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The choice of the cornice for curtains: options, styles, types of mounts

The choice of the cornice for curtains can affect notOnly the perception of interior room, but also on its size: well-chosen cornice can visually "lift" ceiling, "expand" is too narrow wall to give the room a small volume.

Curtains should always correspond to the selectedInterior style, fit in color and complement the big picture. They play an important role in the decoration of the room, but no less important, and cornices. In addition to the cornice bears the constructive task - to keep the curtains, to ensure their reliable operation, easy opening and closing, it should also match stylistically and harmoniously fit into the interior.

cornice for curtains

Recommendations for choosing a cornice

In order to properly choose a cornice for curtains, the following factors must be considered:

  1. Each ledge is designed for a certain load, so roughly vote curtain weight and grab rails in such a way as to conform to this parameter.
  2. Decide with mountings for curtains. They must comply with the chosen fabric, move along the ledge easily without clinging, and not "stuck" when it should not be any sound.
  3. For light curtains suitable for all types of eaves fixing as ceiling and wall. For heavy materials is better to choose ceiling mount - it can withstand more weight.
  4. The choice of location affects the eaves batteriesheating pipes, as well as the size and width of the window sill. Nothing should interfere with the free dangling curtains, so you have to take into account these elements when mounting the cornice.

Council. Remember that properly selected cornice can visually change the perception of the room, to rectify the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity:

  • The narrow window. If the window has a small width, it is possible to "increase" - to pick up this long cornice to curtain hanging on it, not only closed the window, but also part of the wall next to him.
  • Low ceilings. The ceiling can be visually "raise", if you select a cornice with the ceiling mount: curtain hanging from the ceiling to the floor, will help "extend" the distance between them.
  • Too large window. To correct perception of the window, select the length of the cornice exact width of the window opening.

metal cornice for curtains

Cornice and style of the room

Of the many options eaves for curtains, on the market, choose the ones that best fit the style of your interior.

  • For decorative spaces in a classic style features baguette cornices. Also look good and round rails, particularly if they are wooden.
  • Popular today minimalism or hi-tech can be supplemented by a cornice, string or round metal cornices.
  • Almost all the "rustic" style, whether it beAmerican Country or French Provence, as decorative elements used forged products. They fit forged cornices - a natural metal colors and painted.
  • Japanese and Roman blinds combine well with cornices made of aluminum profile.

cornice for curtains Japanese

The length of the cornice

The total length of the cornice comprises a lengthcrossbar and two decorative tip. But before you start to measure the length of the cornice, you must determine where it will be and how to be fixed.

  • When choosing a cornice for curtains covering the wholeWall with window entire length of the eaves must be two or three centimeters less than the distance from the wall and the wall. In this case, note that the mounting points of the long eaves should be at least three!
  • If the ledge is located just above the window,the brackets on which it is attached, must be behind the window opening, otherwise you will not be able to open the window completely, and parted the curtains will close part of the glazing. In this case the eave length should be thirty to forty centimeters longer than the width of the window opening.

cornice for curtains


Please note that the brackets have differentlength. If this length is greater than the distance from the window opening up to the ceiling, above the bracket will not fit. Sometimes in such cases they are fixed below the level of the window opening, this arrangement is called "part of the window." If the ledge has a length of more than two meters, it is necessary to strengthen the three bracket if less - only two.

The distance between the brackets should ideally notbe less than one and a half and more than two meters. In this case, the cornice shall hold his rod will not be deformed, and the fabric curtains - sag.

metal cornice for curtains

Dimensions of the cornice

In order to properly choose a cornice for curtains, its design and location, the following measurements must be made (in cm):

  • Length of the wall with a window on one side wall to the other.
  • The width of the window.
  • The distance that the curtain will be spaced from the wall.
  • The height of the window opening up to the ceiling.

golden cornice for curtains


Each type of window cornices has attachment for hanging curtains. Consider the most common options.

profile systems

Aluminum has the guide, one or more, in which the slide hooks - they cling to the curtains.

