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Manual carpet cleaning home remedies

carpet cleaning methods

Modern methods of carpet cleaning - a vacuum cleaner,allow to dry cleaning to keep them in order and preserve the appearance for a long time. But carpet cleaning home remedies are still relevant, because some contaminants difficult to handle otherwise.

Vacuums carpets recommended in a day, orat least three times a week. But this care is not limited to carpets. Once every six months is necessary to thoroughly remove dirt, which include carpet dry cleaning or use a special professional equipment intended for home cleaning.

carpet cleaning methods

There are several popular ways manualcarpet cleaning, and they are of a seasonal nature. In winter, the snow carpet can be cleaned by gently rubbed it into the pile, and then from the inside wicker pokolachivaya "shovel". The remains of the snow pile scrub with a brush with long bristles. The procedure is repeated several times.

manual carpet cleaning can be carried out with the summerusing saline. Its crystals are used similarly to the snow - they gently rubbed into the pile, and leave for a while. Then knock carpet, after which the wet brush salt residue was removed together with impurities, occasionally bristle washing with cold water. After this procedure is necessary to dry the carpet.

carpet cleaning methods

Methods for cleaning carpets of different spots used in these materials, but in the main the same: the sooner you treat stains, the best result will be obtained.

Dripped on the bright carpet of red wine or a dropped sandwich butter side down? Try to carry out carpet cleaning home remedies, which are always at hand.

Wine. Mix a bit of washing powder and soda, dissolve in a small amount of water and spray evenly on the contaminated surface. Clean with a dry cloth blot.

Manual cleaning of carpets

Fat. Manual cleaning of carpets used in the fight against oil stains. Sprinkle the stain with talc, the top cover with toilet paper and iron hot iron. Talc and paper periodically change. Also removes stains from the wax, paraffin candle and other material.

carpet cleaning home remedies

Coffee. Old books on housekeeping contain many ways to clean the carpets home remedies for stains of coffee, but the most effective is the use of ammonia and glycerol. First smear the stain with glycerin, and then, after waiting for some time, wash it with water with the addition of alcohol natashyrnogo. And then, and more can be purchased at a pharmacy without a problem.

carpet cleaning methods

Almost all carpet cleaning methods are applicable to bothfresh, and to the "old" spots. But the latter has its own peculiarities. They can not be strongly rub, or attempt to treat immediately with plenty of liquids pyatnovyvodyaschih. For not too heavily soiled suit this method: moisten the stain the entire area, leaving little of his edge, with a weak solution of vinegar, five to seven minutes, gently rub with a clean cotton cloth. The procedure is repeated to achieve the effect.

Another effective method for cleaning carpetshome remedies - use baking soda. The first stage is treated pollution stain and then sprinkled thick soda and left to dry, and then thoroughly vacuumed.

carpet cleaning home remedies

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