100 Best Ideas: Modern Curtain Design for the Kitchen of 2017

A pleasant finishing touch in the formation ofKitchen interior is the choice of drapery for windows. Textiles often become the necessary element for creating a truly cozy, relaxing, hospitable atmosphere in which anyone will like not only to cook food and gladly absorb it, but also to receive the closest guests, arrange family gatherings. Only at first glance it may seem that the choice of drapes for kitchen windows is as pleasant as fast. It is necessary to determine the type of material, to adopt a color solution, stylistic, to take into account the properties of the fabric in operation and the possibility of cleaning the canvasses, because the kitchen has its own unique microclimate.

Window textiles for the kitchen

Before you start choosing

Modern fabric and ready-made fabric manufacturersSolutions for window draping offer us so wide a range of options that it is not difficult to lose your head from the abundance of models, colors and prints. And to order, you can make textile design of kitchen windows of any style. Before you go in search of the ideal option, you need to consider the factors affecting the selection of textiles for exactly this kind of multifunctional room, like a kitchen:

  • high humidity;
  • Constant temperature changes;
  • The possibility of dropping hot fat droplets on the surface (it is not always possible to get rid by the extract);
  • The smell of cooking.

Laconic design

For a spacious kitchen

Light image

Also, at the preparatory stage, it is necessary to outline the range of functions that kitchen curtains will perform:

  • Sun protection;
  • Fencing the room from prying eyes;
  • Exclusively decorative function;
  • A connecting element between the main "participants of the interior" (harmony in color, texture or manner of execution).

Dark curtains - light tulle

Brown-beige scale

So, to make an ideal choice, you need to decide on:

  • Model of curtains (mode of execution, form);
  • Type of fabric (texture, density, performance);
  • Color (plain or with print);
  • Price category (you can find analogues of natural fabrics, which differ significantly not only in their properties, but also in their cost).

The classic version

Motley print on curtains

Curtains for carpet

Determine with the model of curtains

The choice of the curtain model is mainly determined by the following factors:

  • The size of the room;
  • Overall dimensions and shape of the window;
  • The location of the building with respect to the sides of the world;
  • Stylistic execution of the interior;
  • Personal preferences of the owners.

Simple and practical

On a white background

In the snow-white kitchen

Classic (traditional) model

Classics, as you know, are always in fashion. Therefore, the use of two straight canvases as a textile decor for windows will be relevant for many years. If in the bedroom and living room the traditional curtains usually consist of two dense curtains, which are complemented by a light tulle (translucent veil), then in the kitchen area you can drape the window with linen canvases and without any additions.

Classic curtains with print


Bright curtains for the color of chairs

Black and white design

Traditional curtains can differ not only in the length of the products (up to the floor or up to the window sill), but also in the way of fastening:

  • On clothespins;
  • On the hinges;
  • On the clamps;
  • On the eyelets (made of plastic or metal);
  • On the strings.

Strict design

Linen curtains

Traditional model

Contrast textiles

Traditional curtains can often act in pairsWith other models of textile decor for windows. For example, if there are windows of different modifications in the kitchen space, a balcony block or doors leading to the back yard, then it is logical to use different curtain models for different window openings (but most often made from the same fabric). Classic curtains are easily combined with rolls, in the style of "cafes", curtains and blinds.

Combination of models of curtains

Rolling and traditional

Bright print

Classic curtains are often combined with blinds fromBamboo. In this case the traditional model of curtains acts in a greater degree as a decor, in bamboo cloths serve for protection from the sun and prying eyes.

Combination with bamboo curtains

Small curtains on the eyelets can becomeDecoration of your kitchen window. Plastic or metal rings are a practical way of fixing. Curtains easily move along the cornice. The appearance of the window drapery is simultaneously laconic and modern, harmoniously blends with almost any stylistic variant of kitchen design.

For a contrasting kitchen

Curtains on the grommet


Light curtains - this is another of the options for the classic design of the kona in the kitchen space. For sewing curtains can be used:

  • tulle;
  • organza;
  • veil;
  • Mesh fabric;
  • lace;
  • Muslin;
  • Any other airy fabric.

