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Placement of furniture on Feng Shui

Bring your home to harmony, to ensurecorrect and beneficial energy flow, to attract wealth and abundance, will help not complicated tips on furniture arrangement feng shui.

placement of furniture according to Feng Shui


For bedrooms in the most important location for furnitureFeng Shui - is set right bed. From the location of bed it depends primarily on the state of health sleep. If we consider that the dream takes a considerable share of each life, the question of good sleep is quite serious.

Feng Shui Bedroom gives some basic guidelines:

  • bed should not be placed next to the wall adjacent to the bathroom, or the rank node;
  • arrange the furniture according to Feng Shui is necessary so that the bed was not in front of the door;
  • the direction of sharp corners should be drawn to the sleepers;
  • arrangement of furniture on Feng Shui eliminates the installation of shelves, cabinets and other hinged structures otdyhayuschih- over your head, you may experience headaches, increased anxiety and poor sleep;
  • the presence of mirrors in the bedroom should be kept to a minimum, if any bed should not be reflected on the surface under any angle.


The same principles work for children's roomsarrangement of furniture on Feng Shui. A minimum of sharp corners more rounded shapes. In addition, it should be noted particularly, the negative impact that feng shui children room ascribes all overhanging structures.

For children, if the house is more than one, oftenchoose double beds. bunk bed design saves space and is quite popular. Principles of arrangement of furniture on Feng Shui, are categorically against such a reception for the following reasons:

  • Pressure from above can cause a child's fears are groundless;
  • may increase anxiety and nervousness, nightmares;
  • a child who would sleep on the lower bed would be guided;
  • "Locked" space affects the increasing trend to develop claustrophobia.


The input area in a standard apartment not toovolume, so to arrange the furniture according to Feng Shui according to the rules can not happen, but the basic principles can be taken into account. The front door did not have to hit when you open a door or other furniture.

Positioning the mirror opposite the entrance door andnot worth it. Through the main door in the house comes all power, it nourishes households, gives well-being and comfort. The mirror will reflect the entire new energy and not "let" in the house.

Living room

Advice on furniture placement of feng shui in the common room:

  • table should be round - a harmonious form, unites all members of the family;
  • feng shui living room sofa and chairs should not be set by the window;
  • over your favorite chair or sofa should be no hinged shelves or brackets;
  • sharp corners should be directed to the place of the room where you are most.


To arrange the furniture on Feng Shui have to take into account thethe interaction of the elements. Water and Fire should not be located close by. One word in the kitchen on Feng Shui, your stove and oven must be removed by washing, dishwasher and sink.

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