100 best design ideas for the kitchen: a modern interior in the photo

For most Russians, the kitchen is not justRoom for cooking. It is in the kitchen area that the whole family gathers in the evening, joint dinners are held on weekends and even the adoption of especially close guests can take place on several square meters of this multifunctional premise. It is impossible to recount all the options that are often performed by a very modest room. That's why repair in the kitchen space is both a pleasant and very painstaking, responsible occupation. Too many questions and dilemmas need to be solved - which materials to choose for finishing, so as not to suffer with constant cleaning, how to arrange furniture and household appliances to provide themselves with the necessary number of storage systems and work surfaces and how to make the kitchen interior beautiful, modern and cozy . If you choose practicality, functionality and even some severity of decorating the kitchen space, then modern stylistics for you. Harmonious, flexible enough and flexible, modern style in the design of kitchen facilities, easily transformed to the needs of the owners to create a truly comfortable, highly functional and at the same time cozy interior.

Kitchen interior in a modern style

Original kitchen decoration

Modern style for kitchen space

The very name "modern style" suggestsGreat generalization. In this style, designers and their customers will easily find motifs of such styles as modern, high-tech, loft and even avant-garde. But there is some "skeleton" of the main motives, which always gives the presence of modern style as the basis for the design of a particular room and the kitchen is no exception:

  • Modern style loves space and light - ifThere is the possibility to expand the doorways and replace the windows much larger in size, then this must be done if the kitchen is part of the living room and dining room, then an open plan is used to equip the joint space;
  • The principle of "better less, yes better" accurately reflects the concept of modern stylistics - a minimum of decor and decorations, a maximum of practicality and functionality;
  • High-tech household appliances becomes not just a part of the interior, but its focal point, it is not customary to hide it behind the facades;
  • Simple and clear forms - the basis of the situation in modern stylistics;
  • Special attention is given toNatural, and artificial; Lighting devices not only zoniruyut space on the working and dining area, but also act as decorative elements.

Contrast interior

For a spacious kitchen

Dark elements on a white background

Choosing the layout of the kitchen ensemble

Although the choice of layout for the furniture set andNot tied to the stylistic execution of the interior, but this is a necessary and paramount measure. How the storage systems, household appliances and work surfaces will be located depends on the whole image of the kitchen space and the location of this or that type of decoration (it is obvious that the dining area and, for example, the kitchen apron not only can, but also need to be formalized with the help of Different materials).

Finishing of modern kitchen

Bright design of the kitchen island

One of the most practical and universalOptions for the location of the furniture set - angular (L-shaped) layout. This method of furniture and household appliances is suitable both for rooms of modest size and for more spacious kitchens. In a large kitchen angular layout is usually supplemented with an island that performs many functions. This detached module becomes the base for the integration of the hob, and sometimes the sink, extending its countertop makes the island not only a work surface, but also a place for short meals. It's all. Not to mention a lot of variations on the theme of storage systems - from swing lockers and drawers to open shelves with lighting.

Colorful design

Abundance of white surfaces

Contrast combinations

One of the modifications of the corner arrangementThe furniture set is an addition to the ensemble of the peninsula. Thus, you can increase the number of storage systems and arrange a place for short meals (breakfast, snack, just snack), and in the case of a small family and a constant eating zone.

Original color solutions

Corner layout with peninsula

L-shaped layout and peninsula

One-row layout of the kitchen ensemble is suitableFor small kitchen spaces in which it is necessary to establish a dining group - a table and chairs for family meals and, possibly, a reception of guests. If the dwelling has the opportunity to equip the dining room as a separate room or part of the living room, then the kitchen space with a single-row suite is complemented by an island. In this case, the island becomes an asset in the integration of home appliances, the placement of storage systems and work surfaces, which are often not enough for a single-row (linear) arrangement of the furniture ensemble.

Multifunctional island

Original performance of the island

Unusual furniture ensemble

Single-row layout and island

Parallel planning is advisable to use inThrough narrow premises. In such spaces, there is no possibility of installing a dining group or a kitchen island, even placing a table top for short meals. But located on the outside of the room storage room, built-in appliances and countertops will create a complete base for cooking and other work processes.

Parallel Layout

Finishing in modern kitchen - choose practical and beautiful materials

In no other room is the choiceFinishing materials are not given so much attention. The specificity of the functional of the kitchen premise leaves an imprint on the criteria for choosing materials for the decoration of the ceiling, walls and floors. High humidity, constant temperature changes, the possible impact on the surface of drops of hot fat and much more - the finish should be unpretentious in operation and be able to clean.