Pros. Aluminum is strong enough, but it is flexible, because it can be made cornices round shape for decoration of niches, bay windows, lancet or other non-standard windows. Furthermore, it profile moldings are usually provided with a automatic position curtain control systems, which is very convenient, especially if the room high ceilings.

There are also specialized systems made of plastic, which attract low price. They are only suitable for light fabrics as well as heavy drapes their weight cause their deformation.

profiled cornice

Hooks for profile systems are made ofclear plastic - so they are less noticeable. On top of the system for decorative purposes are usually attached strap "under the tree", "under a rock", "under the skin". Installation and assembly of such structures are simple and do not require a lot of time.

If you need a multi-row options for cornicescurtains, profile - the best choice. They may consist of curtains in two, three, four and even number. For example, transparent tulle is attached, the following shall be a dense curtain to close the window profile, and the extreme - pelmet. Or at all ranks can be mounted transparent tulle in different colors that will make it possible to vary the mood light flux density and hue.

profiled cornice for curtains

Popular Today Roll, Japanese curtains Roman curtains and blinds are exactly to the core system, and have a common basis, although between them and have structural differences.

cornice for Roman blinds

Classic cornice

The most traditional form of curtain rods -tubular structure. They can be made of wood or a metal tube. The larger the diameter of the cornice - the more heavy curtains, he is able to withstand.

Fasteners for these curtains can be as follows:

  • Magnetic clips, which serve not only the mounting hardware, but also a decoration. Can be of various shapes and colors.
  • Fabric loop.
  • Eyelets (holes in fabric edged metal or plastic).
  • Rings of wood or metal to which viahooks attach curtains. Tulle and organza can break on hardware and thick fabrics it does not hold, this option is only suitable for medium-density tissue.

Choosing an attachment when choosing a corniceeyelets or curtain rings check eaves diameter - it must be smaller than the diameter of the mounting ring, otherwise the curtain will not slide along the guide.

Usually classical cornices have one or twotubular structures - they can hang tulle and black-out curtains. It is also possible to replace one of the designs on the string - the most suitable mount for tulle and ogranzy. Classic moldings are suitable for any interior, it is only important to choose the right material from which they are made.

classical cornice for curtains

Forged cornices

If you want to choose a cornice for curtains, whichdecorate the room Baroque, Rococo, Empire, or the country of Provence stop attention to forged products. Depending on what tips they end, and what fabrics are used for curtains, cornices look such completely different ways.

Graceful Empire style curls and velvet orsatin curtains create an atmosphere of luxury in the Baroque style, and vegetable elements forged and "calico" curtains in the small flower will suffer in sweltering summer of Provence.

Brackets Forged cornices on their own -Interior decorations. Ideal - order them individually to maximize express their personal preferences and create a unique look of your home. Forged cornices used as a guide metal pipes or rods, and in that similar to classical. Guides may also be several, usually not more than three.

forged cornice for curtains

forged cornice for curtains

stringed cornices

String used as cornicesdirecting taut metal wire - "string." Fittings for curtains - are the same as in the classical cornice, but smaller. It is best to look at this design, the magnetic clip. They are used as plastic strings - they are suitable for light curtains of tulle or organza. This ledge is virtually invisible, and there is a feeling that the tulle floating in the air without any support.

Stringed cornices

Of all the options for cornices Curtain this optionmost "lightweight" - heavy curtains, he will not keep. Most suitable for the registration of premises in high-tech style, minimalism, in a modern and combined styles. Such cornices, with proper selection of associated elements, are best suited to mask the shortcomings of the room.

Stringed cornices

baguette cornices

Baguette cornices on the design similar to the profile, but they are always closed mounting trim strip - baguette. Frames can be broad or narrow, varying in shape, size, color.

Profiles Curtain may have from one to threeseries. In the first row often have polosku- "Velcro" to secure the pelmet. Selecting Framing cornice, guided by the color and shape of a baguette - because it is the main decorative element, and should blend in with your decor.

Framing cornice for curtains

Framing cornice for curtains

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