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Small apartment: Interior Design Ideas and one-bedroom apartments

Repair in a studio apartment - not the task ofsimple. In addition to being in the same room it is necessary to arrange the living room, the bedroom and the workplace (for a minimum set of families in which children are not present), so also the bathroom and kitchen are often very modest area. But even in a small apartment, you can arrange a comfortable, stylish and incredibly functional housing. You only need to properly plan the available square footage and use design techniques increase the visual space. Whichever area did not have your apartment, make it a cozy home - is quite feasible task. After all, designers have accumulated vast experience in the arrangement of houses of different sizes and shapes, they use the same tips and equip their small-sized housing with comfort.

Possible repair studio. A photo

Depending on their area of ​​one-roomapartments can take certain actions to increase its real size. But whatever the size of your home does not possess, it is obvious that the place will always be missed. Therefore, the owners are on the various structural and design tricks:


design and interior for a small apartment

combine the bathroom - the toilet is connected to the bathroombathroom. In obtaining accommodation is placed not only a bath (or shower), sink and toilet, and a washing machine. The toga is no need to embed appliance kitchen, which significantly "unloads" kitchen environment;

connect a single room with balcony, increasing the space of a few square meters (loggia necessary to insulate and seal the);

demolish wall between the kitchen and living room(Which is also a bedroom, study and possibly infant) to produce one large room, which will be located all functional segments;

some one-bedroom apartments plan involve the expansion of the room due to the demolition of walls with a corridor or hallway.

It is important to remember that any redevelopmentit will be necessary to legalize the relevant departments. Some alterations will require the transfer of communications systems - wiring, sewerage, water supply, pipes and radiators.

In addition to structural alterations can beuse a number of design tricks that can help visually enlarge the dwelling area. Their advantage is no need to allow any of the bodies and the relative ease of implementation;


design and interior for a small apartment

use bright palette for surface finishing - white color perfectly reflects light and allows it to spread virtually unchecked through the room;

mirror surfaces will help to visually "erase" the boundaries of space - it can be insert on the facades of furniture or part of finish;

glass and glossy surfaces also contribute to increase the visual volume of the premises (for example, glossy stretch ceiling will visually increase the height of the room);

large windows, doors with glass inserts - all techniques that contribute to the saturation of the room natural light;

multilevel system of artificial lighting - hanging chandeliers, wall sconces, lamps and lighting embedded tape - each functional segment should have "their" lighting fixture;

Use simple in terms of performance and light furniture;

getting rid of all superfluous and minimizing decor (using mostly wall decorative items in reasonable quantities).


design and interior for a small apartment

Design studio apartment of 40 square meters. m. Photo

One bedroom apartment with an area of ​​40 square meters. m - this is a good option. So can anyone tell the owner of small-sized housing. With such volumes, you can without any problems to create a comfortable, functional, modern and beautiful interior, the relevance of which will be valid for several years. The apartment with the area, you can not even use redevelopment, and design techniques using only the visual expansion space. But it all depends on the size and shape of the main room and the number of households who live in these forty square meters.


design and interior for a small apartment

If the room during the day must serve asfull living room, and at night becomes a bedroom, the best option for young couples without children - the use of a bed with a folding mechanism that can compact "hide" in the closet. Current models can withstand a lot of weight, easy to use, and the hardware has high strength and reliability.


If sleep on a sofa bed living room, whichturns into a bed at night is not an option for you, then you need to consider the possibility of creating an isolated segment for registration bedrooms. Even very small sleep and rest area will be a separate room. Experts recommend that in this case the use of glass partitions that allow sunlight to penetrate into the afternoon sleeping area, and in the evening and at night, you can use curtains or fabric blinds to create an intimate setting.


design and interior for a small apartment

If the layout of the room allows you to positionsleeping area in one part of the room (not in the center of the room), it is possible to separate a conventional curtain. If the shutter is open, the room appears before us with all its area, if you need to create an intimate atmosphere - enough to draw the curtains or blinds textile.

Design studio apartment of 30 sq m. Photo

The area of ​​30 square meters. m is hardly sufficient for a family of three with a child. But for singles or couples without children is modest in size it is possible to arrange accommodation with a high level of comfort, functionality and aesthetics. Here are some design projects of apartments of modest size, which managed to keep a sense of freedom and space in compliance with all rules of ergonomics.


design and interior for a small apartment

Sleeping area within a smallroom small apartment - one of the most difficult tasks. Partitions visually reduce the space, but without them can not do, if you need to have at least a partial privacy in the sleeping area and the rest. The best option - installation of the rack. Most often used open shelves for storing books, documents, and all offices, sometimes the TV is mounted in the center of the partition. Do not allow the high rack on one side to create a separation for a bed, and on the other - will not completely cover the lighting in the bedroom area, reaching from the central chandelier in the room.

