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Purple and lavender tones in interior design: properties, features, photos

Design in purple colors is the trend of recent seasons. This is explained by the fact that the color itself has a huge variety of shades, among which there is an option for the most demanding taste.

Lavender, lilac, purple - all this in factsynonyms, indicating a light shade of purple. In Russia it is more commonly called the purple, in the West - lavender. Pale lilac tones are not unique lavender, and violet, and lilac flowers. Their gentle paint are pastel shades, and may have not only purple, and other colors - blue, pink, crimson, purple. This and a variety of finishing options.

Kitchen design in purple tones

Lavender color in the interior of child

Lavender color in the interior of child

Lavender color in the interior - it is lightpurple, as a rule, it is inherent in the lavender flowers of the plant. However, lavender, lilac, and how, can be of different colors, so choose the "reference" color is almost impossible.

Lavender color in the interior of the kitchen-living room

Bedroom interior in shades of lilac

Properties lilac tones

Blue and purple hues inherent in lavender,They are a group of cold colors, so they are usually used in the interior, in cases when they want to create a cool atmosphere and add freshness. So, it is very popular lavender trim rooms overlooking the south side, as well as bathrooms.

The interior of the purple tones, especially inif it has a bluish tinge, it promotes relaxation, calms the nervous system. If the shade is close to pink, the action shifts to the opposite, so the interior bracing. Lavender, as well as other cool tones, visually increases the volume of the room, so popular when you make small spaces.

Interior nursery in lilac shades

Design bedroom in lilac shades



Design in purple colors most naturallyIt looks in the Provencal style. Provence - a province in the southeast of France, known for the fact that there are cultivated lavender, and its vast lavender fields have long been the hallmark of the region.

light used in the Provencal style,diluted white shades, very bright - as if burnt in the hot southern sun, this applies to all colors, including purple. Combine lavender can be with light milk and beige shades, the color of old wood and gray tones. It is used for painting large surfaces, such as walls and trim pieces - in this case, the color should be darker.

Design living room in shades of lilac in the style of Provence

Modern classic

In modern classical interiors lavenderis used quite frequently, thus it must be "dusty" or "smoky". Lavender can be either wall or individual furniture items.

contemporary classic interior in shades of lavender


Lavender color in the interior style of minimalismcan successfully replace the classic black and white combination. The tones can be anything, and be used both as a base and for additions. For example, on a light, almost white walls with a light purple hue will look spectacular elements of violet tones thick.

Cool lavender will help to make a smallroom visually more spacious. In all these styles lavender tone is used in large quantities, however, be used as accent it can virtually any environment.

Lavender-white color in the interior of a kitchen-living room-style minimalism


When creating interiors in shades of lilacUse as additional colors like white, gray, milk, ivory, beige. The brown and black as well with a delicate violet. In some styles, blending purple with turquoise, green, blue and yellow tones, and even red, but in this case, all colors should be muted, blurry, as if diluted with white or gray tone.

Good looks purple in the retro style, especiallyin combination with other pastel shades. Very interesting to look a combination of different shades of purple in one interior, for example, lilac with plum and indigo, lavender and rose to fuchsia.

interior in shades of lilac

interior room in lilac shades

bathroom interior in shades of lilac

bathroom interior in shades of lilac

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