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Small - does not mean cramped! A new approach to the design and arrangement of the home office

Very often "study" the word in our mindsthere is a huge room with a massive oak table and card indexes. But today, many people prefer to work at home and equip his office just two square meters. And, believe me, to work in a home office is not worse than in the huge office!

A new approach to the design and arrangement of the home office. Home Photos office

Home Office needs not only to those who workhome: kids who do their homework, adults who read the news on the Internet - they all need a place where you can concentrate on the work. And this is possible even in a small apartment.


What do you want a home office?

Activities for which you may needhome office - is any work that you do at a desk or at a computer: whether it will be writing articles or website promotion, it does not matter - it is important that you feel comfortable. So start developing the design home office with what you do.


If you only need a computer, it will be enoughvery small table. Select the corner of the apartment, where you will not interfere with the children, television, sunlight will not fall on the monitor. You can arrange a home office or even in a niche in the closet, so you can close it from prying eyes, when not in use.

For the organization of small and compactHome Office and sill approach: expanding the sill can be arranged on it a full table, and in a niche beneath it - a storage system for documents and stationery.


The main thing - effective work

If the rest of your decor can besimply beautiful, the office has to be functional. Most importantly, you are able to work effectively, so think through the most important functional aspects:

to make you sit in front of the computer;

storage space for documents should be easy to use;

most necessary items must be on the surface and within reach;

light, whereby convenient to operate at any time.


Very practical for small home officehanging shelves and open shelves: they find a place as a functional things, objects and decor. Thus you will be able to strike a balance between a beautiful and user-friendly design interior of office.


If you like fresh flowers, be sure toput on your desktop pot with a flowering plant or a bouquet of cut flowers: such details are intended to remind us that life - it's not just a job, and the work itself can be fun!

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