100 best ideas: Chandelier for the kitchen in the photo

Chandelier has long become an indispensable lightingDevice for any Russian apartment or private house. We use pendant lamps in the living room, bedroom, hallway and even a children's room. In this publication we will try to figure out which models of chandeliers designers and homeowners use to create a modern, practical and beautiful interior of the kitchen space. Despite the active use of built-in lighting in modern design projects of kitchen facilities, the chandelier for many owners of the most diverse in size and configuration of kitchens remains an integral part of the lighting system and the decor of the room.

Chandelier for kitchen

Chandelier in the interior of the kitchen

The modern market of lighting devicesOffers a lot of options for the execution of chandeliers for integration into kitchen spaces, decorated in various stylistic directions. Find your pendant lamp, suitable not only for design, but for the cost, every homeowner can. Choice of chandelier for the kitchen will depend on several factors:

  • The dimensions of the room and, above all, the height of the ceilings;
  • The location of the lamp (in the center of the room, above the dining area or kitchen island);
  • Number of sources of natural light;
  • Availability of other sources of artificial lighting (built-in lighting above the work surfaces, wall sconces or suspended ceiling lamps);
  • Location of the room in relation to the sides of the world;
  • Style of interior decoration;
  • Your personal preferences in choosing a practical and beautiful device.

Carved chandelier for classic cuisine

Modern model

Universal design

Classification of chandeliers

By type of construction and installation

Chandelier-hanging is a lighting device thatConsists of one or more plafonds mounted on a cord, string or chain. The name of the chandelier speaks for itself - the lamp is suspended from the ceiling. As a rule, the length of a string or chain can be adjusted and it depends on the height of the ceilings and the expected effect from the luminaire in the established form. The plafonds in such chandeliers can be made of glass, plastic, fabric and even paper. Undoubtedly, chandeliers are produced in a wide variety of modifications, nothing prevents design ideas.

Original design

Pendant lamps in modern style

Stylization for an antique lamp

Laconic design

Ceiling chandelier is a device of artificialMounted directly to the ceiling. This kind of chandelier is ideal for rooms with low ceilings. Ceiling lighting fixtures are also made of various materials, many models have decorative elements. The only inconvenience that can deliver ceiling lighting devices - most often in such constructions it is not possible to replace the light bulb without removing the plafond beforehand. But with modern energy-saving light bulbs, which are designed for a long service life and this inconvenience practically does not cause trouble.

Ceiling light

According to the style of performance

The style of the chandelier is not always directlyIndicates the need to use a lighting device only in the interiors of the corresponding performance. For example, a classical chandelier with a lot of decorative elements will be appropriate not only in the kitchen space, decorated in a traditional style, but also in a room furnished in the style of contemporary clothing, for example. While the chandelier in the eco-style can bring a note of originality to the kitchen area, decorated in modern stylistics.


Original Hanging Tripod

For modern stylistics

Classic chandelier - pendant lamp,The appearance of which in many people is associated with the very notion of "chandelier". This is one of the most popular and in many ways universal type of lighting device that organically looks in rooms with different functional loads and kitchen spaces are no exception. The chandelier in the traditional style is elegant and beautiful, it is capable in any interior to bring notes of festive mood, luxury and grace. Thin lines, brilliant decor, elegant shapes - in such lamps often the bulbs are stylized for small candles.

Classic chandelier for Contemporary

Always topical classics

For the production of classic lighting fixturesGlass, crystal, fabric, metal and plastic with spectacular imitation of glass surfaces are used. But, of course, the most popular raw material for the production of carcass, plafonds and decorative elements is glass and crystal. Crystal chandelier can be rightfully considered a separate (and very popular) type of hanging lamps that fit seamlessly into many styles of decorating rooms.

Crystal Chandelier

But the crystal chandelier is not a lamp for everyonePremises. In addition to matching stylistic interior accessories, an important criterion for choosing a chandelier will be the height of the ceiling. Classic chandeliers are often presented in fairly large sizes - even small models hang from the ceiling so low that at a standard room height, can become an obstacle to traffic. But in this case, designers and homeowners are finding a way out for using luxurious models of pendant lamps, placing them directly above the dining table.

Elegant chandelier over the dining area

Crystal chandelier differs from traditionalIn that it has much more decorative elements. The streams of light, reflected from the crystal surfaces, multiply and create a "cloud" of gloss around the lamp. As a result, not only the lighting device, but the entire interior acquire a festive, solemn appearance.

Crystal Luxury

Chandelier over a large island

Classic chandelier with time almost noUndergoes changes in design. This is a reliable investment - by purchasing a cheap crystal chandelier, you can be sure that the interior with such a lighting device will be relevant for a long time.

Classic with metal base

Chandelier with several shades

One of the variations of classical chandelier isA floristic type lamp. Imitation of flowers, leaves and other plant elements in the chandelier design creates a fresh, light and spring-like festive appearance of the lighting device. Plafonds in the form of flower buds, decorative elements, similar to leaves, thin connecting twigs-twigs: similar models refresh the interior, bringing originality even to the most ordinary room.

Floristic motifs

Lustro in the Art Nouveau style is commonly calledLamp, the external appearance of which is strikingly different from traditional devices. The name of the pendant lamp does not mean that modernism or modernism belongs to the style, but it speaks of the original origin of the very principle of creating models of lighting devices that are devoid of luxury and pathos. For modern, minimalist interiors, the Art Nouveau lamps can be an ideal choice.

