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Tricks for a small living room: living room interior design in a small apartment

Tricks for a small living room

Perfect Living - what do you see it? Most people would answer this question like this: "Stylish and spacious". As for the style, we will not argue, because it is a purely personal matter, and that's about the size of it would be necessary to clarify. That is, based on the response, it can be concluded that a small living room can not be an ideal? - Not at all!


It can even, and proof of this is thea myriad of successful design projects, from which we can draw a number of original and spectacular ideas that make becoming a real visually add a few square meters of any small room, such as the living room. In this article, you'll see that on a few square meters and is quite fit furniture, and a large LED TV, and have room to collect guests.


The color scheme for a small living room

As many already know, color - this is the mainweapons of any designer. But, as with any weapon, the color should be extremely careful. This is especially important in the design of small spaces. So, it is best if a small lounge will include light and soft monochrome shades that do not put pressure on the psyche and not "eat" space.


If you want something brighter, the expertsrecommend to prefer cold or warm tones of green or light blue palette. "Temperature" color can be chosen, depending on the brightness of the room. For example, white and blue decoration can add a light in a small and poorly lit room, while a sufficient amount of light, a small living room can be decorated in shades of green.


Stealth finishes and interior details small living room

To begin, I would like to determine howit is a small living room is framed style. It can be a romantic and light of Provence, filled with metallic luster of high-tech or concise and monochrome minimalism. Each of these areas has its own stylistic nuances and tricks that make the room more spacious.

interior of the apartment, interior design.

For example, tenderness Provence can easily passusing white wooden floor and furniture with the same light blue upholstery. Here is a very relevant light and airy curtains of translucent fabrics and patterns with spatial landscapes.


By the way, many designers prefereven pictures, and wallpapers. This is a very effective move, as large images from a distant perspective (panoramic view outside the window or the street, disappearing into the distance) are able to create a stunning, spacious interior.


Minimalism is based on the gray-white-black scale. The basis, of course, best to take either pure white or light gray color. After all, small living room in dark colors will be very dark and cramped. Light background can be supplemented with dark gray furniture and black décor. Also, there will be very good looking glass interior items: shelves, tables, partitions. All this will make the room more airy.


If you choose a high-tech, it is first and foremostergonomics. That is, a minimum of furniture with a maximum range of functions, which in itself is good for small spaces. And, of course, metal home furnishings with smooth, mirrors and reflective surfaces that make even the smallest living room filled with light.


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