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If you are tired of Olivier and chimes 12 world traditions for creative holiday home

Unusual Christmas tradition, which is to take over.

New Year - an event filledmysticism and magic, traditions and customs ... Each year we all make a wish at midnight, Olivier eat and drink champagne. But why, while celebrating the Holiday home, do not try something new? Then the coming year is sure to bring a pleasant change.

1. Happiness Pie for the toothy

Spanish royal cake.

A wonderful tradition for the holiday home,which exists in many European countries - to bake a cake with a surprise inside. In France, pastries hidden figure of the king, in the Netherlands - a bean or pea in Portugal - a medal. Guests who come across such a surprise, becomes the king of the evening and it is believed that the coming year will bring him the most happiness and good luck. If the owners do not want to risk the safety of the guests of the teeth, it can be replaced by a solid surprise paper crown.

Rozhdestvenseky pie in many countries obzatelen on the table.

2. The joy of the first male guest

The first guest - the most important.

In England and Scotland brought up that the first guestin the New Year should be an attractive dark-haired man. Moreover, it must cross the threshold not with empty hands desirable to be food, including its pockets, and whiskeys. In turn, the owners of the house have to thank first guest - gift or a delicious meal. So if your environment has a gregarious brunette, be sure to invite him for a visit. If this is not found, but the owner of the house - a dark-haired, the role of the first to cross the threshold and it can perform.

3. Red does not happen much

Red - the favorite color of the Italians during the Christmas holidays.

Red - not only the traditional color forNew Year holidays, but also a symbol of the coming year of the Rooster. Therefore, the Italian custom to celebrate New Year in red is particularly relevant today. If the red dress is not included in your idea of ​​an ideal holiday image, wear red underwear or socks. At least, decorate the house red decor. This energetic and cheerful color perfectly uplifting.

4. Christmas feast: light-version

Similarity russkihh dumplings - a traditional Chinese dish for New Year's table.

The Chinese believe that the use of knivesNew Year's table - a direct way to ensure that the cut happiness. Therefore, they eat without these sharp cutlery. This interesting tradition will help to revise the traditional New Year's menu. After a hearty meal, you want to cut, it is necessary to replace snacks. Why not change the focus of the celebration with the concentrated absorption of food in the exciting fun?

On Chinese New Year's table is no knives.

5. All people - brothers

Chilean Christmas tradition - the friendliness and warmth.

Similarly, it is useful to introduce one of the New YearChilean traditions. According to her, on the eve of the celebrations it is strictly forbidden to quarrel and to sort things out with all the others, especially with loved ones. On the contrary, the Chileans are trying to be as welcoming and friendly. Good mood for the holidays guaranteed.

6. Burn the enemy

To burn an effigy of the enemy - New Year's tradition in Ecuador.

Residents of Ecuador in the New Year's Eve activelyget rid of the accumulated negative emotions. However, they do not quarrel with each other, and burning a straw man. Ecuadorians do a great figure and give it the name of the boring person. Then stuffed beat belt and burned, and even jumping over the burning flame. If this way of bidding farewell to the negative seems too radical - burn it on a plate of paper, on which were written not the most pleasant events and highlights of the year.

7. Fruit pieces

On New Year's break in Greece grenades.

Pomegranate - the fruit is not the worst, but afterfamiliarity with Greek Christmas tradition, there may be just such a misconception. The festive night the landlord must break the wall of grenades. The further scatter the grain and how they will be more - the more successful will be the coming year. Residents of apartment buildings is recommended to break a pomegranate on the street. After a year that began with the laundering and cleaning of walls, it is unlikely to be very enjoyable.

8. Loud promises instead of silent desires

Breakfast New Year - a holiday aloud.

In Sweden, opened to New Year's Eve was onmaximum full variety of loud noises. Therefore, the Swedes are stocking pipes, rattles and whistles. Under the deafening sounds they promise to change something in their lives - for example, find a better job or get married. And if you change anything you do not want, the Swedes just kiss with your loved ones.

9. Eternal Love on New Year's Eve

Kissing - part of the Spanish and the Bulgarian New Year traditions.

A great option for improving mood of thosewho meet the New Year without the pair came up with the Spaniards. The festive evening on a piece of paper write the names of all those present. Girls pull the names of boys, and until the end of the Christmas holidays the newly formed pair should play the role of lovers. Bulgarian residents keep up with the Spaniards in loving. On New Year's night in the house turned off the light, and all present for three minutes kiss with someone who comes handy. Then the lights on, and the presence of decorum start to the festive feast.

10. In the New Year - with vivid memories

The first of January in Nidrelandah often celebrate outstanding events.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, the first day of the comeyear paid no less attention than his previous night. On this day people wear new clothes and most beautiful, have fun and spend time with loved ones. Europeans believe that both will spend the first day of the year - these will all follow him.

11. Bells

Japanese bell furin home can replace conventional.

The ringing of bells for the Japanese replaces bell. Of course, it is unlikely in the house there is a real big bells that ring in the New Year's Eve in Japan. The Japanese believe that after the 108th strike the bell is cleansed of all negative, accumulated over the year. Why not pozvenet little bell? If cleansing and does not come, the mood will improve for sure.

12. Grapes desires

The Spaniards can not imagine the New Year without eating grapes.

To a wish come true, the Spaniardstime to eat 12 grapes at midnight chimes. This tradition is as strong as our custom to drink a glass of champagne under the chimes. Why not try to replace the grape drink grape itself?

When the script for the New Year celebrations is thought, it's time to take care of decorating the home. For example, obtain a festive decor with the children.

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