Combination of finishing materials

White surfaces

Creative design of a large kitchen

A rare modern kitchen does without installationExtract, which helps not only to cope with the cleaning of the air in the room from the smells of cooking and burning, but also helps to catch the smallest drops of fat. But even the presence of a powerful hood does not free the kitchen surfaces from possible contamination. That is why, for the purpose of coloring, mixtures are selected that can be cleaned with a damp sponge, for panels of walls it is necessary to use panels that easily tolerate even the effect of cleaning agents (not abrasive), and for a kitchen apron, materials that withstand high temperatures (ceramics, glass, steel).

Light image of a kitchen

Bright, colorful design

To finish the ceiling in a modern kitchen is betterAll use the simplest design methods. If your choice fell on a false ceiling, then do not perform it in several levels, even if there is a large height of the room. But the built-in lamps will be very useful. If you use a tensioning structure, it is better to confine yourself to simple snow-white material, without photo printing and other decor. Sealing the ceiling with wallpaper has long been recognized as the most impractical option of finishing the ceiling surfaces in the kitchen space. The method is inexpensive, but extremely short-lived.


Wooden worktop

White and chocolate design

For finishing walls in the kitchen areaModern style can choose materials with the most diverse characteristics and methods of application. The only thing that should unite them is the neutrality of the color solution. Finishing in modern kitchen plays the role of a background, on which the main object of interior - the kitchen set - should look spectacular. Finishing with a print if used, then only as an accent surface. Such a wall can become a plane in the dining area or a kitchen apron.

Textured wall decoration

Combined finish

From the loft style to modern stylistics gotBorrowing some surface finishing techniques, among which imitation or processing of real brickwork. Notches of industriality, original appearance and texture accent create the use of brickwork even on one small surface.

Masonry in the kitchen

Brickwork as decoration

The best way to design a kitchen apron -Use of ceramic tile or mosaic. And in this modern style is in solidarity with the traditional directions in the design of premises. It is difficult to come up with a more practical, safe and durable version of the surface finish, which is constantly exposed to various types of exposure - from high humidity to hot fat. Often in modern design projects, one can find tiling the entire surface above the lower tier of kitchen cabinets to the ceiling. Especially relevant is the approach for kitchen spaces, where the upper tier of the furniture set is replaced by open shelves to create an easier way of space.

Decorating the kitchen apron

Ceramics for decoration of apron

Open plan

Selection of finishing materials

To the floor covering in the kitchen areaThere are many requirements - from resistance to high humidity to the possibility of purification by chemical means. The ideal option - porcelain tiles, which will create a reliable and durable coating. In this case, the choice of color palette is incredibly wide - you can create an imitation of a wooden floorboard or use a marble surface. But this method is not expensive, so often with the help of ceramics floor is made only in the work area, and in the dining segment a laminate or linoleum, imitating a tree, is used.

Flooring Tiles

Open shelves kitchen island

Patchwork on the floor

Kitchen facades - the main element of the interior of modern kitchen

Obviously, from the appearance of kitchen facades(Doors of cabinets) the whole image of space largely depends. The choice of color palette, texture, quality of the material of execution and even furniture, will determine not only the design of the entire kitchen, but also the period of furniture use.

Modern smooth facades

Light and spacious kitchen

Snow-White Gloss

Modern style advocates for brevity andSimplicity of execution - strict lines and clear forms are put in the forefront. That is why the most common version of the kitchen set is cabinets with absolutely smooth facades. You just have to decide on the color scheme and choose a glossy or matte surface. Obviously, glossy facades contribute to the visual expansion of space and are very relevant for kitchens of modest size. But at the same time on the glossy surfaces, fingerprints are clearly visible, and there will be many of them, because the cabinets are opened by pressing magnetic locks, on the smooth facades there are no handles.

Contrasting kitchen performance

Smooth, rigid facades

Snow-white facades

Choice of colors for the performance of the kitchenThe headset is important not only for forming the image of the whole room, but also influences the frequency of cleaning in it. Bright surfaces, contrary to popular belief, are much easier to clean, they hardly show traces of drops of water and fingerprints, while dark surfaces need constant care. Among other things, bright facades are great for small kitchens, contributing to a visual increase in the room. The white kitchen will never go out of fashion, for a long time your design will be relevant, creating a clean, bright, light image of the kitchen space.

