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Nobody will argue with the fact that the kitchen - the mostMultifunctional room in any dwelling. Most of the time free from work mistresses are held here. And lovers of creating culinary masterpieces can even spend half the day in the kitchen to please their household members. It is in the kitchen space that the whole family gathers for joint meals, here the closest guests can be received. But ironically, this very room is very often the smallest in the area in Russian apartments built during the last century. That is why it is important to maximally rationally distribute the useful space of kitchen facilities. In this publication, we will consider the options for installing kitchen corners in the area of ​​meals as an alternative or complement to the usual for many dining group - the table and chairs.

Laconic execution of kitchen corner

Kitchen corner - advantages and disadvantages

Many of us remember the first kitchen corners,They appeared in Soviet times and immediately became incredibly popular. As a result, half of our compatriots in the kitchen had similar corners with storage space under the seats. Since then, much has changed in modern trends in the design of living spaces, there are new materials for the execution and decoration of furniture, kitchen corners can be made in thousands of variations, among which you can always find an option that is ideally suited for your interior.

A cozy corner in the kitchen

Modern execution

Among the advantages of installing a corner in the kitchen space are the following:

  • Providing comfortable and comfortable seating for meals;
  • Effective use of the corner of the room (with this zone there are often problems in the installation of furniture and household appliances);
  • Increase the number of storage systems at the expense of boxes located under the seats of the corner;
  • If the corner is softSofa, then an increase in the number of berths for late guests or a place of rest for the hostess (owner) who spent a lot of time in the kitchen space;
  • The possibility of zoning a large kitchen area for the working and dining sector;
  • A wide choice of models, color and texture solutions of the frame and upholstery of the corners.

Dining area in the bay window

Against the background of a snow-white kitchen

Of course, there are disadvantages in using the kitchen corner:

  • In contrast to the usual dining group (table andChairs), the corner does not have such mobility and can not fit into any zone of the room if the owners wanted to make a rearrangement;
  • In the range of ready-made solutions presented in theFurniture stores, may not be suitable for the style of execution and the color palette of the corner, and furniture will have to be made to order. But this minus easily turns into a plus, because with individual manufacture, the furniture obtained will ideally fit into the available space and harmoniously integrate into the interior of the kitchen;
  • Inconvenience when using a corner for more orThe smaller company is that the person sitting in the corner of the structure should be asked to stand up those who sit next to him to get out of the table.

In a bright and spacious kitchen

Dining area in the bay window with a round table

Dining area in recreation

Corners for the kitchen - a kaleidoscope of models and combinations with a dining group

To the question "where to install the kitchen corner"The logical answer is "in the corner of the room, of course." But not all so unambiguously. First, and the "corners" are completely non-cornered, and kitchen facilities can have a variety of shapes. For example, if your kitchen has a bay window, then it's more logical to make a corner in the form of this original element of architecture. In the form of a letter "P" or a trapezoid without a foundation - with the help of a soft corner you will be able to optimally use the useful space of the bay window. It is enough to install a dining table near the corner, equip the remaining free space with chairs or small chairs and a roomy, comfortable and stylish dining room is ready.

Luxurious decoration of the bay window

Original bay window

Cozy decoration of the bay window

Corner in the traditional sense of this subjectFurnishings are most often located in the corner of the room, most often at the window. Will the sides of your furniture corner be equal or the length of one will be substantially larger than the other - it does not matter, the main thing is to choose the furniture of the dining group correctly. In this respect, the traditional corner is universal. With it perfectly harmonizes and square, and rectangular, oval and round table. If the sides of the corner is equal, then it is more logical to fit a round or square table, for a corner in the shape of the letter "G", it is better to choose a rectangular or oval model.

Kitchenette with storage systems

A practical corner with storage space

White execution of kitchen and corner

Dining group at the window

Oval and round dining tables that arePart of the corner zone for meals, there is an obvious advantage. The number of people sitting at such a table is not strictly regulated and, if necessary, you can take guests without warning in the kitchen area. In addition, it is much easier for a person sitting in a corner of a furniture ensemble to leave their place if the table has rounded forms - a minimum of chances for injury.

Dining group with a round table

In a bright kitchen with a white finish

Trapezium area in light design

Corner with a snow-white dining group

A soft corner, designed like a sofa,Transforms the kitchen space is not easy in a well-decorated room, he makes a living room from the kitchen. Certainly, beauty requires sacrifice. No matter how moisturizing the fabric of the upholstery is, how easy it would be to clean it, all household members will need to be served gently in order to preserve the original appearance of the corner sofa as long as possible.

Corner sofa in the kitchen

The reverse side of the coin is verySoft and comfortable corner in the kitchen - a long stay at the table. As a result, you can eat much more than planned, and in principle it was necessary. If your households often "sit" on diets, it is better to give preference to a corner with a hard surface. Similarly, you can do with chairs that complement the dining group.

Corner with hard seats

Dining ensemble in a modern style

Contrast combinations

Contrasting design of the dining sector

There are kitchens of this configuration in whichIt is more convenient to install not a corner soft set, but a pair of roomy armchairs with a length for two people opposite each other, according to the type of seating in the cafe. This way of seating at the dining table will help to rationally use the useful space of the kitchen only if there is a niche in the room suitable for the arrangement of a zone for meals. The lack of such structures in the impossibility to change the situation and increase the number of people sitting at the table. But for a family of four, a similar dining group can be an ideal solution.

Dining area as in a cafe

Small soft seats

The kitchen corner is difficult to call it, if itIs made in the form of a semicircle, an arc. When using this configuration, a part of the corner of the room is eaten - this is definitely a minus. But the smooth shape of the seats allows you to accommodate a larger number of people gathered at a round or oval table - this advantage overrides small defects, including the cost of manufacturing a custom-made headset.

