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Arrangement of a kitchen in a private house -The occupation is as responsible as it is pleasant. After all, you can not save every centimeter, choose household appliances of the necessary equipment and sizes, do not limit yourself to choosing a color palette for the execution of the finishes and facades of the kitchen set. In a word, you can realize all your design dreams and create a truly comfortable, cozy, multifunctional and beautiful space for the implementation of kitchen processes, eating and perhaps receiving especially close guests. Kitchen facilities in private apartments are almost always larger than their counterparts, enclosed in small spaces of standard apartments. Talk about small dwellings and does not have to. But great opportunities are also a big responsibility. It is important not to "spill" your own design ideas and ambitions, do not lose the basis of the concept of decorating the kitchen in a relatively large area, in pursuit of originality - do not forget about the practicality, functionality and ergonomics of the premises, which will have to perform a large number of options. We hope that our large selection of design projects of kitchen spaces will help you to find inspiration for creating your own dream kitchen.

Interior of modern kitchen

Kitchen in a private house

Features of a kitchen in a private house

In any dwelling, the kitchen is the heart and hearth, thisMultifunctional premise in which not only prepare delicious dishes and accompanying work processes, but also the whole family gathers for joint meals. The kitchen space located in a private house has its own characteristics:

  • As a rule, placing the kitchen in private apartments is much larger in size than the kitchen in a standard apartment;
  • Most often the kitchen has not one but two or more windows (their dimensions may differ from the standard sizes adopted for the construction of apartment buildings);
  • The form of the room itself can be non-standard,So the location of the working area can vary, in addition, you can use additional elements of the interior - a fireplace, a kitchen corner of various modifications (if the room has niches or bay windows) and even a workplace;
  • The communication system can be laid at your discretion, if it does not contradict the safety rules;
  • Usually in the kitchen of a private house, not only the working area is located, but also a full-fledged dining segment that can take not only family members, but also guests of the house.

Light design

Design for a spacious kitchen

In a bright and spacious kitchen

Layout for a spacious kitchen of private home ownership

It is obvious that the image of the kitchen space, itsEnvironment, largely depend on the location of storage systems, built-in appliances and work surfaces. In a large kitchen room, there is almost no restriction in the choice of the way in which to arrange the kitchen set. But even a spacious kitchen can have a complex shape, be a passable room or be part of a living room - all these nuances leave an imprint on the choice of the method of furnishing a furniture ensemble. Let us consider in more detail the options for organizing work processes in the kitchen space with the help of capacious storage systems, convenient arrangement of working surfaces and ergonomic layout of household appliances.

Kitchen in light blue tones

Colorful color combinations

Snow-white surfaces

Corner layout with kitchen island or peninsula

Angular layout of the kitchen set is not for nothingIs considered the most versatile option for furniture and built-in appliances. This layout allows you to use the minimum amount of usable space with the maximum number of storage systems. In addition, on the perpendicular sides it is convenient to place the vertices of the so-called "working triangle" - a refrigerator, a sink and a hob (hob). The corner arrangement is suitable for kitchen spaces of any shape, with any number and size of windows and doorways. The advantage is also the large amount of free space that remains after installing the L-shaped furniture ensemble. This place is usually used to house a kitchen island or peninsula. But in a large kitchen, you can not only confine yourself to a stand-alone module that allows you to increase the number of storage systems and become a place for short meals, but also to establish a full-fledged dining group - a large table and comfortable chairs for all family members.

Corner layout for a small kitchen

Angular configuration

L-shaped suite with island

Corner furniture ensemble

Spacious and stylish kitchen

Linear layout of the kitchen set, complemented by an island or a dining group

Linear planning involves location inOne row of all storage systems and built-in appliances. This way of arranging the work area is suitable for premises in which it is necessary to leave as much useful space as possible for organizing a large dining segment. Alternatively, it is more convenient for the hostess (the owner) to use as a working base a kitchen island with integrated household appliances, perhaps even a sink. At the same time, the dining area can be organized right there, behind the kitchen island countertop (option for couples or families with one child) or be presented as a full dining group with a large table and comfortable chairs (variation for larger families).

Linear Layout

Arrangement in one row

Combined space

Linear Kitchen Set

Design in light gray tones

Laconic version of the design

The layout in one row is suitable in caseThe kitchen space of your private house has a modest area. For example, for a couple or a family that rarely eats at home, a small kitchen set will be enough, located linearly along one of the walls of the kitchen and the island or peninsula, which serves as a zone for meals.

Design for a small kitchen

Interior of an average kitchen

Natural shades

In the kitchen with two islands

U-shaped layout for the kitchen

The layout of the kitchen ensemble in the form of the letter "P"It is advisable in case you need to use a large number of storage systems to organize an orderly system in the kitchen. Also, this type of arrangement is suitable for kitchens where a large number of household appliances must be placed - in addition to the standard hob (hob) with hood and fridge, it is necessary to integrate the oven, dishwasher, microwave oven, wine cooler and much more. In a spacious kitchen, with such a layout, there is enough free space in the center of the room for installing a kitchen island or a dining table with the necessary attributes.

