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Advantages and disadvantages of studio apartments

The concept studio apartment appeared at the beginning oflast century in the United States. In the vastness of our country's first studio apartments appeared in the early 90s and they became very popular solution. This is due to the fact that combining the apartment in a single space, we increase its functionality. However, such a union can have negative consequences. What kind? Let's look in more detail.



First of all, combining the kitchen with room, weWe get a lot of free space where there were walls and doors. In addition to the actual increase in the area, seriously change the visual volume of the room. If we want to separate the part of the room, where there is a place to sleep, we can use the sliding interior partitions. They have an excellent view and very convenient to use.


The main disadvantages of

Of course, removing the wall, we deprive ourselvesof privacy. If kitchen area is large enough and there is set corresponding to the furniture, it can be used as a kind of a separate room. Another drawback can be called the spread of odors and smoke from the kitchen into the living area of ​​studio apartments, however, this problem can be partially solved by setting a powerful ventilation system or exhaust.


Legal aspects

Before you decide to combine the kitchen withbathroom, better detail to find out whether redevelopment is legal. You can get all the permissions on their own, but it will be easier to entrust it to an organization that will carry out the repair in your apartment, they do it quickly and cheaply as possible.


The financial side of the issue

Many people think that by making repairs toredevelopment on their own, we can save considerably. But it is not always the case. The best solution would be to order the re-planning professionals. Prices for such services are quite acceptable. The company will help you not only to develop a suitable plan, but competently and quickly carry out repair work.

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