100 best design ideas: kitchen 12 sq. M. M on the photo

If your kitchen has an area of ​​approximately 12 square meters.M, then, first of all, we congratulate you. Few city apartments can boast such wealth, mostly it is the prerogative of private houses. In any case, the arrangement of an area in which you do not need to save every centimeter is an opportunity to translate into your interior all your ideas about how a practical, functional, comfortable and beautiful kitchen should look. But also it is not necessary to relax very much - if you start repairing yourself in the kitchen, believing that a large enough area is the key to success, you can get a not quite satisfactory result. Too heavily loaded with furniture and household appliances, the kitchen will look heavy and even sloppy, and a room where little furniture will give the impression of a cold and empty place. As always, you must adhere to the "golden mean". Let's try to find it together.

Kitchen 12 sq.m.

In pastel colors

At the kitchen with a large enough areaAdvantages - there are no restrictions in choosing a color palette, you can place a maximum of furniture and household appliances of normal and reinforced volumes, before the owners the whole range of stylistic trends, you can place a dining area in the center of the kitchen and access to it will be open from all sides. In a spacious kitchen you can apply originality not only when choosing the design of the facades of kitchen cabinets, but also the finishes, use relief surfaces, ledges and niches.

Single row

Choosing a layout for the kitchen

From the way in which yourFurniture, home appliances and work surfaces depends not only on the distribution of the useful space of the kitchen, but also on its appearance, the image you created. A sufficient number of square meters does not impose restrictions when choosing the type of layout of the kitchen set. It will depend mainly on the number of storage systems and appliances that you need to integrate into the kitchen space. Also, the layout of the kitchen furniture will be affected by the shape of the room and the number of window and door openings, the location of the room relative to other rooms in the home or apartment. You can place in the center of the room, like a kitchen island, and a dining group or save space for more spacious storage systems and confine yourself to the peninsula.

Smooth facades

P - shaped layout for a medium sized and large kitchen

Location of the kitchen set in the shape of a letter"P" is only possible in rooms of medium and large sizes. In this arrangement it is very convenient to have the tops of the working triangle - a sink, a gas stove (or a hob) and a refrigerator. All the main functional segments of cooking and storing food can be placed on different sides of the kitchen ensemble, while you observe not only the rules of ergonomics, but also ensure personal safety.

The dark bottom

In white color

An original and very practical wayArranging a kitchen with a U-shaped layout of a kitchen set can be the use of a portable island. This is a separate furniture block on wheels that can be locked for stability. As a rule, the countertop of such an island is used as an additional working surface, for example, as a cutting plane, and in the lower part there are storage systems. Portable kitchen island is convenient to use as a table for snacks and drinks for parties. You collect everything you need in the kitchen and transport your station of serving drinks and snacks to the living room or other room where the guests are being treated.

Mobile Island

Parallel or double row kitchen layout

If the room is a walk-through or one of theWalls is almost completely given under the panoramic window, in this case the parallel layout of the kitchen ensemble will be preferable. It allows you to achieve the integration of a fairly large number of storage systems and the entire necessary list of household appliances. In narrow and long rooms of medium size, as a rule, there is no possibility of placing even the smallest dining table in the center. In the kitchen with an area of ​​12 square meters you can install a narrow island or a bar counter, which will serve as a place for short meals.

Double-row arrangement

Parallel Layout

Corner layout with island or peninsula

As you know, the corner layout of the kitchenEnsemble - a universal variant of placing working surfaces, storage systems and household appliances in premises of any size. Only in a spacious kitchen can you not restrain yourself in choosing the size of a kitchen island or peninsula to not only increase the number of storage systems and work surfaces, but also organize a place for breakfast or other meals.

Kitchen with island

With backlight

With the angular layout of the kitchen set,By integrating a sink or hob into the island or peninsula, you ensure the execution of the triangle rule, in this case the distance between fire, water and cold will be sufficient, but not so large that the landlady has time to get tired by "winding" the meters between the main base stations of the kitchen.

