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Solutions for small apartments: three ideas for khrushchovkas

Any designer will tell you that any premisesIt can be equipped in such a way that it seemed visually much larger than is actually. When it comes to residential flat small area, it is very important not only appearance, but also a good functionality of all that is in the apartment. There are several popular standard solutions, using which you can increase the apartment in every sense of the word.

Combining rooms

Solutions for small apartments

For small apartments, often, the best solutionIt is to combine the kitchen and bathroom. Such combinations apartments called studio apartment. The owners of these apartments will tell you that it is very convenient, saving quite a lot of space. The wall between the bathroom and kitchen can be completely demolished or instead set bar. Also, think about combining bathroom and toilet. There are many designs to properly equip the interior of the bathroom room combined with a toilet and pick up the necessary furniture is not difficult.

Keeping things

Solutions for small apartments

Another very common problem thatworried residents of small apartments, is the lack of adequate storage space for clothes and other things. To help them the perfect solution can come in the form of a large closet. The peculiarity of this cabinet is a big otdvizhnaya door, which provides an excellent and complete access to any department of the cabinet and at the same time does not require free space in the room in order to open it. Properly fitted wardrobe will solve the problem of storage of things very simple.

Solutions for small apartments

interior Colours

It is already a proven fact that the room,walls and ceiling of which are made in bright colors visually appears to be larger in volume. This design solution is very popular, in order to emphasize the bright colors would be appropriate to use the correct lighting in the right quantity and the right shades of light.

Solutions for small apartments

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