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Interior Design small apartments: comfort in a small space

Interior Design small apartments: comfort in a small space

Create comfort in a confined space - isnot an easy task. But she confronts anyone who undertakes to make out the interior of small apartments. Comfort should be not only in the aesthetic and visual terms, but also in a practical and functional, which further complicates the problem. The owners of small apartments and have to manage to expand the space visually their homes, and convenient place in it all that is needed for the full stay.

Efficient use of space

When we are planning to interior design small apartments, it is important that every square meter was involved, there was no "dead" zones.


Proper and efficient use ofSpace should not cause inconvenience to the residents of an apartment or to create a feeling of clutter. That is, you need to find a middle ground, but how to do it? - We will try to help you if you want to design the interior of a small apartment as much as possible correct and comfortable.


Most readers may think,that the design solutions for the decoration of small apartments, most of them are too simple and unoriginal. However, given the fact that it is small apartments are in great demand in the property market, a lot of professionals in the field of design work in this direction to the interior, even the tiniest apartments can be as comfortable as possible for their owners.

Proper zoning areas

Interior Design small apartments: comfort in a small space

To start, you need to decide onlayout of your apartment. In your case it is better to stay on the diagonal or open version. Also, a special role is played by the correct zoning of the premises, so visually divide the space of their homes into separate zones. For example, in a room separate from the workplace sitting areas.


This distribution can be accomplished with bandsusing color and texture of finishing materials, furniture and decoration items such as curtains, carpets, screens and partitions. Some designers are using more sophisticated techniques - is zoned space with the help of multi-level ceiling and floor surfaces.


Visual zoning area

If you own a very small flats,then you need not only a visual but also functional zoning. That is, think about how you can combine in one part of the room, several appointments. For example, how to make the dining area at the time could turn into a home office.


Also do not forget about the "hidden reserves" of yourhousing. Now we are talking about all sorts of ledges in the walls, bay windows, niches, shelves, mezzanines, etc. If you are none else there -. We suggest you make, it's appropriate solution, given that the interior of the small apartment does not mean storage of large quantities of unnecessary things.


Pay attention to the multi-function furniture -it can become your indispensable assistant in the space of a small apartment. Folding tables and chairs, wardrobes, sofas transformers, racks and ottomans with the "caches" - all this greatly saves space and allows you to use it more efficiently.

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