniture);
  • The stylistic, color and textural decisions taken to design the kitchen space.

Kitchen-living room in one room

An integrated approach to choosing kitchen furniture will help you make a successful purchase, which will please your attractiveness, practicality and comfort to you and your family.

Modern kitchen interior

Features of kitchen layout as a factor in choosing furniture

In addition to your personal preferences in color, textural and stylistic execution of kitchen furniture, an important role is played by the layout of the room itself, the design features of the room.

Single-row layout in a large room

Single-row layout

Kitchen set, located in one row -A frequent design solution used for small kitchen spaces in which it is necessary, among other things, to establish a dining group. Also, such a plan harmoniously fits into the room, which, in addition to the kitchen, is a living room and dining room, combined with an open plan.

Layout in one row

Single row layout for kitchen unit

Corner layout for kitchen areas

L-shaped or corner arrangement of kitchenThe headset allows you to place the maximum number of storage systems, work surfaces and appliances in the smallest possible kitchen area. If the kitchen space allows, then with this layout it is possible to install a kitchen island or a dining room. This arrangement of the furniture ensemble looks harmonious both in rooms of medium and large sizes, simply the number of modules can be increased.

Neo-classics in the kitchen

Island layout of furniture and household appliances

As the name suggests, with this arrangement,A module, called the kitchen island, is located separately from the headset. For many owners (owners), this design has become an integral part of the kitchen furniture, without which it is impossible to do for a comfortable and convenient implementation of kitchen processes. But for such structures it is necessary that the size of the kitchen be more than the average indicators that were adopted during the construction of apartment buildings in the last century.

Island layout

Original kitchen design

Parallel Layout

The layout of furniture and household appliances in two rows,Parallel to each other suitable for passage rooms, narrow, but long. With this arrangement, it is possible to accommodate a sufficiently large number of storage systems and working surfaces. It is important at the same time not to forget about the "working triangle" - the location of the plate, refrigerator and shell in the vertices of an imaginary triangle, with the distance between the elements remaining no more than two steps of the hostess (master).

Parallel Layout

Arrangement in two rows

The choice of facades for a modern kitchen

From what the facades look like Kitchen cabinets, In many ways depends the image of the whole kitchen. Classical facades give the room a traditional appearance, glossy smooth doors of cabinets bring notes of modernity to the interior. Light facades significantly expand the size of the headset and the entire room, bright colorful colors bring a festive mood and keep in a tone everyone who is in the room.

White and woody tones in the kitchen

Smooth glossy facades in light colors - oneOf the most common design options for a kitchen set. In addition to the fact that such an ensemble looks fresh and light, bright glossy surfaces significantly expand the space. In addition, it is easy to take care of such planes, light trails do not show traces of water droplets.

Snow-White Gloss

Smooth white facades

Facades made of natural wood- a great option for creating a warm and homely cozy kitchen design. Such a design will look harmonious in any of the variations of the country style.

Facades made of light wood

Facades with smooth lines and curvatures are notOnly save you from collisions with sharp corners, but also bring originality to the interior of the kitchen. When using smooth lines, the whole atmosphere of space becomes more peaceful, calm and harmonious.

Smooth lines and shapes

Kitchen facades with inserts of matt orThe transparent glass gives lightness to quite massive headsets. Especially this applies to the upper tier of cabinets, located up to the ceiling. Glass inserts not only allow you to see the contents of cabinets, but also visually simplify the design, and hence the whole image of the kitchen becomes more airy.

Facades with glass inserts

White and blue kitchen

For kitchen interior in style modern classic And decorating the kitchen in the style of neo-classical,Glass inserts in the doors of cabinets bring a variety and ease in the image of the room. Glasses with cross-hairs in the manner of French windows will add uniqueness to the kitchen space, not to mention the fact that in such lockers you can put the most beautiful and favorite dishes of the family.

Classic suite with glass

Color palette of furniture for kitchen space

Obviously, most of the furniture in the kitchenRoom occupies the set and from what color decisions will be taken for its execution, will depend in many ways and the entire color palette of the kitchen. If the kitchen is located on the shady side of the building, then the designers recommend using light colors for the facades of the kitchen set. The sun-poured kitchen, on the contrary can be executed in darker, deeper tones. But in this case, you should avoid dark glossy surfaces - from sunlight there may be glare that will spoil the whole appearance of your furniture ensemble.

Bright execution of kitchen furniture

Colorful kitchen set

If you are fighting for a decrease in appetite, it is betterPrefer facades in blue, blue-green tones (light turquoise, mint, pistachio and menthol colors will not provoke you and your family to increase appetite). And on the contrary, if you need to follow a constant set of weight, or someone from the household has problems with appetite, then bright colors (red, orange, lemon) can wake up the passion for food.

Bright colors for a small kitchen

White and blue gloss

Neutral pastel or gray shades of kitchenFacades are suitable for an interior in which other design elements are chosen as an accent - features of furnish or original household appliances of bright tones.

Gray facades for a bright kitchen

Contrasting furnishings - a dynamic kitchen interior

Black and white combinations in the performance of the kitchenThe headset is not only the dynamism and uniqueness of the interior, but also the possibility of a visual change in the dimensions of the furniture and the entire room. No less effective ensembles are obtained by using combinations of white, black and wood shades.

Contrast interior

White, black and woody tones

Dynamic kitchen design

Original combinations

Use of dark color for stainingThe lower tier of kitchen cabinets and white for execution of the upper row - allows you to visually create the impression that the room is higher than it actually is. Black and white ornament on the kitchen apron "reconciles" two opposite colors.

