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Outdoor decorative vases in the interior

It offers those who want to change your interior,there are so many different decorating items and techniques. But among the many accessories have one, never going out of fashion, not losing its relevance, and allow a few minutes to change the look of your home: it is interior decorative vases.

interior decorative vases in the interior

Choosing the right, a vase can addinterior elegance, originality, expressiveness, making it brighter and more noticeable. This is one of the easiest ways to transform the apartment for a minimum period of time and at low cost.

Floor vases in the interior

Floor vases in the interior usually play a roledecorative accents, but may also bear functional load, for example, such a vase can serve as a basis for the lamp. Shapes, colors, patterns, coverage of these vases can be so diverse that even to list them is hardly possible.

Floor vases in the interior

selection Rules

If you decide that the vase on the floor will be a decorative accent the room, remember a few simple rules for choosing such a decoration.

A place. Like all volumetric decorative objects, vases like to be allocated sufficient space. And the larger the size (and the height and volume) itself vases, so it requires more space. If the vase is blocked by furniture look, it loses its meaning. Look for open space to install the vase, as a rule, is either free from furniture corner, or the gap between the window and the wall a low piece of furniture such as a sofa or bed.

Floor vases in the interior

Colour. Floor vases in the interior, tend to have contrasting colors. For example, when the white walls vase color can be black, and vice versa. Close to the background colors are not recommended, as the vase will be "lost" in space. But the main condition: the color should be in harmony with the interior.

Floor vases in the interior

Filling. Putting flowers in a vase or other decorative elements - you decide. It all depends on your design. Empty vase itself - decoration, and if it is decorated with a bright pattern, the colors may appear "superfluous". In them you can put dry twigs or composition of dried flowers.

More modest trim interior decorative vases can accommodate itself as fresh flowers and indoor plants in pots.

interior decorative vases

The form. Interesting form itself will give your interior originality. Circular, conical, rectangular, cylindrical, cup like, a pot, a cone - can be any shape.

vase on the floor

But if you decide to supplement this decorativeelement of any composition, keep in mind that lush, volume vase on the floor looks good with complex compositions like of flowers, and from the dry branches.

vase on the floor

But in the long and narrow vase will look much better than a single flower or a branch of an ornamental plant.

Outdoor decorative vase

Material. Interior decorative vase can be made of any material. Glass, porcelain, metal, wood, leather, ceramics, plants, roots, bamboo, plastic and even old newspapers - it all depends on your desire. Especially original vases with built-in lighting.

Outdoor decorative vase with illumination

Floor vases in the interior should playa role, and before buying should imagine what you expect from them. The different rooms can be different vases, and not just by color, shape and material, but also in their functions. For example, in the living room - a vase, a floor lamp in the bedroom - a vase that hides a plant room and the kitchen - a vase of fresh flowers. The main condition - they should be in harmony with the environment.

Vase on the floor

Vase on the floor can do from your kitchenpresent the conservatory, and a loggia turned into a blooming garden. It is not only beautiful, but also good for your health: plants retain their leaves in the dust, which otherwise would have settled into our lungs, clear air of harmful impurities allocated to furniture and penetrating from the street, it is added to oxygen.

Vase on the floor

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