Snow-white furniture ensemble

Kitchen as part of the living room

Kitchen-dining room in a modern style

In order that a white kitchen setLooked most effective, for the finishing of kitchen surfaces it is better to choose more bright tones. For example, a floor covering "under a tree" and a sufficiently colorful design of a kitchen apron can be an excellent background for a light furniture ensemble.

Combination of white and wood

Industrial notes

Unusual worktop

One of the options for choosing a color palette forA kitchen set that facilitates visual expansion of the space and a visual increase in the height of the room is the use of a light tone for the execution of the upper tier of hanging cabinets or open shelves and a darker, more saturated shade for floor storage systems.

The dark bottom is a light top

Unusual color palette

Pastel shades

Gray color can be safely called the favorite inThe formation of the interior of modern style. Different shades of gray are used both as a finishing surface and for furnishing. A more neutral and unpretentious tone can not be found. This is exactly what the kitchen will look like - neutral and suitable for everyone who finds himself in a modern kitchen. Gray color of kitchen facades is perfectly combined with white elements of an interior and shine of the chromeplated surfaces of home appliances.

Kitchen in gray

Facades in gray tones

Dark gray tone for facades

Pleasant eyes on color solutions

Gray Kitchen

Decor and modern stylistics

Despite the fact that modern stylisticsAbsorbed some of the motives of minimalism, it is not alien to the decor. It is important to note only that most often as decorative elements are fully functional items. For example, beautiful, original and even unusual lighting devices become a decoration of the kitchen, in addition to performing its basic functions. Often under hanging chandeliers with many brilliant decorative elements, small hoods are masked. Going down over the hob or stove, such a hood not only helps clean the air in the kitchen, but also decorates its modern look.

Original chandeliers-hoods

Focus on lighting

Lighting as a decoration

Multifunctional lighting system

The illumination of the lower part of the hanging cabinets helpsTo provide the necessary level of illumination of table-tops, on which the majority of working processes most often take place. The highlighting of the lower part of the kitchen storage systems is more intended for decorating the interior - the furniture seems to float above the floor and looks incredibly modern. In this case, you can not include the central light in the kitchen space, limiting the lower backlight, if you go out at night to drink a glass of water.

Original backlight

Bottom light

Do the kitchen space need curtains, blinds orCurtains? Everything depends on the size of the windows, the scale of the room itself and the location of the room in relation to the sides of the world. Modern style advocates for the maximum possible illumination of premises by means of solar rays - large windows and the absence of drapery on them contributes to that. But if your kitchen goes to the south or is located in the part of the private house that goes outside and you just need to protect yourself from light and prying eyes, decorating the windows can be a reason for creating a color or texture accent, bring a zest to the interior of the kitchen.

Curtains in the kitchen

Curtains for kitchen

Modern style for decoration of small kitchen

The modest area of ​​the kitchen area imposesThe imprint not only on the choice of the layout of the furniture ensemble, the number of built-in appliances and the size of the countertops, but also the choice of the color palette for finishing and the execution of kitchen facades. Optimum color scheme - light shades, which will contribute to the visual increase of space, creating an easy and fresh image of the room. But the light surfaces need to be diluted, bringing a variety of colors to the interior. The simplest and most effective way to do this is using wooden surfaces or their imitations - flooring, countertops, open shelves made of wood will be an excellent addition to the white surfaces of the kitchen and will bring natural warmth into the image of the room.

Design of a small kitchen

Light surfaces for a small kitchen

Several practical examples of the organization of storage systems in the kitchen area

"There are not many storage systems" -he knows thisAny owner of an apartment or a private house. At the same time, the dimensions of the dwelling itself are not so important - there are always cabinets and shelves. The rabid rhythm of life, constant employment and often the shortage of square meters of kitchen space at customers pushes manufacturers of furniture and accessories to it to create not just places for storage, but systematized, ordered options for location and an incredibly fast search for one or another kitchen utensils. We bring to your attention some practical ideas for organizing storage spaces in a modern kitchen, designed not only to use every centimeter of space rationally, but also to save time for the hosts.

Storage in a modern kitchen

Storage systems for tableware

Systematized storage

Locker for magazines and documents

Corner cabinets

Mini-pantry in the closet

Shelves in the form of a sector

Storage in a modern style

Technological shelves


Retractable cutting surface

Rational storage

Retractable storage stations

Multi-section cabinet

System and orderliness

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