Design studio in a modern style

Modern Style "prefers" spacious andbright rooms. But what if your studio apartment even with a stretch be called large? Only one way out - the union of space and use of techniques to increase the visual. Diaphanous with a large window (or no one), light finish and concise selection of furniture always seems more of its size. The image obtained by light, breathing freedom and spaciousness. Get rid of all the excess, leave only the necessary furniture, functional décor and a minimum textile, provide space sufficient level of artificial lighting and arrange the lighting or locally in the form of a band of illumination in each functional area - fresh and friendly image of the room is ready.

Glass partitions, glossy surface,minimalism in the choice of decor and simplicity in design furniture - the basic principles of creating a modern, functional and at the same time attractive appearance of the interior.


design and interior for a small apartment

Interesting design project apartments, decorated incontemporary style. The basis of the concept of the interior contrasting combinations formed. Alternating dark and light surfaces helps to emphasize the geometry of space, highlight the functional segments and bring the image of the space dynamics. Furnishings laconic and even somewhat minimalist - simple shapes and lines to help make this a comfortable and comfortable environment. With the help of light curtains possible not only to adjust the level of natural light, but also to create privacy in the sleeping area and the rest.

The kitchen in a studio apartment

The kitchen is under the one-room dwelling maybe a separate room or be part of one big (or medium size) space. Combined kitchen room with shared bathroom - your decision and it will depend on many factors:

number of households:

the size of the kitchen and common room, layout;

arrangement of communications systems (not always possible to transfer gas pipes, for example);

the number of storage systems, and household appliances, which must be placed in the working area of ​​the kitchen;

the selected design style apartments.


design and interior for a small kitchen

Combining the kitchen with a common roomspace, you get one, but bright and spacious rooms, opportunities to exhibit designer fantasies which will be much larger than in the two zones. Especially when you consider the fact that one of them has a modest area of ​​5.5-6.5 square. M. But the difficulty in this case unavoidable - it is necessary to get the most powerful and noiseless hood and make sure that the design of the kitchen segment corresponds to the entire interior space.


design and interior for a small kitchen

Which I would not have had a room of smallapartment, kitchen area will still have a modest size. Therefore, experts recommend the use of bright colors for the performance of kitchen fronts of furniture set. For bringing the focus of the image of the kitchen area, you can use colorful tiles for decoration kitchen apron or install colorful retro-models of household appliances (modern option to the original design are original and versatile mix). Also, the surface of the light can be alternated with wood elements (worktops, kitchen or part of finishing the facades of one of the cabinets tiers).

For bachelor apartments will be enoughkitchen area, which is just placed on a table top and a pair of hinged lockers (or open shelves). Built-in hobs and sink, space for meals - all fit on a single console, which is fastened to the wall and can not rely on any one support, providing all the space under it for its convenient location for meals.


design and interior for a small kitchen

Another embodiment of a working kitchen areafor a small family - furniture headsets with built-in appliances in the cabinet. Your kitchen is literally located inside the closet. And household appliances and storage systems are compact, sleek design, but you will be able to just close the cabinet sash (or move the sliding doors) and to receive a full living room.

Small bathroom

The one-bedroom apartments, as well as in moststandard housing construction times of the last century, no bathroom is large. Most often arrange a bath (shower), sink, toilet and storage systems must be in an area less than 3.5 square meters. Over the years, the use of combined bathroom, designers and their clients has developed the most rational arrangement of plumbing in the bathrooms. Also approved was the fact that when connecting to the bathroom and the toilet is possible to carve out a space for a washing machine.


design and interior for a small apartment

But the only rational positionSanitary devices can not do in the bathroom of modest size. It is necessary to visually enhance a small space. In the course are as standard methods - choice of bright color palette, the use of glossy tiles, the use of mirrors and glass surfaces, providing excellent coverage of the small room. So basically inherent to utilitarian spaces - can be used edging bright color on the background of bright finish to visually increase the height of the bathroom, used for the same purpose vertical decor and arrangement of rectangular tiles. On the same floor for visual extension of the space can be used porcelain tiles laid diagonally.


design and interior for a small apartment

In a small bathroom and a multifunctionalBuilt-in plumbing - the key to successful design. We build a bath, which, thanks to virtually invisible glass partition and mounted on the wall watering can play a role and shower. A suspended toilets and sinks will help save precious centimeters of useful space and give the interior a modern look.

Several life hacking for small homes

Designers all over the world for a long time his trainskills to create practical, beautiful and functional ideas for small-sized housing. If your studio apartment has a modest area, it does not mean that it can not be comfortable, stylish and ergonomic housing. We offer you to get acquainted with interesting design ideas on the organization of storage and jobs in the apartments with small and medium in size.


The idea for a small apartment


The idea for a small apartment


The idea for a small apartment


The idea for a small apartment


The idea for a small apartment


The idea for a small apartment

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The idea for a small apartment


The idea for a small apartment

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The idea for a small apartment

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