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Original and practical ideas of space zoning in the rooms: 25 vivid examples

Zoning space rooms.

In the new review, the reader can appreciate theincredibly practical ideas of how to distribute the available room space. Approach to the issue should be taken seriously, because of the results of its decision will depend on the whole look kind of accommodation.

1. Zoning room space

A great example of the zoning of the room space.

2. The white interiors

Interior decoration of rooms in white with the correct division of zones.

3. The division of rooms

A good example of the zoning of the space in the house.

4. The Great Experiment

Just a cool example of the zoning of the space by dividing rooms shelves.

5. Rack-partition

An excellent example of the transformation of space by placing the rack-partitions.

6. A light baffle

Zoning space rooms with the help of light partitions.

7. Separation of space

The rapid transformation of the division of space and the living room and bedroom.

8. Wood partition

Zoning space rooms with the help of a fine wooden partitions.

9. Most of the partition-shelf

A great example of design of the room with the help of its zoning.

10. bookshelves

A pretty example of the separation of rooms space by a bookshelf.

11. A light baffle

Example of zoning space with the help of a successful partition.

12. Successful partition

A great example of the decoration of the space through the partition.

13. The original rack

Nice option decorating the space and splitting it into parts.

14. Zoning Space

Successful separation space with a white zone partitions.

15. Wooden example partition

To cancel the decision to decorate and transform the interior through a wooden partition.

16. Custom bookcase

A good option to arrange and optimize the interior with bookcase.

17. Interesting partition

Optimal zoning room space through partitions which separate the different areas of the room.

18. Nice Rack

With the help of a rack is possible to optimize the room and break into pieces.

19. Zoning Space

A good example of the separation space via the stack.

20. The division of rooms by means of a door

rooms separated by a door - will be the best option decor.

21. Zoning curtains space

Decoration of the room and the transformation by means of curtains.

22. The division of space bars

Partition weightless and easy to visually divide the space into parts.

23. The original partition

Cool design solution to create an original openwork partition.

24. Zoning Space

Perfect solution to decorate the interior with an air wall.

25. Bright interior

Bright interior is optimally designed with the help of interesting partitions in the form of curtains.

Zoning space is one of the best methods to solve the problem of transformation and optimization rooms. Therefore, you should pay special attention to Innovative ideas for the space zoning: 27 striking examples.

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