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Wedding Home Decor

Wedding - is unparalleled and luxurious celebration inOf your life. An important consideration when organizing a wedding is a triumph of design and decoration. The correct decor allows you to make the wedding ceremony a piece of romanticism and solemnity.

How to decorate the newlywed home

On this day, the bride's room should be decorated with no less beautiful than the banquet hall. Especially cute if the wedding décor will be made very hands of the bride.

Pattern the bride's room, using the availablematerials such as flowers, petals, candles, garlands, fabric, ribbons, beads, pom-poms. This wedding decor will look natural and at ease, and the bonus will be low cost, eliminating the need to walk on the wedding salons to find ready-made decorations, as well as full compliance with expectations and a plan of the bride. Decoration of accomodations with their own hands is now at the height of fashion, the main thing - do it with style.


wedding arch

One of the central elements in the wedding event is a wedding arch. The arch is a symbol of happiness and prosperity.


That is what will give a holiday decoration originality, uniqueness, make a note of romance and make the celebration a truly memorable one.


Let's look at how we can decorate a wedding arch.



Small flat candles would be appropriate to place in transparent bowls with water and flower petals.
If you are afraid of fire, replace the present electric candles - they will look no less impressive.

Festive table setting for wedding or other event

Place them in the shape of a heart or inscriptions congratulations.
Larger candles will look great in shots (cylindrical wine-glasses) or glasses of the desired diameter.
Be the shots and big groups of candles, a few pieces of different sizes.
Decorate the candles with ribbons, flowers, sequins and other embellishments.


rose petals

Rose petals - the fastest way to romanticto decorate the house for the wedding. For these needs, make better use of the inflorescence all shades of red, white and pink. The red is better to work on the contrast by placing them on a surface (floor, table, dish) light colors (best - beige). Pastel pink and cream petals look good in combination with the objects and the surface color similar, but slightly lighter shade.



Colour. If you prefer fruit wedding, it is not necessary to mix all the fruit enough to dwell on any one or two. To select the main color, it is necessary to use different shades and stylish combinations.


Style. In order to have everything in the same style in organizing the wedding to choose any one fruit that will become the main symbol of the wedding celebration. Pick fruit, you use it when decorating and decorating the banquet hall, holiday table. The main theme was traced to fruit throughout. Even the most minor detail should reflect the theme of the celebration fruit. Therefore, the wedding procession, invitations, table decorations, nursery card - this should contain elements of fruit, which will be a bright reflection style wedding.


Photography ideas - how to decorate a table at wedding

Thinking about how to decorate the table on betterthe wedding, the bride should consider their taste preferences, the possibility space (size, lighting, decoration, objects, furniture), the nature of the wedding decoration in general, the amount of free time and money. Having evaluated all these factors, you can develop a unique wedding decor.









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