Light tulle

Translucent fabric

Curtains can have a traditional length - fromCornice to the floor, or to reach only the window sill. They can be used as the main element of the window decoration, and in the ensemble with blinds, roll curtains and other types of curtains.

Light curtains

Light curtains

If you have a spacious kitchen with a panoramic window andBeautiful view behind it, it is logical to use the maximum amount of sunlight that can penetrate into the room and not block the way with dense textiles. A thin translucent tulle will be an excellent option. Some designers suggest and do leave the window aperture without draping or confine yourself to a decorative frame.

For a panoramic window

Tulle for large windows

Tulle for the kitchen

Roman or roller blinds

Roller fabric curtains at the momentIncredibly popular. The versatility and laconic design allows this drape element to seamlessly integrate into any interior. For the kitchen, the Roman curtains are ideal, because most of the windows in the kitchen are medium and small. This model of curtains does not lose its popularity because:

  • Simple and concise in execution;
  • Convenient and functional;
  • Perfectly protects the room from the sun and prying eyes;
  • Can be made of various types of fabrics (with this material consumption will be optimal for a particular window);
  • Can be combined with other models of curtains, curtains and blinds;
  • Can be controlled manually or by electric drive (with the remote).

Kitchen in beige tones

Single-color curtains

Thin Roman curtains

Rolled fabric curtains

By the way of execution, all Roman curtains can be divided into three groups:

  • Classical;
  • Cascading;
  • Frameless.

Bright interior

For an arched window

Curtains for a small kitchen

Laconic model

Kitchen in turquoise colors

Roller blind with print

The classic version is the most popular. Such curtains are a flat cloth (most often of dense fabric), which is collected by uniform horizontal folds when lifting (in the expanded version it looks like an ordinary rectangle of fabric). The cloth is attached to the frame of slats, tubes or plates. Curtains can be plain or with a pattern. Even the combined options are often found in modern design projects of kitchen facilities.

The original design

In the ethno-style

Roman curtains with a picture

Kitchen in gray tones

Cascade curtains, even in fully expandedState appear in the form of a web with uniformly distributed horizontal folds. The model looks more elegant than the classical version, but it will take much more fabric to make it.

Frameless Roman curtains are made withoutRacks or plates. The fabric is collected in horizontal folds with the help of ribbons, braid or simply a machine stitch. It is this type of fastening of fabric roller blinds that has become the prototype of the classic version, which is so widely used today. Frameless curtains can be made from any type of fabric, even light, airy.

Frameless curtains

Roman blinds without a frame

Bright pattern on the fabric

Roller blinds without skeleton

Original design

Curtains in the style of "cafe"

Such curtains or curtains and the truth could beTo meet in the interior of the cafe - the fabric closes only the lower part of the window (half or third). On the one hand - the light penetrates into the window almost unhindered and spreads around the room, on the other - the space is protected from prying eyes. If your kitchen is on the first floor, this way of draping windows can be a good option. Moreover, the light in the homes of the first level is often not enough, it is closed by trees, bushes, structures.

Curtains like in a cafe

Curtains for half the window

In the style of

Curtains in the style of "cafe" can be executed both fromDense tissue, and light, translucent - the weight depends on the functions that you regret to give them. In the variations of color performance, there are also no restrictions - single-color variations, with a pattern, decor in the form of braid, brushes, ruches - it all depends on the style of decoration of the entire kitchen space.

Short kitchen curtains

For a high window

With Lambrequin

Short curtains with print

Curtains only for decoration

There is another type of drapery for the kitchenWindow, which is used most often exclusively for decoration. In rare cases, a small piece of fabric, specially fixed at the top of the window, serves to mask the flaws in the installation of the window unit or the nuances of the finish. It can be a lambrequin, a fabric cascade attached to the curtain, or just a small cut of textiles thrown across the bar.

