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Roman blinds in the interior: the options, design, photo

The use of Roman blinds in the interior allowsdecorate a window in a modern way that eliminates time-consuming maintenance of traditional drapes and curtains. Suitable this way of decoration for almost any style - from classic to the most modern hi-tech and minimalist, and looks especially good in the styles of the east.

"Roman" blind - it's elegance and practicality,ease of care and modern appearance. In addition, the curtains can be applied to any image, including on demand, which allows to turn them into real works of art. Since its introduction in the early 20th century curtains, called "Roman", immediately became popular, and over the years has not lost its relevance.

Forms of the Roman cornices

Roman blinds attached to the window with the help ofa special mechanism, which is called the Roman cornice. Such cornices can be different in design, and have characteristic features, which are divided into groups. Options Roman blinds look at below.

options for Roman blinds

Methods for mounting the cornice

One classification is based on Roman blinds cornice fastening method.

  • Mini cornice. Blind to this ledge is attached directly to the window frame. Such mounting saves space and is used especially in small apartments, as well as apartments, decorated in a minimalist style. In this method of fastening the sill does not close the curtain, and remains free, and can be used as a desk, benches, shelves for books and flowers, or in any other way.

Roman blinds window decoration

Roman blinds in the interior of the kitchen

Roman blinds in the interior of the kitchen

  • Classic cornice. On this ledge secured large curtains (standard size 1.5 x 1.8 meters). Mounted classical cornices on the wall above the window. The lowered curtain adjacent to the wall and takes up less space in the room than conventional curtains.

Roman blinds window decoration

  • A complex cornice. For roof or arched windows, a special design of the Roman blinds with oblique or curved eaves. For these windows use Roman blinds - great decoration.

Roman blinds window decoration

Roman blinds in the attic


Another classification of Roman blinds is based on differences in the mechanism of action, allowing lower and raise the blade. Accordingly, the moldings are divided into:

  1. cornices with manual lifting mechanism.
  2. cornices with electric lifting mechanism.

Typically, as the curtains are attached with cord lifting.

Roman curtains design

Roman curtains design

When making roman blinds windows must beimagine how it will be convenient to use it. And to evaluate the convenience of suitable classification based on the particular details of the lifting mechanism of the device. In accordance with its cornices are divided into the following groups:

  • Rope, aka kordovyj lifting mechanism. This is the most practical and cost-effective option. Apply in those cases where the fabric from which the curtain is made, not too heavy. It is very dense and heavy materials can deduce the mechanism of action.
  • Chain-rotary mechanism is based on therotating blocks and dense cord design is driven by movement of the chain. This allows you to stop the mechanism in any position, respectively, the curtain can be fixed at any height, which is very convenient.
  • Electric window shade control system - the most convenient, but at least this budget option. Pressing the button on the remote, you can open or close the blinds, not getting up.

The construction of the Roman blinds

Roman blinds have many advantages overconventional, but only if you chose wisely mechanism in accordance with their needs. For correct selection is necessary to imagine well how this mechanism works, and what parts it consists of.

Any cornice, regardless of the type of lifting mechanism comprises:

  • profile (usually of metal)
  • plummet to fabric curtains,
  • lifting mechanism
  • pulling mechanism
  • additional elements (hooks, chains, Velcro - depending on the fact that during pulling and lifting mechanisms are used).

Different versions of Roman blinds can be equipped with the following systems:

  • Outdoor hoist with a chain mechanism,providing tight winding blind cloth on the roller, the web fixation takes place with the help of hooks on the sides and hooks made of plastic, which are included in the box of the cornice.
  • The spring mechanism for lifting the web from the open or closed guide that is used for the oblique arrangement of the windows, for example in the attic.

Roman curtains design

Roman curtains design

What to consider when choosing the Roman cornices?

Due to the fact that the structure of the Roman blinds very different from the conventional curtain rod, these differences must be considered in selecting fabrics for blind cloth, its width and height.

  • Curtains width of more than two and a half meters is not recommended, since the mechanism of this length will not sustain permanent loads, and quickly breaks down.
  • Too long, the canvas will be a lot of weighteven if enough light fabrics are used, therefore, in their houses double-light halls should not be used on a ledge two window openings - the length of the curtains can not be more than 4.5 m!
  • Very dense and hard tissue should be used only when the cornice possesses the necessary strength and reliability.

When making the window Roman Blinds main task- The right choice of the cornice, and it needs to select depending on what kind of cloth to be used. The strength of the eaves must be such as to withstand the weight of the lifting mechanism and the web and some even have a strength reserve. To increase the strength of the eaves can use an extra attachment points installed in the middle of its length. It will evenly distribute the load and reduce the slack.

Roman blinds window decoration in the bathroom

Roman blinds in the interior of the kitchen

Roman blinds in the living room interior

Advantages of Roman blinds

Let us consider the main differences from the usual Roman blinds curtains to understand why they got so popular.

  • Curtains can be mounted almost anywhere,even very narrow. They are suitable for processing non-standard window openings of any geometry, suitable for windows in the bay window and skylight is simply no alternative.
  • Roman blinds in the interior will not only helpto create a unique environment, they are also able to provide a complete blackout in case you decide to arrange the room a home theater, reliably protect the bedroom from the morning sun, and it does not interfere with access to natural light, if you raise them completely.
  • Cloth Roman blinds can be made from any fabric: organza, cotton, silk, wool, velvet, tapestry, velor. Used as synthetic fabrics, and even web of film.

registration window Roman Blinds in the kitchen

Roman blinds in the interior of the kitchen

Roman blinds in the interior of the bathroom

Features eave mount

Whichever option Roman blinds you choose,fixing their eaves is typical for all kinds of features. Typically, the cornice and all you need to hang it in the operating position, comes with cloth, attached screws and instruction, which details step by step describes the process of assembling and installation of the product, as well as detailed scheme and process pictures. Often, the instruction is lost, and in this case is difficult to handle the installation of its own. Therefore, we present recommendations to help hang the curtain rod, even if you have lost the instructions.


  1. Spend the markup in place. Curtains should advocate for the window opening (in the case of wall mounting) by about two to three centimeters. This distance can be more or less depending on the particular situation.
  2. Do the holes in the wall using a drill for the brackets that hold the sides of the cornice. Fix the bracket in place.
  3. Whatever the design of the Roman curtains, itfabric must be specially weighted bar. In some cases, this rod can be packaged separately, and then you have to attach it to the web. If the bar is already in the web, you need to press the "sticky" tape it to the top edge of the same tape on the ledge, and the need to press firmly.
  4. After completion of the work necessary to perform the teston performance, repeatedly opening and closing the curtain. If it goes up and down without twitching and considerable effort - you coped with the task of installing the Roman blinds.

method of attachment of the Roman curtain rod

Making Roman Blinds window is most often used in cases where an ordinary curtain rod to hang impossible. And then the ledge is attached directly to the window opening on the outer side.

Hooking the cornice on the frame with the help of the bestspecial "sticky", in which case you will not need additional tools and materials. Thus, we see that roman blinds - the most versatile choice for all types of window design in any interior. They can not only become a decoration of the room, but also enhance the functionality of the use of windows and their surroundings.

Roman curtain rod

Roman blinds in the interior: the options, design, photo 1
Roman blinds in the interior: the options, design, photo 2
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