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Interior design living room: why do you need this room?

Living room - a room in the house thatIt belongs simultaneously to all and no one in particular. In some houses a living room is the center of the house, where the family spends time together, watching TV, lunch and dinner, talking. In the other - on the contrary, it is a room-museum, the entrance to which is justified only on special occasions, during a dinner party or other significant events.


Choosing a design for living room

Choose the right interior design living room, you will only be able to answer questions about how you are going to use this room and why you need it.

There are several criteria for the use of the living room from which is largely dependent on its interior:

the number of people who will use this bathroom;

intensity / frequency of use of the living room;

the nature of the activities that you plan to spend in the living room.

Optimally will plan your interior in accordance with the three points.


Zoning living room


As each family to decide howuse the living room, the options can be very different. If you are going to spend in the living room only to family dinners and TV viewing a small company of 3-4 people, you can afford to zone the room into several cozy islands: a dining area, a zone for children's games, which, for example, can be combined with the area of ​​cinema. Another thing, if you are planning to gather in their crowded noisy companies - in this case the place should be used optimally by providing a sufficient number of seats. In the living room you can put a large comfortable sofas, a round glass table - thus accurately accommodate all the guests, regardless of their number.


From how often you intend to useliving room, it depends on the quality and nature of the furniture that will stand there. Suppose, if you are going every weekend to arrange a noisy party with dancing and other entertainment, is unlikely to be justified the purchase of an expensive antique furniture for the living room. In this case it is better to confine the modern set of furniture, which is easy to clean and is much cheaper. Finally, think about what you will be doing in the living room, what kind of meeting conduct. Family gatherings with children require a cozy, homely atmosphere, while as official receptions and dinners with business partners are held in the front, almost a museum atmosphere. Choosing interior design for the living room, keep in mind what it is you need this room and in this plan depending on its design.

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