Window decoration

Lambrequin with folds

Original approach

Unusual window decoration

Curtain at the top of the window

Decorative textiles

Choosing a fabric for the kitchen

Practical housewives sellers in modernStores of ready-made kitchen solutions offer the most practical options - fabrics with special impregnation that allows them not to absorb smells, repel droplets of grease, dust and dirt, do not burn out in the sun. But how beautiful is this drapery? Is it able to bring notes of warmth to create a truly cozy environment? To solve to you, in particular, if to consider, what to look after modern cloths uneasy. We also offer variants of fabrics that can be used in kitchen spaces of different sizes, with windows of different modifications and for the owner's wallet of different sizes:

  • linen;
  • silk;
  • polyester;
  • tulle;
  • organza;
  • Cotton (chintz).

Curtains from ceiling to floor

Light curtains for the kitchen

When choosing a fabric, it is also important not to forget aboutFire safety. If the window is located near the gas stove, then it is necessary to minimize the likelihood of a fire. It is better to give preference to natural fabric, which does not break out at the slightest contact with the flame.

Motley window decoration

Lace on the windows

Under the sink

Color scheme for kitchen curtains

The choice of the coloring of the textile design for the window in the kitchen will depend on the following factors:

  • Color scheme of the room - the tone of the walls and facades of the kitchen set;
  • Your desire to make the decoration of the kone invisible, harmoniously flowing into the overall picture of the interior or accent, attracting attention;
  • If the curtain fabric is with a pattern, then you can duplicate it in the upholstery of chairs or stools (seat and back), decorating the dining table (tablecloth, path, individual mats or napkins).

Curtains in the tone upholstery furniture

Curtains for the color of dishes and pillows

Fabric for curtains and upholstery of chairs

Harmonious image

Curtains with print

In the field of manufacturing or purchasing ready-madeSolutions for kitchen windows is not easy to distinguish favorites among the options for coloring, patterns and ornaments. Do not lose its popularity fabric with vertical stripes. Thanks to this print, the window visually increases in height, "adding" centimeters and the room itself. If the walls of the kitchen are monochrome, then the stripes on the curtains can be contrasted in color solutions.

Striped print

Bright Strips

Vertical stripes on fabric

Horizontal stripes help visually increase the width of a small window.

Horizontal stripes

Geometric and abstract are also popularPrints. It all depends on what size your kitchen is and in what color scheme it is framed. In a spacious room, there are many more options for maneuvering with a large and bright pattern of textiles for windows. But even in a small kitchen, you can use a fabric with an ornament, a pattern if the walls are decorated in light colors and the execution of kitchen facades is also not bright.

Geometric print

Focus on textiles

If you design a kitchen in country style orProvence, it is with the help of textiles in many ways can convey the main features of stylistics. Fabric in a small or medium-sized flower will unequivocally indicate the style of the interior - it is these colors that make it possible to bring a cozy and relaxing atmosphere to the design of the kitchen space.

Cloth in a small flower

Abundance of floral motifs

Cloth for light mint kitchen

Similarly, the effect can be achieved ifUse print in the cage. For many of our compatriots the checkered fabric is invariably associated with the interiors of the cafe. But much depends on the color solution and the size of the cell.

Checkered tissue

Print on curtains can be used as aBinding element. For example, in the kitchen interior, decorated in neutral or light colors, the only bright spot is the kitchen apron, tablecloth on the dining table or bar stools. If the same bright color is used in window textiles, the overall picture of the kitchen area becomes more harmonious.

Under the color of the original island

Focus on fabric decor

Under the color of the chairs

In harmony with the kitchen island

Emphasis on curtains and apron

Or you can use the fabric design of windowsKitchen as an accent element - the only bright spot on a light (or neutral) background. After all, curtains are much easier to replace than furniture or trim. You can get a new interior (at least - with a different mood), replacing just one design element.

Accent Textiles

Bright window decoration

Bright yellow curtains

Curtains not only for windows

Curtains and curtains in the kitchen area canUsed not only for window draping, but also as a curtain for cupboards (built-in or mobile), pantry, under-sink space, behind glass inserts of kitchen facades and many other kitchen corners that the owners would like to hide from the eyes of guests who may be in Room for cooking. Such curtains and curtains can be executed in the same vein as drapery for windows, or they can differ in the type of fabric and color scheme - it all depends on what interior objects are meant to be accents.

For kitchen pantry

Bright fabric for colorful sanitary ware

Small curtains

Curtains not only for windows

Behind the glass

Bright curtains under the sink

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