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The interior in blue tones


Blue color in interior design

The blue color in the interior is pleasant associations with the sky-blue sky and the boundless sea. After admiring the beauty of such a person is experiencing peace and tranquility.


Being in a room decorated in this colorscale, people are tempted to plunge into pleasant memories. Blue color evokes a feeling of light-heartedness and peace, purity and well-being. But as soon as I want to make a reservation, that the blue should not be in excess, it can lead to fatigue and prolonged depression.


The blue color can be heavenly, turquoise,azure, cornflower and have different shades, but in any manifestation of it will remain the color space and freedom, because it is the color of sky and sea. It belongs to the cold range of colors, so you need to combine it with warm shades of other colors. This color is suitable for rooms that face south, south-east and south-west side, where the sun is most of the day. After all, the sun's rays falling on the surface of the blue, or blue, make it deeper tone. This should be taken into account in the design of the interior.

How to use the blue color in the interior

The blue color can be used in a completelydifferent, as intended, the rooms. Interior room in blue will have to live communication, but only if there will be present warm accessories. For a bedroom blue color will have very handy, because it promotes relaxation and recreation.


A more appropriate color for the bathroom just did notto find, because it helps to make the indoors more spacious and light and brings a touch of tranquility, relaxation helps. Children's room blue color will fill the comfort and reassurance.


If you stay at the styles that useblue color, it can be said that it is very common in modern interiors. After all, this color can bring to the solemnity interior, air and create a feeling of spaciousness. At the same time it helps to simplify the interior, get rid of the excessive pomposity and pretentiousness.


At its core, the blue color is adiluted blue, it combines the peace and tranquility of blue and sincere joy and the purity of white. This color works well with almost all colors, but here you need to follow the rules of combination and harmony of colors: light blue will be combined only with the pastel tones, and vice versa bright blue would be ideal in combination with the same bright and deep shades.

If you follow the advice of professionals, we canfeel free to use this color in the interior and enjoy his holiday. After all, the chosen color will help self-expression. Experiment and do not be afraid of change. The blue color in the interior - it is grateful color that "gives" much more than "take."

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