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White floors in interior design

Using white color in interior decorationIt allows you to expand its visually, add a sense of freedom and spaciousness. Here are just a white floor in the interior is quite rare, usually the color of paint walls and ceilings. Of course, such a solution has its disadvantages, but there are pros and they are many.

white floor in the interior

Bright floor will add the volume of the room and adjustson a calm way. It has long been observed that it acts calming, which is especially valuable in today's dynamic world. White floor in the design may look very different, it all depends on how you have beaten this decision, what complementary colors accompany your choice, which will pick up the texture of the floor to express their ideas.

White floor design


  • Room with a white floor appears to be larger in size than a similar room with dark floors.
  • In advantageous looks white furniture, the interiors look more elegant and stylish.
  • Dust on the light floors noticeably smaller than the dark.

White floors in the interior

White floor in the interior is particularly relevant inSome styles, such as Scandinavian, with large windows, wooden textures and lots of crocheted motifs. In this style in general most surfaces - white. In the style of minimalism, he will maximize the living space in the classics - emphasize the graphic quality of the room.

white floor in the design of apartments

Do not be afraid of the white floor in the design of apartmentsdue to the fact that he, allegedly, more dirty, and it will have to be washed more often. In fact all the floors get dirty equally but not all equally easy to wash. However, the ease of washing of the floor does not depend on the color and texture of it. So, wash linoleum is easier than natural wood or stone. But almost no visible dust, which is very noticeable in the dark on light floors.

room with white floor

Of course, if the room floor with white to passdirty shoes, or to let the dog in the street, dirty divorce is inevitable. Here it is necessary to take a rag in hand and are ready for harvesting. Although is it bad - that your floor will encourage you to get out more often? From this look of the apartment only benefit!

white floor in the room interior

If you chose the white floor inthe interior room or apartment, take care of the correct selection of the coating. The easiest way to wash linoleum, laminate and ceramic tile. They are easy to clean from pollution, if suddenly on the surface of the left muddy footprints. Several more difficult to care for flooring or parquet, but, after appropriate treatment, care for them becomes harder than linoleum.

white floor in the room design


In fact, from minus using white floorOnly one design: it is much more visible coating defects. If ceramic tiles, the chips and cracks caught my eye, a scratch on the laminate or linoleum dent, invisible color of the tree, here you will see immediately.

white floor in the room design


Usually white floors combine well with the white walls. But this does not necessarily contrasting options may look very advantageous. However, in such cases, as well, in the rich colors of the walls are painted only.

Room with a white floor

Room with a white floor will look great in the style of Provence, or minimalism, Scandinavian, classic or eco-style.

Room with a white floor

It is possible to issue a bedroom or living room, givingtheir elegance. However, there are places where the white color as if it is intended for the floor in the first place is the bathroom. After all, it is nowhere, I want the feeling of cleanliness, and the volume is usually the smallest room in the house.

Room with a white floor

Room with a white floor

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