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Making a loft in the rough industrial style

The classic version of the interior in the style of the apartment loft - The elements of an abandoned industrial building, warehouse or loft (loft in the translation from English means ".attic"). In the classical style loft must necessarily be plasteredroughest brick walls or plaster, exposed-beam ceilings, huge windows, pipes, wires hanging, different details of industrial machines, etc. It is typical for this area no partitions, accessories phenomenal.

Making a loft in the rough industrial style

We offer a look at all the stylistic highlight stylean example of one apartment. Because the walls, forming separate rooms in the interior are not needed. The most suitable layout of the apartment for the decoration in the loft-style - is studio apartment.

Coffee table of the boxes

Methods space zoning

Space apartments on separate territoriespossible to differentiate partial partitions. They can be filled with all kinds of the materials. Very impressive look and style of the glass combined with patinated walls, framed by wood beams:

Bamboo trunks in the corner

Very impressive look wooden lattice, which resemble vintage shutters in an old house:

5 chairs near the brick wall

In addition to zoning partitions can be performed using a different color or textured design. Thus, in the living room is used brick for the walls:

Wicker chandelier

A corner for intellectual pursuits is decorated in yellow:

Carpet on the floor of patchwork

Mini cabinet painted in dark turquoise with the effects of peeling plaster:

Turquoise wall in loft

In one of the bedrooms on the walls can be pasted burlap or other coarse textile processing. This will give some tenderness quite hard style:

The sleeping area is on the floor

In the next bedroom, which does not require compromise, wall and floor matched coating that mimics metal mesh:

Bed on wheels in the loft

The only solid wall in the apartment can serve as a distinction from the residential area bathrooms. Originally looks sliding door of rough planks rough:

The wooden sliding door

The bathroom is inside also divided into mini-area original ways. WC and urinal separated by a hedge, which is intertwined trunks.

The partition in the bathroom of the vines

The walls in this part of the sanitary rooms covered with shingle and wooden shields with abstract patterns.

Forged shelves in the closet

Place for washing indicated by the use of other decorative materials. Where appropriate and wood, and rattan and glass and metallic paint, as it all blends harmoniously into the loft design.

Wicker cabinet under the sink Mirror on the wall with metallic paint

Very unusual place bath arranged accommodation. The model itself has a square configuration, are made of wood. Instead, mixers and flexible shower hose is possible to use a stationary device on the ceiling. But such a method of recruitment adopted and shower water is not quite appropriate.

Wooden rectangular bath The stream of water from the shower in the ceiling

Making the walls and ceiling

As already described, a typical feature of the wall finish is rough plaster

red flower on a window sill


Forged sofa in the living room

Classic ceiling in industrial style - countless wood beams, painted in bright colors

The picture on the yellow wall

Appropriate will pipe laid along or across the beams

Glass partition wall with wooden beams


Materials and simple shapes, ascetic formfurniture designs are ideal for loft-style interior. Wrought iron and carved flat metal armrests and backrests, settee couch and rocking chair will fall by the way in the interior.

Ottoman of old worn leather will be a wonderful addition to the basic furniture

Leather pouf Design loft left in a rough industrial style

As coffee tables can come crates knocked together from boards

Wooden vertical beams Making a loft in the rough industrial style

Convenient and bunk design table made of wood and metal

Purple flowers in a pot on the left Making a loft in the rough industrial style


Jewellery for the interior in the loft directionare simple materials and forms, but at the same time they are extravagant, eccentric, at times contrasting. They are easy to make with their own hands. Cushions and carpet from the eye-catching multi-colored squares patchwork combined with each other styles and are a striking accent.

Pillow patchwork style Loft Design Loft in a rough industrial style

Lighting devices in the apartment loft may be the most diverse styles and forms. Fantastic looks and creates a contrast against the background of shabby planks good brass chandelier.

The chandelier in the form of candles, loft-style Design Loft in a rough industrial style

Bus lamps - a newfangled method of lighting andthe best option for the interior in the industrial style. Multifunction together on the tires very advantageous. There are many configurations of this type of lamps.

Shelving for books left Making a loft in the rough industrial style

Style loft choose the brave people with creative thinking,young people of creative professions, looking for unusual answers in life. The apartment is decorated in an industrial style, possibility to build an art studio or music studio. Throws, remarkable extraordinary environment facilitates the development of imagination and imagination.

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