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Possible interior design small living room. 9 ideas for small apartments


The interior of the small apartments -it is always a rather complicated question. Where every centimeter of space to run on the host and, at the same time, there is no room for all sorts of excesses. But if the basic requirement for the kitchen - functionality, and bedroom - comfort for the living room all the requirements merge together: here all should be comfortable, functional and beautiful. To learn how to design the interior of a small living room properly and harmoniously, today we'll talk.


The three main tasks that confrontthe owners of a small living room - is this: choose the right color scheme of the room, well-chosen furnishings, as well as take care of the appropriate lighting of the room.

How to choose a color scheme

Will the cozy interior of a small living room, inmainly depends on the color gamut space. Therefore, experienced designers recommend in such cases to use light wallpapers with unobtrusive, small figure. This visually expand the boundaries of your room.


If you need to visually increase the heightpremises, try to give preference to the vertical stripes in the design of the walls. If such an option seems too boring, you can vary it with all sorts of design ideas. For example, to combine different types of wallpaper, to focus on one wall or use a mirror in the design of the room, which also makes the interior of a small living room is much more spacious.

Choosing furniture

Choosing furniture for small living room - businessespecially thin. Despite the fact that we are used to seeing in traditional living rooms full of furniture a set of sofas and a few chairs, the interior of a small living room simply will not sustain such massive. In this case it is best to stay in the comfortable chairs and pufah that are a pleasure moment can be rearranged depending on the number of guests.


In general, a good solution would be the furnitureorder. In a pinch, you can add in the interior of a small living room double sofa, which will not only provide comfortable seating for guests but also additional storage space.


Lighting - both visually enlarge the space

Lighting in a small living room playing farimportant role. This room should be bright, while visually it will be much more spacious. The main chandelier, you can add a variety of lights, wall sconces or original floor lamps. Also, do not forget about natural light. Allowing sunlight to penetrate into the room.


Try to use in the design of a windowbright and light fabric that will not only create an atmosphere of ease, but also to let the light in the room and fresh air. The ideal option in this case will serve as a fashionable Roman blinds.


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