100 Best Design Ideas: Kitchen Accessories

The arrangement of the kitchen space is thorough,Tedious and almost 100% of the time an expensive process. After all, the design of the most cozy, warm and incredibly functional premises in our dwelling requires a comprehensive approach. It is important not only to successfully choose a color palette, practical finishing materials, a beautiful and roomy kitchen set, a comfortable dining group and the most modern household appliances. Every detail of the kitchen space is a puzzle in the general picture of a multifunctional room. Equipping the kitchen with all sorts of accessories and additions that not only perform their functions properly, but also make the eyes look modern and stylish design - an invaluable purchase for any hostess. After all, it is in the kitchen area that all the most important conversations take place, the main tasks and problems are solved, it is here that the whole family gathers at the table in the evening, the closest guests are received and it is possible to state with certainty that most of their home time is spent by this mistress Concentration of the home, his heart.

Kitchen decoration in a snow-white image

Decorating modern kitchen

Practical and beautiful - irreplaceable kitchen accessories

Crockery and cutlery, cutting boards andBreadcrumbs, graters, cornices and scoops - every detail of the kitchen environment is as small as necessary for the implementation of work processes, to shorten the hostess's time for cooking and cleaning the premises, to create a truly comfortable and cozy environment for family meals and acceptance The closest guests. But, you see, all these adaptations necessary to create culinary masterpieces or simple mugs with tea, it is not enough to be practical, it's important to be attractive and harmonious in the overall picture of the room, add style and gloss to the interior.

Focus on details

In the bright interior of a small kitchen

To buy banal pots and pansOne large set or a long and scrupulously choose each element of the "army of the chas" - it's up to you. The assortment of modern shops is so wide that the owner of an apartment or house can find his variant of design, execution and price with any preferences and the size of a purse. But when choosing a beautiful and functional glassware it is important not to forget about quality. If the food is cooked quickly, does not burn, does not stick to the walls of the dishes and remains hot for a long time after cooking - this fact not only facilitates the work processes of the hostess, but pleases all household members.

Emphasis on dishes

Table rack as a showcase

Orange accents

Color accents

Most of us prefer to hide a largeDishes, among which pots and pans, behind the beautiful facades of kitchen cabinets. But with the growing popularity of using kitchen elements in the kitchen space, a new trend has emerged. New, however, it can be called only for use in Russian apartments and private homes. In the kitchen spaces of restaurants and cafes, this method of shortening the time to find the right frying pan or stewpot has been used for a long time and very successfully. On a special tripod, which is attached to the ceiling, pans are hung on hooks. Sometimes this design is replaced by a suspended hood with ceiling mount above the kitchen island or peninsula.

Frying pans over the stove

Extractor with shelf for dishes and spices

In any kitchen space it is impossibleDo without cutting boards. Any hostess knows that for cutting bread, vegetables, meat and fish you need to have different boards. But often only one "on duty" board is used most often for cutting various products, and also hot frying pans are put on it periodically. And the rest of the cutting bases simply decorate the interior of the kitchen with its appearance. But in fact all your boards can be not only functional objects of use, but also decorative elements of kitchen design.

Luxury decoration

Country style

Against the background of snow-white facades

Modern range of shops for saleKitchen utensils amaze with scope and variety. For example, the abundance of the sizes, ways of execution and design of the tethers goes off scale. A modern hostess can easily buy a professional grater, designed for use in kitchens restaurants. Interesting execution of the grater can become part of the decoration of the kitchen space. And in the model with containers it is easy to rub vegetables - no garbage around, everything is collected in a container.

Wood and metal in modern kitchen

Contrast combinations

A beautiful and high-quality breadbasket will helpTo preserve the taste of bakery products and decorate their appearance kitchen interior. Depending on the style of the design of the kitchen, you can choose a breadbasket made of plastic, wood, glass and even stainless steel. A wooden breadbasket is a classic of the genre that is relevant at all times. The tree will look luxurious in any kitchen, but such products have drawbacks - bread can not be washed in a dishwasher. For a modern interior or high-tech style, models made of glass or stainless steel, which are incredibly popular not only among designers, but also their customers, are perfect.

Creating a cozy atmosphere

Natural shades

Color of wood in the kitchen area

Original and beautiful fruit will not beOnly decoration of your interior, but also an excellent way of storing fruits, berries and vegetables. Made from a variety of materials (from glass to stainless steel), these kitchen appliances can become a color accent or emphasize the interior's belonging to a particular stylistic direction. Bright fruits, in the center of the dining table or on the kitchen island countertop, cheer up and decorate the interior, especially if placed in an original vase or stand in several tiers.

Two-story fruit

Bright splashes on a white background

Bright accents in a bright image

Focus on details in a white image

Kitchen in the style of country is decorated with wicker elements. These can be baskets and containers from vine or rattan, furniture elements - backrests and seat chairs. Just a large wicker plate with fruit in the center of the dining table - a beautiful decoration of the kitchen to create a certain character of the room, emphasizing its individuality. A similar stylistic message is carried by trays and serving mats, the presence of which on the dinner table makes any meal similar to a trip to a colorful restaurant.

Wicker items

Serving mats like decor

Luxury of Applied Art

The original design of chairs

Focus on stools

Save space and time

For most Russians, the problem of smallKitchens are familiar not by hearsay. Traditions of saving each square centimeter, many of us have absorbed at the genetic level. That's why we are so scrupulous about the choice of storage systems and their layout on a modest kitchen area of ​​several square meters. The main problem of kitchen cabinets has always been corner segments. Or not all the space of the corner is used to store kitchen utensils, or to get dishes from such secluded corners is extremely difficult. Turnable sliding shelves solve this problem with ease and grace. When ordering a kitchen set you will have to pay more than the usual method of forming shelves in cabinets, but these costs will very quickly pay off with ease of operation and the possibility of rational use of the entire useful space of the kitchen.

