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Carpets in Turkey are considered to be the most popular andwell-selling goods, they are not simply the product of the work of famous artists, but also an element of popular Turkish culture. Because each piece of ornament - the fruit of human wisdom, which is transmitted from one generation to another.

All Turkish carpets are composed of two parts: foundations and pile yarns. In the manufacture of such products used technology use double knots, or, as it is called symmetric binding. Such carpets according to the material from which they are made, can be divided into:

Wool - they are entirely made of wool.

Silk carpets, where the pile foundation and woven silk.

Wool + cotton - cotton carpets with this foundation and wool pile.

Viscose + cotton - cotton blend yarns and viscose pile.

As you can see, all of the aboveMaterials are natural, and purchasing carpets containing them are worth checking out, if they do not cause you or your family members allergic reactions. In this case, use of the carpets or silk, or of the quality of synthetic materials such as acrylic, polyester, polyester, polypropylene and nylon. They are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, durable, have excellent thermal insulation. A wide range of synthetic carpets look in online store for the best prices.

The main color schemes for Turkish carpetsThey are beige and brown, which are considered a symbol of peace and tranquility. They will be perfectly combined with any dark shades of the furniture.

And also fit perfectly into the room with large glass windows, doors and colorful furnishings.

Red has long been considered a symbol of wealth andmaterial well-being. Red carpet - this is the right solution for rooms with furniture in neutral tones, and can be supplemented with a red interior wallpaper and luxurious antique chandelier.

Use of Turkish carpets in green colormodern design - it is the desire for the divine principle, as well as the index of holiness and purity. Feel free to add to them the green curtains and upholstery, do not be afraid to experiment.

Carpets blue are not used in the designoften, but it is very symbolic and means that the owner of the room in blue tones aspire to greatness and nobility. Consequently, such a situation room will look luxurious with the help of expensive items of furniture, curtains, wallpaper and small decorative "highlights".

If you want to protect yourself and your family fromfailure - purchase Turkish carpets of yellow or orange color, Fill them your interior and enjoy the comfort, the feeling of warmth and constant sunny mood.

Dark gray or black carpets in the house will behelp alleviate any complex life situations, as well as in harmony with the interior objects in the room, especially if they are decorated in beige, brown or gray.

One of the main attributes of carpets from Turkey canconsidered embossed pattern on them. It is a wide variety of lines, plant elements, geometric shapes, symbols and icons. These products are never stale and out of fashion, because their motifs - is the origins of the Turkish people, the culture, and carpets with these enigmatic images is not in vain is considered a masterpiece.

Today, buy real Turkish carpets can beat different prices in the world. Address buy carpets from Turkey, you can right from the comfort of home. Their cost will be fully depend on the material, the complexity of the figure, as well as on whether it is manual or machine work. These products are very dense, so they pile over time, not wrinkled, and not often exposed to pollution. By the way, to clean them is also quite simple.

If you have come to the choice of the Turkish carpet,Think about where it will be: for bedrooms and children's rooms is better to use carpets from natural materials - they are soft and warm, for the hall and the living room may come from synthetic carpets - they are the same dense and not inferior to the natural appearance.

Remember that high-pile carpets are verydifficult to clean, so, for example, for the hall better not to use them. Before buying a rug, carefully check it to its edges were tightly tucked and stitched, because only in this case the product does not dissolve after the first few months of use.

Carpets from the best Turkish masters - isthe unique thing that many years will delight you with its unsurpassed quality and the most intricate patterns. Properly decorate your house using our advice.

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