White and wood

Angular configuration

If you integrate the cooker or hob inSpace island or peninsula, then you need to place the hood over it, attaching it to the ceiling. On the one hand - this is a certain complexity, but on the other - a place is vacated by one of the walls where your hood could be located, whether the stove is placed within the kitchen set.

White finish

Extractor in the center of the kitchen

Angular layout provides an opportunitySave a large amount of useful space that you can use to install the dining area. Many of our compatriots are not yet close to the notion of a kitchen island and all its advantages, and the dining table located in the kitchen is the "classic of the genre" for the Russian homeowner. Especially in a room with sufficient quadrature it can be installed in such a way that the approach from all sides is open to all household members.

With dining area

Corner with table

L-shaped layout

The original version of the angularLayout with the peninsula, is the continuation of this element to create a framework of a soft corner. Sufficiently roomy soft corner of the U-shape can serve as a full-fledged dining area for a family of 4-5 people.

With a soft corner

One-row layout with an island or a dining room

The layout in one row is applied indoorsMedium and large sizes infrequently and always together with the island or peninsula. The fact is that the location of storage systems and household appliances only along one wall is often not enough for a family of medium size. The installation of the island allows you to transfer part of its working surfaces (for example, cutting surfaces) and household appliances (for example, a hob or oven) to its space.

Single row with island

Glossy surfaces

Single-row layout

In kitchens with high ceilings,The arrangement of the furniture ensemble from ceiling to floor may require the presence of a ladder for access to the topmost storage systems. Such a ladder is most convenient to fix on a special tripod, located along the kitchen set at the top. Usually the manufacturer of the headset takes care of its installation (if you order the production of furniture according to the size and parameters of your kitchen).

With an attached ladder

Kaleidoscope of color solutions for finishing the room and the facades of a kitchen set

In the kitchen of medium and large sizesYou can not limit yourself in choosing only a light palette, which, as you know, visually expands the space. You can decide on bright, contrasting combinations, enjoy the use of your favorite color in the furnish or the furnishings of the kitchen, apply colorful decor or unusual design solutions that would simply look inappropriate in a small kitchen.

Spacious kitchen

With yellow oven

Bright kitchen

Whatever the size of the kitchen, there are alwaysFans of white in the finish and execution of the kitchen set. It is a color that will never go out of fashion, with which it is incredibly easy to combine other colors and shades, decor, fittings and textiles. But be careful with the total use of white shades in the design of the kitchen - use contrasts, dilute the snow-white idyll with other tones to avoid the image of the operating room.

The white colors

White Headset

White gloss

Distinguish the white palette of the kitchenThe easiest way to design an apron - the bright tone of the ceramic tile, mosaic or wall panels will not only transform the room, but also create the accent so necessary for our view.

Light green apron

White classic

White and Turquoise

White and bright blue

Using a white headset can be very simpleDecorate the kitchen with a contrast - it is enough to use countertops and household appliances in black. For color decisions of furnish it is possible to stop on a choice of pastel tones, for example, an intermediate tone between white and black - gray, will approach perfectly.

White facades, black countertops

Another example of a sufficiently contrasting combination- the use of light wood for the facades of kitchen cabinets, black worktops and plafonds of pendant lamps, and a white tone for finishing the walls, ceiling and countertops of the kitchen island.

White, black, woody

Contrasting design

In a kitchen with enough space youYou can afford a lot in terms of surface finish. For example, imitation of brick or masonry, suspended ceilings in two levels or variegated design of floors. But if you decide on a sufficiently active drawing of walls or only a kitchen apron, it is better that the facades of cabinets are monotonous and identical in both tiers.