In the Art Nouveau style

Unusual performance

Elegant lighting fixtures

Three pendant lights

Zoning by Lighting

Chandeliers in the Art Nouveau style are also divided intoSubtypes. Among such models, you can meet and avant-garde options, vintage, creative designer hanging lamps. Many of the original design models are able not only to decorate the modern interior, but also to become its main highlight, the focal point around which the whole concept of decorating the kitchen space is built.

Unusual lighting

Laconic design of the chandelier

Original lights

For contrast interior

Glass chandelier

Chandeliers in eco-style do not cease to be popular onFor a long time. Natural materials and original design come true to the liking of the owners of modern and "rural" interiors. Kitchen spaces in the style of country, chalet and some varieties of modern stylistics are transformed after the integration of original lamps from wood and metal, twigs, twigs, paper or textiles.

Lamp in eco-style

For country style

For a kitchen in a country house

By color solutions

The easiest in terms of colorCombinatorics version of the chandelier - a transparent frame with similar decorative elements. Such a lighting device will organically fit into the interior with any color palette. Light, translucent chandelier will look great against the background of a dark kitchen set or bright, colorful finish. If you need to create a light, light, laid-back image of the kitchen space without bright accents, then a colorless, crystal or glass lamp fits perfectly.

Light color solution

Chandeliers in light colors

Translucent model

Light image

Light Crystal

In contrast to translucent pendantLighting devices in modern stores are models in dark execution. Contrast dark colors of the base (the frame of the lamp) or plafonds look great in the bright interior of the kitchen. The dark silhouette is especially clearly visible against the background of a light, snow-white kitchen set.

Chandelier with dark shades

Dark silhouettes of fixtures

Dark chandelier on a white background

Dark couple

Unusual lighting solution

Classic chandelier of dark glass is luxurious andSimultaneously dramatic. The interior of the kitchen with a similar pendant lamp can not but delight, surprise and bring in the mood the notes of solemnity.

Classic dark chandelier

Crystal in dark design

Dark Classics

Pendant light in bright design -A highlight of a light or neutral room in color choice. Only one colorful interior object is able to bring uniqueness in kitchen design, color variety, accent and a bright note of positive.

Colorful chandelier color

Bright-turquoise lamp

Bright decor elements

A bright hanging lamp can beThe only contrasting spot in the interior of the kitchen space or to make an alliance with other objects is the design of the room - furniture, other lighting devices, decorative elements.

Unusual color solution

Bright plafonds

Bright accent

Suspended light fixtures with metallic luster orChrome plated finish will be a great addition to the kitchen, decorated in modern style or hi-tech style. In this case, the modification of the chandelier can be any - stylized under the traditional or in the avant-garde style, with original plafonds or open bulbs.

With metallic luster

Chromed elements

Place for installing the chandelier

The most common place for installationPendant lamp - the center of the room. However, such an option of installing a lighting system only for standard kitchen facilities is suitable. If your kitchen is connected to the dining room and living room with an open plan, then the central chandelier will not be enough. Each functional area of ​​the room needs its own source of artificial light.

Zoning of the common room

Lighting system by sector

Above the working area

Even in a small kitchenette of one sizeCentral chandelier as a source of artificial lighting will not be enough. At a minimum, it will be necessary to arrange illumination of the working surfaces. Wall sconces and a central chandelier made in the same style will become a harmonious decoration of the kitchen interior, not to mention the main function of lighting the segments of the room.

Coupled with wall brackets

Above the dining area

Over the kitchen island, you can hang a largeChandelier even in a kitchen with a low ceiling. With this installation, you can be sure that no one will hit the head with a low hanging chandelier with a lot of decorative elements, and the room will look elegantly festive.

Above the kitchen island

Secure location

The location of the chandelier above the dining table is stillOne common way of not only lighting the segment for eating, but also zoning the room. Typically, in such cases, the working area of ​​the kitchen has its own light sources - built-in lighting in the lower part of the kitchen cabinets of the upper tier, fixtures in the false ceiling or wall sconces.

Above the dining table

In the eating area

Above the round table

Large chandelier for a spacious kitchen

A pair of absolutely identical hanging lampsNot only will provide your kitchen space (large size) with the necessary level of illumination in the dark, but also bring order and symmetry into the image of the room. Such chandeliers can be hung over the dining area and island, on the outside of the side of the latter or in two sectors of the room - working and for eating (all depends on the shape and configuration of the room, layout, furniture arrangement)

Perfect pair

On the outside of the island

Unusual chandeliers in a pair

A pair of small lamps

Pendant lighting for kitchen

For a spacious kitchen

A few creative ideas for a modern interior

In order to transform the most ordinaryThe interior of the kitchen space is enough to purchase an original designer pendant lamp. An unusual chandelier (by color, design, way of choosing materials) will not only fulfill its basic functions, but will also introduce non-triviality into the interior, make it unforgettable, unique. We bring to your attention several interesting design projects of kitchen premises with original chandeliers.

Chandelier in the form of a ship

Multi-colored plafonds

Ornate design

An unusual design solution

Snow White Ensemble

Bright decorative pendants

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