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It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the kitchenSpace in any dwelling. The owners of small apartments or spacious private houses - all try to create in the kitchen the most convenient, functional and at the same time cozy atmosphere. The course is also resistant to various types of impact finish, and roomy storage systems, and modern home appliances. And what about creating a truly comfortable room, where you can not only quickly and accurately prepare food, but also with the pleasure of eating it, sitting on a soft sofa? As you already knew, in this publication we will consider the options for installing a sofa in the kitchen space, whether it is a separate room or combined with a dining room and living room. In small-sized apartments dating back to the last century, our compatriots could not afford to install such a large-scale piece of furniture, such as a sofa. There was not enough space even for a full-fledged dining area. In modern dwellings, kitchen spaces can often boast impressive sizes, allowing owners to think over not only an ergonomic, but also a comfortable layout with additional furniture. In addition, the popularity of studio apartments in which the kitchen area is connected to the dining and living room sectors is still high. So - the presence of a sofa in this combined room is inevitable. We offer you, on examples of real design projects, to consider the possibility, feasibility and benefits of installing a sofa in the kitchen.

Small sofa for kitchen

Sofa in the spacious kitchen

The advantages and disadvantages of having a sofa in the kitchen

To the advantages of the presence of a sofa in the kitchen you can include the following:

  • The level of comfort in the dining area rises many times, if instead of usual chairs you can sit on a soft sofa;
  • Extra bed for late guests, especially if the sofa model provides for a lay-out in a berth;
  • Many models of upholstered furniture have free space at the bottom, which can be used as storage systems;
  • If you install a television set in front of the sofa, then the kitchen space can also fulfill the functions of the living room (actual for one-room apartments with a spacious kitchen).

Baroque sofa in the kitchen

Sofa at the panoramic window

In the combined space

The disadvantages of installing a soft sofa in the kitchen space are as follows:

  • Special microclimate and complex functionalThe component of the kitchen area dictates a more critical and careful approach to the selection of any pieces of furniture, and especially those that are accompanied by an upholstery that can absorb odors and get dirty from various types of pollution;
  • The need to install a sufficiently powerful hood follows from the original features of the kitchen;
  • If the kitchen is small, then even a compact sofa model is able to clutter the premises, depriving them of the sense of space and freedom of movement.

Sofa with colorful upholstery in a large kitchen

Niche for the couch

Sofa in the dining area

Choosing the size, shape and model of the sofa for the kitchen

Not many Russian cuisines can boastA large area. Even in the apartments improved layout for the kitchen (in case it does not fit into the living room) a small room is allocated. In such conditions compact sofas with shallow depth become priority decisions. It is more effective to install such a sofa to the wall, and next to it already have a dining group.

Compact model

A small sofa for a modest kitchen

Sofa in the kitchen-dining room

Snow-white couch in a bright kitchen

Corner sofas are very popular withHomeowners both for installation in the living room, and for use in the kitchen. The advantage of such models is that in a small space you can install a sofa that will provide the maximum possible number of seats. Another advantage is the effective use of the corners of the room, as the most difficult in terms of selecting the functional elements of the interior for installation.Corner compact sofa

Large corner sofa

Dining area with corner sofa

Corner Soft Zone

Corner sofa in the kitchen-dining-living room

Snow-white corner sofa

Sofas in the form of a semicircle or an arc meet inKitchen spaces are infrequent due to lack of space in these very kitchens. The more valuable and original will be the use of such a model. In case the area of ​​the room allows it and your dining table has the shape of a circle or an oval.

Semicircular sofa

The original solution

Round shapes

Sofa with rounded bends

Built-in sofas with drawers for storage -The best option for a small kitchen. Given that such a sofa is made to order, its size and design will best match the capabilities and priorities of your kitchen. This sofa is comfortable and comfortable, it can be used as storage systems, and it looks attractive, decorating the kitchen interior. The disadvantage of the built-in models is the lack of mobility and quite high cost due to the implementation of individual sizes and designs (but much depends on the materials of the carcass and upholstery).

Built-in sofas

U-shaped sofa in the kitchen

Sofa with storage systems

Comfortable and beautiful sofa

Built-in sofa with bright upholstery

Built-in corner sofa

Kitchenette with drawers

Solution for a narrow room

Kitchen in gray tones

Sofa with folding mechanism is able to turnAny one-room apartment in the so-called "Euro-deuce". Extra bed did not prevent anyone, especially if the family has a need to organize a separate room (and kitchens are most often allocated in a separate room) for the possibility of overnight stay. But the model in this case is not easy to choose. Folding sofas are rarely compact in size. Yes, and the upholstery of the sofa for sleep should not be slippery (leather or leather), but at the same time have high hygroscopic properties.

