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Interiors with turquoise: features, photos

Interior in turquoise colors has a special appeal. This celadon, first grass, fresh herbs, a light sea breeze.

Turquoise gets its name from the colormineral, hydrated alumina, and copper phosphate. This mineral - a valuable ornamental semiprecious stone, which bears the name of the Persian "Firuza" or stone of happiness.

Kitchen interior in turquoise colors

Turquoise can be of different hue and saturation,respectively and turquoise can have a lot of different variations. Interiors with a turquoise color can be easily considered natural, since this color in nature occurs quite often: it is the water of the sea and the colors of the sky before sunset, exotic plants and leaves.

Depending on what colors arenext to the turquoise, it can change its hue. Blue gives the turquoise blue of the green - lush grass pitch. And this its ability to be taken into account when using the cyan color in the interior.

turquoise color in the living room interior


  • White. Together with white turquoise will create a feeling of freshness, and is particularly suited to the style of the Sea. Use this combination in a Mediterranean style, especially in the Greek version of it.
  • The black. Quite a rare combination, suitable for exclusive interiors. Great looks glossy. To supplement this combination can be white.
  • Beige. Interiors with turquoise can be beige. Bright turquoise nicely set off the bright shades of beige, playing the role of a color accent and gentle turquoise tone combined with beige form the calm colors. This combination is very fond of the designers, and use it very often.
  • Red. Interior in turquoise can be supplemented with shades of red and yellow - raspberry, orange. This expressive, creative combinations that will create vivid, memorable images.
  • Brown. Shades of chocolate go well with turquoise. Dark or bright warm colors of wood harmonize perfectly with turquoise cool and form a "tasty" a couple of similar gastronomic duo chocolate with mint.
  • Silver. Metal Glitter well with turquoise color in the interior. Silvery metal surfaces and soft turquoise tones with modern and stylish look. Effectively look silvery fabric and accessories.

Use turquoise better in bright rooms facing south-facing. Where there is not enough daylight, turquoise can look a little gloomy.

bedroom interior with turquoise


The color palette used in the interiors with turquoise color, is very wide. Most are bright, pastel colors can be used as the main tone when painting walls, furniture, and even the ceiling.

bedroom interior with turquoise walls and ceiling

Supplemented razbelennymi blue, beige, brown tones, they will create a calm gentle atmosphere, full of warmth and comfort. Such combinations are good for bedrooms, children's rooms.

Interior nursery for a newborn with turquoise walls

The most intense, bright shades of turquoise better resemble for use as accent. So you can paint the individual pieces of furniture, exposed beams or columns, moldings and cornices.

interior kitchen-living room in turquoise colors

Turquoise in the interior of the cabinet

Bright turquoise can be textile, and other decorative elements.

bright turquoise decorative elements

It is impossible to create an interior in turquoise tones, using a variety of shades. You should always add at least one or two colors combined.

Further, cyan, usually requirespresence of at least two different colors, such as light walls and bright in detail. Since the active color is not necessary to use it in large quantities.

Kitchen interior with breakfast bar in turquoise colors

Council: The turquoise color is complex, and is perfectly suited for the effect of the aged surface. It is often used for the production of "aged" furniture, giving it a "shabby" look. You can also "wear out" the wall. Typically, a similar technique is used for interior decoration in Provencal style Shabby-chic style.

turquoise kitchen with effect aged surface

turquoise cabinet with effect aged surface

The turquoise color in the interior does not limitdesigner in choosing the style, it is equally well suited to modern and minimalist, and to anthropogenic loft, and the folk of Provence, and the cold northern Scandinavian style.

The turquoise color in the interior bathroom
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