Round shapes

Arc seat in the bay window zone

Furniture corner can be part of the dining roomZone not only within the kitchen space, but also in the dining room. If in your home there is an opportunity to allocate a separate room for the organization of a place for meals, then a roomy and comfortable soft corner can become not only its harmonious part, but also the decoration of the whole room. It can be made in accordance with the chosen concept of decorating a dining room or become its accent, the focal point around which the whole interior is built.

Corner in the dining room interior

In the dining room with French windows

A cozy dining ensemble in the dining room

Simple solutions for a cozy corner

The advantage of using a corner as aThere are also seats in the fact that superficial storage systems can be located above the furniture ensemble. If the height of the ceiling allows, you can calculate the scale of the hanging cabinets in such a way that when you get up from the corner, the households do not touch the storage systems with your head. No hostess will refuse from additional cabinets for storing kitchen utensils, even if they are high enough. In such lockers, you can put down household items, which are used infrequently.

Storage systems over the corner

Storage systems symmetric to the dining room

In addition to the fact that the corner provides householdsThe opportunity to comfortably sit at the dining table, its internal space serves the hostess as a spacious storage system. The easiest way to organize storage boxes is a folding seat. These storage systems are very convenient to use - you do not even need to move the table and chairs. To get to the contents of the space under the seats. Another way - built-in drawers. This option is less convenient, because for the extension of the drawer it is often necessary to push the interfering furniture. Yes, customization of this model will cost more than the standard version.

Storage systems in the bottom of the corner

Corner with drawers

The kitchen corner can be used forZoning of a spacious kitchen. The selection of the dining area will be maximum if you put a corner to the facade of the bar or kitchen island. In this case, various geometric variations of the execution of seats for the seating of family members are possible - from a simple linear version, the letter "G" and a corner to the original trapezoidal configurations and even polyhedra.

Zoning with a corner

Zoning in a spacious kitchen

Decoration of the area for meals with a furniture corner

How to decorate a diningWhich includes a kitchenette? First of all, you need to take care of a beautiful, high-quality and harmonious on the color palette of textile design. Bright decorative cushions that will not only provide comfort and convenience during the meal, but also bring a zest to the interior of the kitchen. In addition, the motley, attracting attention can be the upholstery of the kitchen corner itself. In this case, it does not have to have a repetition in other elements of the decor of the kitchen space - curtains or tablecloths, the upholstery can be the same color accent that a light or neutral interior needs.

Eclectic Kitchen-Dining Room

Soft window area

Comfortable corner with soft armchairs

Sofa cushions decorating the kitchenette andProviding comfortable accommodation of household members and guests of the house, can be matched in color and texture of the upholstery of small armchairs or chairs with soft backs and seats. Such a harmonious group is simply doomed to become the "star of the program" of your interior.

Emphasis on upholstery and cushions

Decorative pillows

Spectacular design of the kitchen corner

The choice of upholstery for the kitchen corner is not easyA question not only from the point of view of the color decision. It is not easy to choose a plain or printed version and take into account the combination of colors with the general palette of the room. Much more serious is the issue of choosing the quality of the material. Obviously, the usual fabric for upholstery sofas will very quickly fail, lose its pristine appearance. Many homeowners choose upholstery from natural or artificial leather. Obviously, such a design will not cause trouble to the owners in terms of cleaning the surfaces - the material is not afraid of moisture and easily tolerates traditional cleansing. But there are drawbacks to this design of the soft part of the corner - many do not like the sounds that accompany the landing on leather seats, besides, this upholstery in the off-season is cool, and in summer it's hot.

Corner with leather upholstery

Bright corners and chairs upholstery

Upholstery leather for semicircular

Bright skin for upholstery corner

Another important decoration of the dining area withCorner is the lighting system. Despite its undeniable functionality, a beautiful chandelier above the dining table also acts as a decorative element of the interior. In the case of the location of the dining area not in the center of the room (and this is usually the case with a soft corner), it makes sense to move the chandelier into this functional sector. And the working area should be provided with built-in lights on the ceiling or illuminated by the lower part of the kitchen cabinets.

Chandelier as a decorative and functional element

Interior in beige-blue colors

Kitchen-dining room design in sand tones

Natural colors in the kitchen-dining room

Before you one more way of decorating a zone for meals with a soft corner with the help of lamps. Wall sconces in interstitial spaces are the best option for a bay window with a glass roof.

Wall sconces for decorating and lighting the dining area

Functional decoration of the diningCorner can become chairs themselves. If the dining table and the corner are made in a fairly conservative manner, simply and concisely, then for the chairs you can choose a more creative solution. So you can not only provide all household members in places at the dinner table, but also bring originality to the interior of the kitchen or dining room.

Original chairs for a laconic lunch group

A bouquet of flowers in a beautiful vase or a bowl of fruitIn the center of the table - an excellent decoration for any dining group. Ideally, the colors of the upholstery of the soft seats of the corner or chairs are repeated in the palette of a specially collected bouquet or selected fruit - a harmonious picture of the area for the meals is provided to you.

Flowers in a vase and cloth

Decoration of the dining sector

Tablecloth or fabric "path", textileNapkins and serving mats for each participant of the meal - for decorating the dining area all means are good. It is important only to know the measure - if you choose a tablecloth with a print, then the remaining elements of serving should be monophonic and vice versa, the basic fabric on the table, executed in one tone, gives you the freedom to use additions - napkins, rug mats and other decorative elements.

Serving as an element of decor

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