Folding sofa in the kitchen

Sofa and bed

Dark sofa in a light interior

If we talk about the design of the sofa in terms ofChoice of upholstery material, the most popular option for a long time is the leather decoration of this piece of soft furnishings. Practicality, aesthetics and richness of color solutions are the main criteria for choosing upholstery for many Russians. The ability to easily, quickly and without consequences clean the stained surface of the upholstery becomes the main advantage of leather upholstery, putting aside the drawback in the form of a sufficiently high cost.

Comfortable sofa with leather upholstery

Leather sofa in the kitchen

Sofa with a leather upholstery of a pleasant shade

Bright corner sofa

Practical sofa upholstery

Practical choice of a combined room

It is most difficult to clean the upholstery of sofas fromNatural fabrics - cotton. Flax, woolen derivatives, silk modifications, all these fabrics are not suitable for use within the kitchen. Popular today, the flock also will not stand the constant purification from stains of food and drinks, the appearance of which within the kitchen space, unfortunately, is inevitable, especially if the house has small children, pets.

Sofa with velvet upholstery

Blue velor for upholstered furniture

Laconic solution

Sofa in gray tones for modern style

Using the sofa as an accentElement of the interior - a way popular among designers and their customers is to bring originality to the design of the room. This variant of the design space is suitable not only for living rooms, but also kitchen facilities, combined with a dining room or simply large-scale studios. Bright upholstery or mottled print fabric will not only be an accent spot of the interior, but also its highlight, the focal point around which all the rest of the design of the room is built.

Bright accent sofa

Focus on the soft zone

Frameless modules for the kitchen

Bright decoration of the recreation area

Bright sofa on a white background

Sofa from the line of garden furniture, madeFrom the vine or rattan will look harmoniously in the kitchen, decorated in the style of country, Provence, cheby chic. The lightness of the design, its mobility and original appearance will certainly become a highlight of the kitchen design.

Wicker furniture for country style

Where to install the sofa?

The choice of a place to install a sofa in the kitchen space depends on:

  • Dimensions and shape of the premises:
  • Number and size of window and door openings:
  • Choosing the layout of the kitchen set;
  • The number of functional segments of the room (kitchen, dining room, living room);
  • Sizes and modifications of the sofa;
  • Availability and variation of the dining group.

Kitchen in dark colors

Sofas with light upholstery

In the Scandinavian style

One of the most popular usesSofa in the kitchen area - inclusion of this piece of furniture in the dining room. It is logical that many owners want to provide households with maximum comfort during meals. And what could be more comfortable than lying on a soft couch? In this case, there are two options for integrating the sofa into the dining ensemble - the installation of a piece of upholstered furniture against the wall (a variation for small rooms) and in the free space of the kitchen (a way for spacious rooms).

Sofa as part of a dinner ensemble

Sofa in the dining room

Comfortable dining area

Bright image of the kitchen-dining room

Dining sector by the window

Dining sector as in a cafe

A stylish solution for a dining ensemble

At the dinner table on a soft sofa

If your kitchen can boast of having a bay window,The best way to use this bright space of the room is to arrange a place for meals at the window. The most effective will be the use of a sofa model that fits neatly into the dimensions of a bay window that repeats its shape. It can be as direct sofas, angular, and consisting of three sectors. Rarely used semi-circular models (to choose a sofa with the exact coincidence of radiality under a semi-circular bay window is not easy).

Sofa in the bay window

Large sofa at the window

Corner sofa in the bay window

Sofa for the bay window

Sofa as a way of zoning the roomIt is used very often in so-called kitchen-studios. If the spacious room combines the functions of the kitchen, dining room and living room, then the presence of a sofa in it is inevitable. In this case, the sofa belongs to the living room, but from the point of view of choosing its model, the quality of the upholstery and the color solution, it will be necessary to take into account the criteria for the kitchen furnishings, given the special microclimate of this multifunctional segment.

In classic style

Sofa as a way of zoning

Sofa in the combined room

Original model

Bright sofa for kitchen-dining room-living room

Zoning Space

In the kitchen, the layout of the furniture whichProvides for the existence of an island (or peninsula), it is logical to arrange the sofa with the butt to the facade of this detached furniture module. Optimal option will be the selection of a model corresponding to the size of the length of the kitchen island. But the angular modification of the sofa will be appropriate in the presence of a sufficient number of free square meters.

Interior in pastel colors

Dark gray practical sofa

Sofa near the peninsula

Practical choice of upholstery

Against the backdrop of a bright tree

Snow White Design

Installation of a sofa to the island

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