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The yellow color in the interior


What gives us the yellow color in interior design

Yellow - the most lightweight and bright color in the spectrum. It belongs to the primary colors together with red and blue. Yellow color invigorates and refreshes, positively affecting the mental activity, thus activating the brain. It belongs to the warm colors and is associated with the summer and the sun, causing a feeling of heat and absorbs negative energy. Using in interior design, will easily be combined with other colors.


But yellow can express contradiction. Too much yellow in the interior will be very intense and saturated. In pure form, it is too irksome, without combination with other shades of this color in the interior better not to use. Combine it quite simply, because yellow is easy to enter into a combination with many other color palettes.


Shade yellow must be chosen on the basis ofillumination and the destination premises. If fun shades of bright yellow color perfectly suited for the kitchen and will be a positive effect on the people who gather there, the bedroom is more correct choice of pale yellow. He will act soothing and relaxing, which will give the bedroom a calm atmosphere. Shades of yellow can be combined with black decorative elements that give a modern living room a bold and somewhat brutal color scheme and is designed to excite and inspire.


Yellow, in modern interiors,always present, irrespective of the chosen style - in a variety of its shades. For a creamy shade, sand, yellow and beige, ivory and tea rose, champagne and vanilla - it's all shades of yellow. If you take the tree, the wide variety of its colors, it will also be yellow, in all its splendor. One of the best combinations of yellow color is considered to be a combination of the green. This combination is often used in the interiors of modern living, and this combination is excellent for kitchens and children's rooms. This combination of colors soothes and improves mood, which makes it a spring.


The combination with other yellow shades

All shades of yellow fine blendwith shades of brown. This combination gives the room warmth and emphasizes the contrast. More profitable such a combination would look like in the bedroom and the kitchen, and if this color scheme to add accessories in gray, then this interior looks pretty impressive. To the interior looked more luxurious and elegant shades of yellow can be connected with a burgundy color. Due to its depth, this color helps to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. In this case, the yellow color will be contrasting shade and bring dynamism and dilute monochrome other colors.


It is recommended to use this color accents, the individual elements of furniture or strokes. In so doing it will not irritate, and the interior will be more lively and interesting.


Choosing a yellow color in the interior, refer toown tastes and preferences, creating around him an ideal space. Sometimes it is enough just one subject or more yellow accessories to add to the interior a bright accent color and create a sunny mood.

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In the course can go all parts and accessories. Achieving unity in the room design can only be based on all the constituent elements - walls, ceiling, furniture, curtains, carpets and other items, and the friendly and lively shades of yellow colors bring to the interior harmony.

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