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Types of designs wardrobes: straight, angular, radius

Among a variety of types of structures wardrobesnot so easy to choose the one that is right for you, because each of us has its own requirements for the storage system, we want to see in your home. It is only necessary to decide - what we will keep in the closet, and how much space you can allocate for that.

Types wardrobes designs

Constructional closets are divided into two large groups: housing and built. Consider the advantages of both systems.


This cabinet has its own building, insidewhich housed the storage system. This is a separate piece of furniture, it if the need arises, can be rearranged to another place in the room, and even bring in another room. It has its own "wall", "floor" and "ceiling", with the front part - Extension, both in coupe doors.

Pros: This kind of wardrobe - a mobile, ie it can be moved, if you started a repair, take with you to a new apartment. Things in this cabinet will not come into contact with the walls, and, accordingly, to increase their wear.

Hull wardrobe

Internal filling - different systemsShelves, drawers, rods, baskets, etc. - mounted on special holders attached to the walls in a special niche. Used either already present in the apartment niche, or they are built specifically for the device's wardrobe. It can not be no walls, no floor, no ceiling, or they may be partial.

Pros: Sliding doors come in different sizes and capacities, but all things being equal walk-in wardrobe will be more capacious than the corps, although they occupy the same place. That volume, which is in the body structure occupy wall partitions, fixed shelves, built-in cabinet given storage. The only thing that takes away from such a closet useful volume - a sliding door, but just as much, they will be taken away and the body system.

built-in wardrobe

When any kind of designs wardrobes of theirapplication is justified: not only do they allow us to save a lot of free area of ​​the apartment and to ensure storage of all necessary things, but, thanks to the diversity of design, fit into any interior style. At the same time it can be specify the form that is required in your case.

Types wardrobes in shape

And built-in, and housing wardrobes by their form is usually divided as follows:


This is the most popular type of wardrobes. They are suitable for the bedroom and hallway, and will look good in a modern and retro interior. Enough to have a small portion of a straight wall to put such a storage system.

Direct cabinets are divided into the following categories:

  • from one wall to the other,
  • to the wall panel or specially constructed partitions,
  • from panel to panel,
  • partially open,
  • with or without a mezzanine,
  • Combined design of facades.

types of direct wardrobes

direct wardrobe

Typical situation - a corner of the room or hallwayIt remains empty - there it is impossible to put the usual furniture and a useful area of ​​"lost", and the right things to keep anywhere. In this case rescue corner closet, which will maximize the useful volume.

Types of corner cabinets:

  • L-shaped (corner)
  • Triangle (diagonal)
  • trapeze,
  • pyatistenok.

types of corner wardrobes

corner wardrobe

Sliding doors may be not only straight, butand radius - the door they have a curved shape and are moved along the guide rails in the form of a range. They compare favorably with the rest of the unusual appearance, and can be an interesting element of decoration in almost any interior style - the options are limited only by your imagination. They have one, but significant drawback - the high price that is associated with the need to manufacture doors and guides them to special order in each case.

Types curved cabinets:

  • concave,
  • arched,
  • round,
  • oval,
  • asymmetric,
  • combined (combining elements of different designs).

types of curved wardrobes

radius-design wardrobe

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