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Living in a one-room apartment: how to arrange bedroom in the living room

Before the owners of one-bedroom apartments are alwaysIt raises a very difficult task: how to organize a comfortable bed in the living room. Some people think it is acceptable to use a variant of a sofa for guests as a bed for sleeping. We want to offer you some more interesting and practical options, as beautiful and ergonomically accommodate a full bed in the living room.


Visual zoning area with a sofa at the foot of the bed

To separate the sleeping area from the reception areaguests at least visually, it is possible to put at the foot of the bed sofa. This is a very convenient and simple solution that does not require additional costs. However, the effect of the additional privacy in the sleeping area is not on this, but the whole idea can be useful.

1. bedroom-living room sofa at the foot

Zoning by means of a screen

Screen - a great decorative element,which can be used also to good use. Just to put it so that the bed was hidden behind it from prying eyes. Depending on the design of the screen, such a decision may be relevant in such interior style is classic, boho, eastern, country, modern and eclectic.

bedroom, living room 4. Screen

Canopy and its interpretation

Bed with canopy classic looks,like a separate room inside the bedroom, or in this case - the living room. However, this element does not always fit into the interior design. Fortunately, today there are many variations on the interpretation of a canopy, in particular, on the canopy box. Therefore, as the saying would be a fantasy.

bedroom, living room 13. Canopy and its interpretation

Zoning by means of the rack

Create an atmosphere of privacy in the sleeping areapossible, separating the bed from the reception area by using the rack. If at this bed will be in the corner of the room, as shown in the photo, to heighten the effect, you can hang the blinds.

a bedroom-living room 9. Zoning rack

Zoning glass partition

If you do not want to share the living room deafwall, but still strive for maximum privacy during your holiday, we recommend you consider an option with a glass partition. So, the room will be visually as big, but sleep in the living room, you no longer have to.

a bedroom-living room 3

fixed partition

If the apartment is not removable, and the only areathe room allows, you can separate the sleeping area in the living room with the help of stationary walls of brick or drywall. If the partition is not higher than 1.5 meters, the unity of space can not be broken and your living room will not seem too small.

a bedroom-living room 6

Rollaway bed

In our latitudes, this technique is not very popular, but the European designers have long appreciated the ergonomics of the solution. Rollaway bed is ideal for even the most compact "odnushki".

bedroom, living room 10. folding bed

Retractable bed

Another option to save spacebedroom, living room - install a retractable bed which superfluous easily hidden in the podium, which at this time can serve as a meal area or home office.

bedroom, living room 11. We leave the bed

Bed on the podium

This is another version of a purely visualzoning. But in this case, may be more significant and "bonus" for the storage system. For example, in the photo you can see how practical the idea of ​​dressing inside the podium. If desired, it is possible to organize a mini-library or storage for bedding.

a bedroom-living room 8 bed on the podium

The bed under the ceiling

If the one-room apartment is not catastrophicenough room and bed seemed to put absolutely nowhere - hang it from the ceiling! Try to think more broadly and to involve all levels of the room so that each centimeter of free space work for you.

a bedroom-living room 2 bed under the ceiling

bedroom, living room 7 bed under the ceiling (2)

A bed in a niche or alcove

If there is a fairly large niche in the room,the bed and think there is nothing there to be the place! If there is a niche, but the living room is spacious, and the desire to hide the bed from prying eyes is pushing for decisive action, then think hard to build a sleeping area in a wooden alcove.

a bedroom-living room 5. bed in niche

a bedroom-living room 12 Bed in a wooden alcove

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