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Why do I need a humidifier?

Too dry air in the room is negativeimpact on health: skin and mucous membranes begin to dry, particularly affected the eyes and the respiratory tract, decreases efficiency, reduced immunity.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the heating seasonmost apartments with central heating becomes much drier than the person required for normal health. However, suffering from "the air drought" is not only a man: wooden furniture, parquet flooring and structures made of wood begin to lose moisture, crack and even burst.

To remedy this situation, you can buya special device - a humidifier. Why do I need a humidifier? He will bring value to the humidity indicator, optimal for human health and the maintenance of the apartment in good condition.

Operating principle

Achieve increasing humidity in the apartment can be a variety of ways. Producing devices based on different ways of working - all three of them.

  • Par. The device heats the water to boiling hot steam enters the air, due to what is moistened. When this steam temperature is typically less than sixty degrees. This is the cheapest class of devices, besides having a minimum price.

The principle of operation of the steam humidifier

  • Ultrasound. On the use of ultrasound based modern of all types of humidifiers. Under the influence of high-frequency vibrations of the water forms a very small droplets, the so-called "water mist", which fills the air with the missing moisture. Such devices make noise less than running on steam principle, but behind them is more difficult and more expensive to care for. So, for the purification of water hardness in the built-in device special cartridge, which have often changed. When used without a cartridge quickly will become worthless.

The operating principle of ultrasonic humidifier

  • Evaporator. The easiest way to moisten dry air in the room - put the device in which the water evaporates naturally. In fact, even a large flat container filled with water for several rectify the situation, but a special device, equipped with a rotary drum, raise the efficiency of the device due to the constant mixing and additional blowing.

The principle of operation of the traditional cold-air humidifier evaporation


Why do I need a humidifier for whichYou have to pay the money, if you can just put in the dish room and fill it with water as it dries? The answer is simple: a special device can "hold" is the humidity at which you are comfortable to live and work.

Devices on the steam and ultrasound principlespossible to obtain any value of the room humidity. Devices running on the evaporation principle, make it impossible to specify the percentage of moisture content in its sole discretion, always supporting her on one, but the optimal level - 45 - 55%. But they have their own advantage: air is cleaner due to sedimentation in the water tank room dust. So that each type of humidifier has its advantages.

There are several criteria for successful selection of the humidifier.

  • Area. This is the first and main criterion. Each unit is designed to maintain the humidity in a certain volume of space. Therefore it is necessary to proceed from the fact in which the unit will work indoors. This depends on its capacity, and hence the price. For the bedroom does not need an expensive machine capable of "moisturize" a shop or a large office.
  • Price. To get rid of dry air in the room, you can choose any type of equipment, but do not forget about sensible economy. Lower price category - evaporators, will cost a little more steam generators, humidity, and the most expensive to date are devices which operate by ultrasound. Should be equipped with ultrasonic devices all the rooms? They make sense to put in the bedroom as they are much quieter than others and will not interfere with your sleep. But to work in the kitchen is fine steam principle. In the living room you can use vaporizers.
  • Quality. Any type of humidifier can be equipped with additional functions - for example, ionization air cleaning, aromatization. Also, there are additional options that facilitate device management: the ability to set a constant humidity for a long period of time or change its programming, touch-sensitive controls and a few others. They differ in design and. All of these improvements increase the quality of products, but it is worth remembering that the main function - namely, air humidification - cope and the simplest of them.

Care moisturizers simple: just remove plaque (scale), resulting in the use of hard water, change filters and cartridges (if any device).


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