Variegated finishings

Mirror in the kitchen

Gray is not without reason considered the most neutralOption for the design of any room, and kitchen space was no exception. If you do not like the white kitchen, and you are not ready for brighter color solutions yet - safely use different shades of gray, they perfectly match each other, with gloss of stainless steel, wooden surfaces and snow-white decoration. In such a room there will be no surprises, but irritating eyes of color spots or contrasts, too, will not be, which is a plus for creating a quiet environment in the kitchen space.

In gray tones

Light gray palette

The gray colors

Dark gray color of kitchen facades will be excellentLook with a colorful execution of the kitchen apron. Add to this design the presence of a white finish of walls and ceilings, white execution of worktops, and get a harmonious, interesting design, but at the same time restrained enough not to irritate by variegation or brightness.

Gray with blue

Dark Gray and Purple

The color of a natural tree will always be in a trend. This is due to the natural warmth that wood fills the interior of the room, and the status of the material, its environmental friendliness. Particularly striking is the contrast that natural shades of wood create with the sheen of stainless steel, which brings cool notes to the design of the kitchen space.

Traditional cuisine

U-shaped layout

Layout by letter

Unpainted wooden facades look greatOn a background of snow-white decoration, especially with the use of countertops of a similar shade. In a room with a sufficient squaring, you can achieve the maximum staffing of storage systems and not only limit the placement of kitchen utensils, but keep close at hand, for example, a collection of cookbooks or show off beautiful dishes.

Book rack in the kitchen

White color of kitchen facades looks simpleLuxuriously combined with chocolate shades of wood. To bring freshness and coolness to such an interior, you can use light blue, mint or turquoise hues to decorate the kitchen apron, for example. The resulting design of the kitchen space will be relevant for many years and will please your way of you and your household.

White, chocolate and blue

Experts in coloring note that the choiceA darker shade for the execution of the lower tier of kitchen cabinets, provides a visual expansion of the space, which will not hurt even the spacious kitchens. White execution of the upper tier of storage systems will visually increase the height of the room.

Dark bottom, white top

Original island

In a small and modest kitchen it would be difficultImagine the use of dark shades, and even in combination with stonework. But even in spacious rooms, this decoration needs a contrast-light escort of the furniture facades.

The Dark Stone

The ability to use bright, saturatedColor for the execution of a kitchen set or a part thereof - the advantage of spacious kitchens. Currently, there are many models of kitchen appliances in the free sale, made in retro style very bright colors. They themselves can become a highlight of the interior, but in the appropriate design they will raise the degree of the room to an unprecedented height, create a unique and unique design of the room.

Bright retro kitchen

Finishing touches in the interior - lighting, decor and textiles

In a small kitchen, we often literallyForcefully restrain themselves from the use of decor, large hanging chandeliers or curtains for windows with lambrequins. Obviously, in a small kitchenette, even a small part of the decor would look inappropriate. In the kitchen area of ​​medium size, you can decide on a lot, but not all. Depending on the layout of the kitchen façade, the presence of window openings and the amount of free space, you can use wall decor, living plants, textiles for window decoration.

Kitchen Decor

Beautiful dining room

Lighting in the kitchen is an importantRole and business is not only in the atmosphere created by the illumination, but also in providing local bright illumination of the working surfaces. From how the workstations of the kitchen will be illuminated, our safety and the quality of the execution of the working processes depend. That is why, in addition to the central lighting fixture, built-in lighting is used in various surfaces of kitchen cabinets (more often still in the lower plane of the upper tier of cabinets), wall sconces or table lamps are used less often.


Original backlight

The illumination of the working surfaces is mainly carried byOnly the functional load, the central chandelier also acts as a decor of the kitchen. A beautiful pendant light can become a highlight of the interior, in addition to performing its main functional.

Focal Chandelier

Agree that place the fireplace in the kitchen withStandard for apartment buildings with an area of ​​6.5 square meters is almost impossible, but to enter a home in the space with 12 km more than real. In front of you is the unique interior of a kitchen located in a country house, but similar design techniques can be used to decorate the kitchen space of an urban home with a sufficient area.

Unusual kitchen with fireplace

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