U-shaped layout

The layout in the form of the letter P

The dark bottom is a light top

U-shape set

Furniture ensemble with the letter P

A large number of storage systems

Parallel arrangement of kitchen ensemble

For a passage room, a kitchen with access to theA back yard or a large panoramic window, the optimal location of a kitchen set with appliances along two free parallel walls. In the narrow and long kitchen of a small home, there would certainly not be room for a dining table. And in the spacious kitchen of private households, it is likely that the ensemble can be supplemented by a kitchen table or an island that can serve as a table-top for holding meals. The parallel layout can also be used in a kitchen with a conventional window, under which there is a radiator, and the entrance is located in the center of the wall opposite.

Parallel Layout

Arrangement in two rows

For a small kitchen

Parallel storage location

The current color palette for the kitchen of a private house

If for a tiny kitchen in a small-sized (and inStandard, too), flat designers recommend using only a light color palette, then in the spacious kitchen of a private house there are practically no restrictions. And yet, some nuances need to be considered when making color decisions:

  • Location of the room with respect to the sides of the world (for the southern side you can use a cool color scheme, for the northern side - it's better to stay on warm shades);
  • Number of windows and level of natural security (light from the window can cover trees and shrubs, various buildings, elements of landscape design);
  • Color design of adjacent rooms and your desire to highlight the color of the kitchen space or let it dissolve in the general image of the home.

Original color solution

Spacious kitchen-dining room

Focus on the kitchen island

Facades of gray color

Even in spacious rooms,Meet a bright palette of design among modern design projects. First, white color will never lose its popularity, the design in light colors will be relevant for many years. Secondly, for many of us it is the bright palette that is associated with a clean and comfortable room in which food for the whole family should be prepared. Who will abandon the bright, crystal clear image of the kitchen, which seems even more than it is in the white, thanks to the snow-white surfaces? In addition, light execution of kitchen facades is preferable if you plan to hang the upper tier of cabinets under the ceiling. In white, furniture will look easier, without making the image more monumental. Snow white shades are great for any stylistic direction - from classics to modern style.

Light kitchen interior

Snow-white image

White smooth facades

Fixtures as an accent

Cozy interior

The snow-white kitchen

Experts recommend not to dwell on whiteColor when decorating rooms that do not greatly need visual increase. You run the risk of creating a completely cool, from the point of view of the caused emotions, a room with uncomfortable surroundings. Use wooden surfaces to raise the color temperature of the room. Wood can be used as a floor covering material, for countertops, for furnishing a dining group, or for creating an accent in the image of a kitchen island.

Modern kitchen design

Dark floor, white walls

Wood for accent

Emphasis on the ceiling

Focus on wooden surfaces

In a spacious kitchen you can safely useContrast combinations. In the current season, not only the alternations of light and dark surfaces are popular. And more complex combinations using intermediate color variations. For example, a dark shade of wenge on the kitchen facades adjoins the snow-white surfaces of the decoration of the room and wooden countertops, household items furnished with a dining group. The result is a dynamic, clear image from the point of view of perception of the geometry of objects. But at the same time, the tree brings warmth to this interior of the kitchen space, which is cool enough in color temperature, balancing the character of the room, creating a balance.

Contrasting design

Color of bitter chocolate

Contrasting kitchen design

Alternation of light and dark surfaces

White, black and wood

As in the previous season, the gray color and setIts shades remain relevant and options for the execution of modern interiors. Kitchen space is no exception. Neutral, universal, noble - which only epithets do not reward the gray color designers. The shades of gray and true are in place in any design - from the classics to the avant-garde. It is only necessary to choose for them an organic accompaniment - dark inclusions to emphasize the form, light colors for giving the lightness of the image of the room and wooden surfaces for the introduction of warmth into the character of space.

Original facades

Noble gray

Light gray shades

Gray furniture set

Silvery palette

All shades of gray

Light gray furniture ensemble

In a spacious and bright kitchenIt is not easy to local integration of dark interior items, but to fulfill the fronts of the kitchen set in your favorite dark tone. Matte or glossy kitchen facades in a dark color look luxurious, noble, enhancing not only the status of the furniture set, but of the whole space. The gloss of chrome elements of household appliances and additional furniture on a dark background looks especially impressive. No less effect can be achieved by diluting the dark surfaces with light tops, stainless steel elements. Using metalized mosaic or ceramic tiles for finishing the kitchen apron.

Kitchen in dark color

Dark facades

Color wenge for kitchen

Dark kitchen set

Black gloss

In the kitchen of a private house you can affordbrightness. Designers recommend using as an accent one piece of interior (buffet, kitchen island, bar or chairs at the dining table) or one surface - this can be a whole wall or part of it, for example, the design of an apron. Against the backdrop of a neutrally decorated room, not even the brightest shade will look spectacular, attract attention and create a color variety of the interior, raising the degree of uniqueness.