Dark bottom-white top

Gray and white gloss for the original kitchen

Black-and-white interiors of kitchen spacesLook very modern, stylish and original. But it is important to understand that for white facades the glossy finish will not add to your cares for cleaning, but the execution of similar surfaces in a black tone will add time to cleaning.

White-black kitchen interior

Black and white design for a small room

White kitchen - an easy and clean room image

Perhaps the most popular color solution forThe execution of a furniture ensemble in any style is a white tone. And the reason for this is not only the universal possibilities of white color combined with any color options for decoration and decoration, but also visually expanding the space, which is very important for most kitchen spaces in multi-apartment buildings.

The snow-white kitchen

White color for kitchen set

Light palette for kitchen design

White color helps to hide imperfectionsArchitecture, features of the layout of the premises and flaws in the finish. The white set should be diluted enough with the bright design of the kitchen apron to get an attractive, externally and practical interior from the point of view of care.

Luxurious kitchen

Traditional white facades

White ensemble with wooden table tops

Natural tones - cozy kitchen environment

Natural natural shades in performanceKitchen facades create an incredibly cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen area. Especially effectively, the wood shades look on the background of a light, snow-white finish.

Natural tones for a cozy kitchen

To decorate the kitchen in a country houseNatural wood shades of kitchen facades - a great opportunity to perform interior in the style of country or any other style, close to rural design in spirit.

Country style for a country house

Choosing a dining group for the kitchen

If the space of your kitchen allows, andA separate room for the arrangement of a dining room in a house or apartment is not, then it will be logical to install a dining group in the kitchen space. Depending on the composition of your family, the number of children or the elderly, you can choose a dining table and chairs to it. In addition to your stylistic and color preferences, the choice of a dining set is also affected by the amount of time you would like to spend at a meal. If the chairs with a backrest and soft seats, then you will be at the table longer, while stools or stiff chairs will help reduce the time for meals. This should be taken into account by those who often sit on diets or vice versa suffer from a lack of weight.

Kitchen with dining roomFor those who do not want to spend a lot of time eating, you can suggest an option Bar counters Or even a simple console that is attached toWall and rests on one leg. This design is most often used for breakfasts and other short meals, but it can also become a place for lunches and dinners in a family where there are no children or older people.

Rack for meals

Bar counter instead of a dining table

A round dining table is an ideal option forA family in which there are small children or elderly people - neither those nor others will not stumble into acute angles. By the same to this table, you can always invite a guest, just placing a little chairs and establish an extra seat for sitting.

Round dining table

An original dining room in the loft kitchen

A beautiful table for the whole family and comfortable mini-chairs with soft and comfortable upholstery or Stylish sofa, Will transform even the most ordinary interior of the kitchen. But when choosing soft chairs or small armchairs to organize a dining group within the kitchen space, it is important to remember that you will have to look after furniture upholstery much more often than if they were in a separate dining room.

Soft chairs in the kitchen

The original performance of the dining ensemble is notOnly diversifies the furnishing of the premises, but also brings uniqueness to the interior of the kitchen space. For example, the installation for each member of the family of his chair, excellent in design and even material of manufacture, can become an original design decision.

An unusual dining group

Round dining table with glass topAnd plastic transparent chairs will be an excellent option for organizing a dining area for small kitchens. The dining group seems to dissolve in space, adds to the image of a room of lightness, airiness.

Transparent dining group

In a really spacious kitchen, the role of diningThe table can carry out the extended countertop of the island. If the area of ​​the kitchen allows, the original execution of the central unit and the adjacent dining group will become a highlight of the interior.

Unusual table with continuation

Cupboards and display cases - to be or not to be in a modern interior?

The display cabinet is not a mandatory itemFurniture for kitchen or dining space. But no one will argue with the fact that it is this kind of furnishing that enables us to display beautiful dishes, old services and the family's collection heritage for everyone, but at the same time place everything in the storage system. Such furniture will be relevant in the traditional setting, when decorating the kitchen in style Provence, Country, chic chic and vintage. But among the cabinets, showcases a lot of modern models that will harmoniously integrate into the style of high-tech or loft.

Wardrobe for modern kitchen

An old buffet, which you got from your grandmother orFound on the expanses of flea markets, can become a highlight of the interior, if you organically fit it into the modern environment. Certainly, to accommodate such additional furniture, you need a sufficient amount of space, which is most often possible in private houses of country or urban type.

An old buffet for a country house

Furniture for a modest kitchen

As a rule, in small kitchen spacesThere is no possibility of placing a dining group, and the choice of furniture is limited to the purchase of a kitchen set. But it is more convenient to order the production of furniture in small spaces, the rational arrangement of which will make it possible to use all square meters allocated for storage and work surfaces as practical as possible.

White facades for a small kitchen

Unusual set for a medium-sized kitchen

Obviously, for a small kitchen areaSnow-white facades, the headset is the most successful option not only to visually expand the space, but also the possibility not to focus attention on the shortcomings of the modest quadrature of the room.

Bright background for white furniture

Angular arrangement of storage systems, workersSurfaces and household appliances will make it possible to rationally place a maximum of furniture on a small area of ​​the room. As a place for short meals you can use a compact console that is attached to the wall.

White furniture with a bright apron

Small kitchen with white furnishingsU-shaped layout of the kitchen unit is rareIt is used in small kitchens. In this case, there is definitely no place for installing even the most modest dinner set, sometimes it is necessary to partially abandon the upper tier of kitchen cabinets, so as not to load a small space to a heavy psychological point of hostage in it.

U-shaped layout

Kitchen with a complex shape

A small kitchen in the closet is ideal forApartment-studio or living room, which serves as a kitchen and dining room. Snow-white storage systems, compact home appliances and small work surfaces, located behind the doors of a large wardrobe, may well replace a large, full-fledged kitchen.

White kitchen in the closet

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