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Three components of the fun-filled interior small apartment

Three components of the fun-filled interior small apartment

Avant-garde, high-tech, kitsch, loft and techno - it is oneof the most popular stylistic trends in interior design, today. Even if you have to create the interior of a small-sized apartments - here they will also be relevant. After all, the basis of each of them can be put white color, which in turn is a very wise decision, visually expands the area of ​​any room.


But even if the design of small-sized apartmentsmade in a certain style, it does not mean that the result is an original and harmonious picture. As a "seasoning" to any interior, experienced designers used three steps to make the room less boring and more original.


Reception first. Unusual shapes

This applies not only decorative elements butand furniture. For example, the rounded shape of a coffee table or chairs not only accentuate the style of design, but also make the interior small apartment more practical - no angles, which can be injured in a small room, do not forget about it.


Receiving a second. Bright accents

Particularly impressive look fineelements formed in the active color scheme, monochrome background of the walls and floor. If you are not enticing too bright colors, you can always play on the classic contrast of black and white, with the addition of red or blue. Although this option is more suitable to the least fashionable towards minimalism.


However, a bright, expressive decor always play in your favor in the interior of a small-sized apartments, in whatever style he may be executed.


The third intake is the play of light


That is, the design of small-sized apartment canlook different, depending on the lighting. If the walls are three-dimensional shapes of drywall or any niche, the backlight will be here, just what we needed.


Thus, it will create a sensebulk, and, in some cases, even surrealism. Also, the design of small apartments did not exclude the presence of original and useful fixtures, floor lamps, because they do not take up much space, but ask any room a lighter mood.


And a little advice from our magazine: if you have to make out the interior of a small-sized apartments - not in a hurry despair, as the most powerful weapon against the narrowness - your imagination and collection of our ideas!


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