Bright wall as accent

Emphasis on the hood

Bright decoration of the wall

Bright decoration of the wall

In what style can you decorate a private kitchen

In contrast to the modest in area kitchensRooms of standard apartments, kitchens in a private house can be issued in any stylistic direction. It all depends on your chosen style of execution of the whole house. Agree that it will be strange if all the rooms of private house ownership are decorated in a classical style, and the kitchen will be executed in modern style or hi-tech. Nevertheless, some deviations from the general concept are possible, considering the multifunctionality of the room and its special microclimate (the choice of materials for finishing the surfaces and the performance of the facades of the furniture set will be affected by temperature changes, and high humidity, and a constant risk of mechanical impacts).

Strict shapes and lines

Color and light

Original combinations

Tree on white background

If the kitchen is part of a combinedRoom, which houses the dining room and living room, then its stylistic execution will be completely subordinated to the general concept of the design of the whole space. In this case, the style of execution of kitchen facades, the headset and islands (peninsula), the choice of furniture for the dining room group, the finishing of all surfaces and the choice of decorative elements should correspond to the design of other functional zones. You can highlight the kitchen segment with the help of color or texture, but the stylistic design of the kitchen should be sustained in a common interior manner.

Kitchen-studio in a private house

Kitchen area in the combined room

Kitchen in a modern style is a mix of minimalismAnd hi-tech, which is not alien to the decoration and the desire for maximum comfort. Unlike "pure" minimalism, modern stylistics, which also strives for maximum functionality, does not impose taboos on the use of decor, if its presence is justified functionally. Original lamps, an unusual choice of upholstery for the chairs of the dining group, bright dishes, original kitchen accessories - you can decorate the room with practical and practical interior items. But at the same time, the practicality, functionality, ergonomics and comfort of the created environment always lie at the heart of the kitchen design strategy in the modern style.

Laconic design

Modern stylistics

Smooth facades with illumination

Kitchen with access to the yard

Snow laconism

One of the varieties of modern stylisticsIs the style of Contemporary. Simply put, this style uses all the most progressive novelties in the field of interior design, but on the basis of originally decorated premises. In kontemporari modern equipment and furnishings can be combined with the classical design of the ceiling - using stucco and a luxurious chandelier with many decorative elements. Brick masonry can be adjoined by a mirror in an antique gilded frame or wall sconces in the form of candlesticks, a designer chair or a floor lamp. But with all this, the situation looks modern, practical, comfortable and functional.

Kitchen in Contemporary style

Unusual approach

Practicality and laconism

Nontrivial design

Another subspecies of modern stylisticsIs eco-style. The name speaks for itself - the main focus of the style is a focus on environmental friendliness, the use of natural motifs in everything - the choice of materials for decoration and execution of furniture, color palette and decorative elements. Wooden beams on the ceiling (the benefit that the high ceilings of the kitchen in a private house can withstand it), deliberately untreated interior elements, hemp instead of stands and stools, living plants as decor. Obviously, in a similar situation, most of us feel comfortable and cozy.

Kitchen in eco-style

The tree is everywhere


Classics are always in fashion. Traditional execution is for this purpose created to keep and honor family customs for many years. Designers recommend using neo-classical motifs for those who want to see their kitchen luxurious, comfortable and functional at the same time. Effective combination of classical motifs and modern technology, methods of organizing storage and location of work surfaces, leads to the creation of an interior, in which it is cozy and convenient for everyone. But at the same time the kitchen looks elegant, stylish and, in spite of the heaped household appliances, is classically luxurious.

Traditional style

In classic design

Traditional motifs

Snow White Classic

Kitchen in the style of Provence is a good choiceThe design concept for creating a cozy, comfortable and yet multifunctional room. Provence is the best suited for the kitchen space is a private house (not necessarily suburban). Some of the nuances of rural life, harmoniously interwoven with modern household appliances, can create a truly unique interior. Provence loves spacious and bright rooms, but in a small kitchen you can organize an authentic design with notes of French country. The abundance of light surfaces, the use of antique interior items (or artificially aged ones), the obligatory textile design, scrapes and cracks, antique utensils and household items made by own hands - all these motifs effectively distinguish stylistics among other country-directions in the ways of decorating the kitchen.

Provence for private house kitchen

The original interpretation of Provence

Snow White Country

Use motifs loft style in the premisesA private home is possible even if your building has never been an industrial, warehouse or shop. It is enough to have a spacious kitchen with large windows and a high ceiling to integrate the loft concept (partially or completely) when creating an original kitchen design. Use open communications - pipes of the ventilation system, heating, gas pipeline and even electrical wiring. Create an accent wall using brickwork (real or simulated), even if it looks like an untreated wall. In the course you can let the stainless steel countertops, a massive and powerful hood, a large table and chairs with deliberately rough treatment.

Loft style motifs

Elements of loft style

Original kitchen design

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