Saving valuable space

Surface of surface

Various inserts for drawers storing utensils andCutlery has long been used by homeowners. With their help, you can not only order the storage of plates, spoons and forks, but also save space drawers. It is obvious that the time we spend searching for the desired cutlery or accessory significantly decreases, creating a serious optimization of all work processes in the kitchen space.

Efficient storage

Rationalization of ware storage and appliances

Comfortable top lockers

Just yesterday, a turn-on water tap overA plate many of us considered luxury and extravagance for modern cuisine. But already today this, of course, a rational way to save time and effort of the hostess (owner) is gaining increasing popularity. Especially relevant is the installation of a faucet above the cooking surface in the kitchen spaces of a large area and in families with a large number of household members. The hostess no longer needs to carry a large pot of water to the plate from the sink - just place the container under the tap with water directly on the hob.

Crane over the stove

Against the background of green walls

Household appliances and lighting as part of the decor

For a modern homeowner has long been the normThe fact that such necessary household items as household and lighting appliances have become part of the decoration of the kitchen space. Household appliances are very rarely "hidden" behind the facades of kitchen cabinets, showing an original and stylish design. Not only for the high-tech style, the facades of household appliances have become part of the image of the room - it's not just the dark spots of the glass and the shine of the chrome parts, it's the whole concept of integrating technological progress into the beauty and practicality of decorating the kitchen.

In a black and white image

Modern household appliances

In the summer kitchen

Focus on household appliances

Home appliances in retro style have become incrediblePopular abroad. In our country, an increasing number of owners of apartments and houses pay attention to the original and bright design of home appliances, made in retro style. Such irreplaceable helpers in the working processes of the kitchen can become the brightest accents of the interior, attracting all attention.

Bright devices in retro style

Retro devices in a blue palette

Original household appliances

Accent on devices

Color spots of household appliances

Original design of the kitchen

Original lighting - mandatoryElement of decorating the kitchen in a modern style. In the kitchen space there is not enough one source of artificial lighting, most often with the help of built-in lamps, the working surfaces of the cooking zone are highlighted. Rarely what kind of kitchen does without a chandelier in the center of the room or over the dining table, where we did not have it. It is for this lighting device that the role of the coordination center, the accent of the interior, the element of originality is often assigned.

Unusual chandelier for the kitchen

Original lighting

Unusual lamps

Focus on chandelier design

For modern gadgets that have become part of theWorking process for many owners (owners), invented a lot of additional devices that make it easier to operate and protect devices from various kinds of influences. The culinary book stand was transformed into a device for fixing the tablet, on which you can see not only the list of ingredients of the dish, but also the video instruction for its preparation. If the tablet or phone is to be fixed in the area of ​​the kitchen apron (so that it is always at hand and before your eyes), it makes sense here to equip the outlet for charging the device. After all, the electrical wire you still have to pull to create a highlight of the working surfaces.

Gadget Tools

Cooking book stand

Textiles - an accessory for creating a cozy atmosphere

For Russian housewives, the use of textiles forDecorating the kitchen space and giving the room a warmer and welcoming character - a traditional approach in the design of the most important room in the house or apartment. To bring a note of home comfort and warmth to the interior of the kitchen is possible with the help of colorful cloth on the kones - it is not necessary to use full curtains that can seriously interfere with the penetration and spread of the sun's rays, just drape only a part of the window opening.

Original design of windows

Textiles for kitchen windows

Textiles as a kitchen decor

Textile design of chairs in the dining areaKitchen can become the only bright color spot in the modern design of the kitchen space. A minimalistic stylistic trend, advocating the use of neutral color solutions, often becomes an excellent background for such bursts of color. Not to mention the practical side of the issue - on the soft seats of chairs it is much more comfortable to have a meal, to lead unhurried family conversations or to receive the closest guests.

Bright accents on the snow-white background of the kitchen

The most delicate pastel colors

Focus on the upholstery of bar stools

Textile potholders, mittens and aprons - partCreating a warm and cozy picture of the kitchen interior. They can harmoniously blend with the overall color palette of the room or act as bright accents. A similar role can be played by a beautiful textile tablecloth on the dining table. It all depends on the chosen style of decorating the kitchen and the preferences of the hostess.

Potholders, mittens and aprons

Tablecloth for a dining group

How to beautifully and profitably decorate the walls of kitchens

In the kitchen area should be usedEvery centimeter of the surface is rational. The walls were no exception. If the contents of kitchen cabinets are more or less clear, the variations in the effective use of kitchen walls are striking in variety. Of course, the most popular vertical surface of our multifunctional room is a part of the wall from the lower row of cabinets to the beginning of the upper tier of storage systems, i. Kitchen apron. Most often in this space, homeowners prefer to have a bar with hanging hooks. On such original devices, you can hang various accessories - from cornices and shoulder blades to beautiful mugs, decorating with their bright or original design, not only the area of ​​the kitchen apron, but the whole room.

Practical decor of the apron

Focus on kitchen apron

Open shelves and other devices

Original solutions

A convenient device is a magnetic stripOr a tripod, which is fixed in the area of ​​the kitchen apron. On such a strip it is easy and convenient to store offending knives and other kitchen accessories made of metal.

Magnetic strip for knives

A picture or a poster in the kitchen? Why not. If the kitchen area allows, and the stylistic design of the interior, the presence of a picture or a bright poster on the topic of cooking does not interfere, but only more accurately conveys the mood and character of the room, then the owners have the opportunity to express themselves in this direction of decorating their own home.

Focus on wall decor

Bright poster as decor

Bright decorative elements

Black and white wall decor

Thematic poster for the kitchen

A picture in the kitchen

Original wall decor

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