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Small apartment: the best ideas interior studio

What thoughts come to mind when itIt comes to a completely ideal home? Wealth Is this dwelling, his complex and refined interior, or is it that the heat that it will give you and your loved ones?


Undoubtedly, home comfort and atmosphere are injust depending on how well decorated your home. It should be borne in mind first of all, the psychological aspect. Already we ceased to amaze designers statements that colors, shapes and textures can fill a human energy, and vice versa, to get him to feel depressed and even painful. Because to the decoration and interior design at home should be approached with great care.


Sometimes, however, in dealing with this problem, weWe face a number of difficulties, among which is the question of the area of ​​the living space frequently. We will try to give some advice on how to properly design the interior of the apartment to the house did not seem close and delight its residents.

plan space

Before turning to a discussion of this issue, as the interior of a studio apartment, it is worth noting that the space is of two types - closed or open structure.


Thus, in the latter category may include housing,strictly divided into separate rooms, while the first involves the common room, which is visually divided into several zones. All psychologists agree that a closed space enhances a sense of security and relaxation, but an open positive effect on the level of emancipation of the individual.


Thus, a large space will not allowto truly rest and will cause a person psychological discomfort. To the interior of a studio apartment was as convenient as possible, it is necessary to divide the room into several zones. Here come to the aid arches, various screens, play of light and changes in the type of floor covering.


A few secrets of expansion space is limited

Owners of small houses, who wish tomake the interior of a studio apartment as convenient as possible for the data, it should remember a few small secrets that will allow even a small area a little to expand, albeit only visually. For example, do not be afraid to play with the light and color of the interior design.



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