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White laminate in the interior

The use as a floor coveringwhite laminate has recently become the leading trend in the work of designers. By itself, durable, practical, splendid appearance material, while having a reasonable price, unlike real wood, has long been popular in the selection of materials for finishing the apartment.

White laminate successfully applied in a variety of styles, such as classical, minimalism, Scandinavian, Art Deco, Shabby-chic, or high-tech.

White laminate in the interior - the classic version. It will perfectly match both restrained tones, and with bright color accents. White, like black, out of fashion and time. White is the expressive background for dark furniture, and light will help "dissolve", merge with it, which visually increase the room. Matt White floors create a cozy and glossy - interesting play of reflections. The dark little room with the floor will be light and airy.

white laminate

If you are using a laminate white, youIt will be easy to choose colors for the decoration of homes. In addition, the room will be visually more "lighter", lighter, this decision will allow the play of contrasts, choosing, for example, dark furniture, or combining a light floor and ceiling with juicy, colorful wallpaper. Color the walls in soft, light colors and light picking up furniture, you will create a soft, romantic interior. Other interesting ideas for design can be seen in the catalog of finished interiors.

white laminate interior

As with any design decision, the white laminate in the interior has its own pros and cons:


  • Room with white floors not only think, but also objectively becomes lighter due to the properties of white.
  • When small amounts of white space floor make it visually more spacious, air-filled.
  • The combination of white laminate on the floor with light walls will provide a good background for the bright interior details.
  • White floors are suitable for interiors in various styles - classical, avant-garde, high-tech, Shabby chic, modern, minimalist, and others.
  • Contrary to popular belief, these floors are not "mark": for dust on them hardly noticeable.


  • White laminate in the interior will look advantageous only if it is properly and carefully laid, because white is more visible "flaws" and stacking errors.
  • White has a great variety of shades andthis must be considered when choosing a laminate. Note that in the salon, where you choose it, and the lighting in your home is different, and the floor may look quite different, as you think.
  • Dirt and debris on the floor of the white stand out more sharply than in the dark, but it can hardly be considered a fault, but rather the opposite: we see immediately that needed cleaning.

white laminate interior

white laminate interior

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