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New Year's interior: 26 interesting ideas ukrashaniya holiday windows

Examples of window decorations for the New Year.

New Year is just around the corner and it is worth thinking aboutdecorating the house. If someone has not done anything for this, it's worth thinking about how to decorate and put in order the most important element of any home - window.

1. Decoration of the window

Christmas wreaths decorating the windows.

2. Christmas mood

Decoration of windows with snowflakes out of paper.

3. Christmas wreaths

Decorate the box with the possible help of Christmas wreaths.

4. Option window decoration

Create a Christmas mood thanks to the pretty decor of the window.

5. Sweet decoration

Decorate window Christmas toys placed on a branch.

6. Christmas balls

Christmas toys is not only decorate the Christmas tree, and a window.

7. The festive mood

Decorate window and thus create a fairy-tale Christmas atmosphere.

8. Window Dressing

Christmas mood must be present even in small things.

9. New Year's resolution

Window Decoration with fir and snowflakes out of paper.

10. Decorating the kitchen window

Christmas mood even possible to create in the kitchen.

11. Prints Christmas curtains

Create a festive atmosphere is possible due to the New Year prints on the curtains.

12. Christmas mood

New curtains create the right festive mood.

13. The interior of the New Year performance

Contents window through curtains with New Year prints is a great option.

14. Curtains with a Christmas theme

Curtains with a Christmas-themed fine example of New Year's decor.

15. New Year's curtains

Curtains - New Year's interior decoration.

16. Prints Christmas curtains

Prints Christmas curtains can make the room fabulous.

17. New Year's fairy tale

One example create a festive atmosphere of the room.

18. Decorate the interior curtains

New curtains in the interior - decorate and transform the environment.

19. The original print on the curtains

The original print on the curtains depicting snowmen.

20. Christmas curtain

Excellent choice to design the interior with a touch of New Year's mood.

21. Colorful Palette

Bright curtains with red ornament will create a fabulous holiday setting.

22. Gently-blue coolness

A great example of design of the room with a Christmas theme and pale blue curtains.

23. A tiny detail of the interior

Small kitchen curtains with Christmas designs adds a fabulous festive atmosphere.

24. Sweet jewelry box

Decorate the box can be Christmas candy.

25. Christmas mood

Easy and gentle atmosphere created thanks to the Christmas window decoration.

26. Decorating goodies window

Decorate the box can be Christmas goodies.

Christmas mood - an important component, it will allow to create the right decor. Therefore, you should pay special attention to 10 original ways to decorate windows for the New Year.

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