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Heaters for apartments: types, advantages and disadvantages

Domestic heaters typically can not bethe only source of heat in the apartment, but can be a significant addition to the off-season, or in case of insufficient heat input from the central heating system.

There are several types of heaters for apartments and houses. To choose the right kind of instrument, you need to know how it works and the basic specifications.

Types of heaters for apartments:

  • heaters,
  • oil coolers,
  • ogrevateli convector type,
  • infrared heaters.

Each of these is considered in more detail.


The general principle of this type of device: heater raises the temperature of the air, then warm air is diffused into the room with a fan. Blowing a heating element, a fan provides a flow of cold air to it and removal of portions already heated.

As a heating element in the spiral electric device may be used, and the tubular members most modern environmentally friendly ceramic heating elements.

Pros and cons of the heater


  • rapid heating of premises,
  • heat is distributed evenly,
  • a small budget for the purchase,
  • It does not take up much space,
  • reliable in operation,
  • easy to use,
  • It has a low weight,
  • high mobility.


  • too noisy,
  • may cause a fire,
  • Almost all heating elements (other than ceramic) reduce oxygen levels in the room.

home heater heater

oil heaters

Operating principle: by a heating member having no contact with the air, the coolant heating occurs. Typically, home heaters is mineral oil, also permissible although the use of antifreezes.

The heated oil is circulated within the housing of themetal, arranged according to the principle of the radiator for maximum heat transfer. The air is heated by the radiator near the walls and natural way (convection) is distributed throughout the room.

Pros and cons of the heater


  • low fire hazard,
  • virtually silent operation,
  • It does not reduce the amount of oxygen in the air,
  • low price.


  • occupy a fairly large area,
  • heating is carried out slowly,
  • weigh a lot, due to which small mobile.

oil heater home


The operating principle is simple: through the metal tube, which is a heating element, the air flow passes. Coming out of the pipe, it is naturally due to convection currents rise up, displacing the cold air down to the floor, where he was again captured and sent to the convector.

Pros and cons of heaters


  • efficiency,
  • fireproof,
  • no noise,
  • no odor,
  • It does not reduce the amount of oxygen in the air,
  • accurately maintains the set temperature in the room.


  • the high cost of purchase and installation.

convector heater home

Infrared emitters

This apparatus, generating a wave of great length,which lie in the infrared part of the spectrum. These waves, in contrast to shorter wave length, the eye can not be seen, but have the ability to heat objects, acting on their structure. Thus, infrared emitters around the heated objects, and objects from the heated air in the heat away.

Pros and cons of heaters


  • low power consumption,
  • It does not dry the air,
  • rapidly heats furnishings,
  • home heater on this principle can be used on the outdoor veranda or terrace.


  • structure fragility
  • the highest price of all types of heaters for apartments.

infrared heater home

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