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The red color in the interior


Red power and energy

Red has a very powerfulphysiological and psychological effects on humans, so the interiors, in which the red color takes a leading role, are rare. Check out the interior, with the use of this color, quite slozhno.Krasny color is one of the most exciting and emotional color palette throughout. This color is associated with energy and force.


It is impossible not to notice in the interior, even ifit is present only in the interior as accents. Using the red color in the interior decoration you need to remember that they can not be abused. In small quantities it is energizing, but glut may lead to irritation and depression.


Very often use is not pure red, anddifferent shades. Today, the red color can be used in almost any room, but the main thing here is to choose the right shades that will match the room in which it will be used. There are some colors that are most often used in interior design. These shades are: terra cotta, brick red, a noble wine-red, red and other colors. Shades should be selected by the basic interior color, and you can not miss such an important moment as the style and size of the room.


Red color for many designers isone of the most beloved. Using it, you can transform a dull room into a masterpiece, most importantly to use it properly and arrange the shades aktsenty.Takzhe there are a lot of colors and shades, which goes well with red.

What colors combine red

1.White is an indispensable companion of red. It perfectly neutralizes the excessive action of the red, and the combination of these colors is caring, fairness and integrity, that attracts people. This combination expands the space and encouraged a fresh contrast. By combining well to add black. The resulting monogram flowers will be most stable and contrast.



2.With the eye-catching combinations of red and orange, and dark yellow interior can be charged with energy. The combination of these colors is more suitable for living rooms and children's rooms. If you take the orange color, for a combination of red, it is necessary to give preference to such a tone, in which more yellow, to avoid color mixing.


Very impressive is the combination of red withgreen, but they have a very strong contrast, which can be reduced using no bright shades of each color. For contrast, you can design in such a combination to add black. Noble and solid will be a combination of red and brown shades. It gives very good combination of shades of gray to red.



3.Pomimo shades, which goes well with the red, there are shades that are difficult and rarely combined with this strong color. Quite a rare combination of red and blue colors in the interior.


There is likely to act stereotype thatcold and warm colors are combined. Sometimes it is possible to move away from the stereotypes and try to experiment. The blue color looks good on the red background, but very clearly, so is used very rarely, and if applicable, then with great caution. Exotic may be called a combination of red and pink color, but the resulting combination becomes quite intense and unusual.


Muffled red walls, in combination withdark flooring give the interior of brevity, diluting the white range of elements can create a very interesting design. Quiet lighting, combined with the soft color of the walls give the room pacified form if to emphasize the unusual details in red, the room will be transformed and filled with dynamism. Terracotta shades of red in perfect harmony with shades of brown and create an atmosphere of tranquility, white balance the red and expand space.


Deep red color are exciting,to balance it and to achieve harmony, use a large amount of white combined with bright lighting. Furniture, noble gray color, combined with terracotta color textiles and bright carpet give the interior a refined look and design of the room will help to revive the vase with flowers and houseplants.


The red color of the walls will be beneficial to emphasize thethe beauty of wooden furniture on which to place a lot of cherished things that give the room a unique comfort by placing a large mirror in front of you can visually enlarge the space.

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